Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Filipino Beheaded in Libya for Not Being Muslim

Remember when the revolutions associated with the so-called "Arab Spring" made a positive impact on the world? Neither do I.
Libya—Suspected militiamen have beheaded a Philippine worker in Libya after singling him out because he was not a Muslim, the Philippine Foreign Department said.

Department spokesman Charles Jose said this reinforced the government's order to all Filipinos to evacuate the country because of the worsening security situation.

He told reporters the Filipino construction worker was kidnapped on July 15 and his beheaded remains were found in a hospital on July 20.

"The vehicle he was riding in was stopped in a checkpoint. There were three of them-- a Libyan, a Pakistani and a Filipino -- and he was allegedly singled out because he was non-Muslim," said Jose.

The kidnappers had initially negotiated with the Filipino's company for a $160,000 ransom but eventually "they received a call from the abductors on July 20 (that) referred them to a Benghazi hospital", he added.

The beheaded body was found in the hospital in an advanced state of decomposition, indicating he may have been dead even while the negotiations were going on, Jose added.

He indicated that the killing prompted the Philippines on Sunday to order its estimated 13,000 nationals in Libya to leave. (Continue Reading.)


Unknown said...

@David wood
Stop spreading islamophobia, what's wrong with you? Tell me one thing negative with this? Do you not know that it's only negative when it's happening to the innocent and defenseless people of Palestine by those worst creatures THE JEWS. Do you not know that this is just an isolated incident (not true) done by radical minority (not true) and the majority of the Muslim ummah is peace loving and tolerant (not true again) and they will condemn this till the radicals islamist become tolerant (i wish).
So stop with your bigotary and why can't you see it positively, may be they're trying to spread love and tolerance by chopping one infidel head at a time.
So stop with this and post millions of pictures of what's happening in Gaza like rest of the Muslim world.

P.S. Keep up the good work brother, may LORD JESUS bless you even more.

Unknown said...

Muslims cannot be peaceful unless they disobey Quran or leave Islam since it is the command of Allah to 'fight those who do not believe in Allah' Quran 9:29.

Peace and Islam are as alien to each other as north and south pole.

In response to your claims about peaceful muslim ummah, here are some recent facts someone uploaded:

Islam = crime against humanity
9/11 = Islam
2012 New delhi attacks = Islam
Blasts in western China = Islam
London blasts = Islam
Centennial Olympic Park bombing = Islam
Bombing, Kidnapping girls in Nigeria = Islam
Taliban = Islam
ISIS = Islam
Al-Qaeda = Islam
Boko Haram = Islam
Terrorist attacks in Russia = Islam
Al-Shabab = Islam
Al-Nusra = Islam
Ansar Al-Sham = Islam
Islamic front = Islam
Hamas = Islam
War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Somali, Sudan, Algeria, = Islam
Raping women = Islam
Marrying a 12 years old kid = Islam
Beheading = Islam
Killing other religion followers = Islam
and un-countable other terrorist attacks around the world!





Unknown said...

Read my whole comment. If you can't understand sarcasm then I don't know what to say.
LORD JESUS bless you.