Saturday, April 5, 2014

Muslim Convert Refutes Our Claims about Muhammad Wearing Women's Clothing!

It's always amazing to see Muslim apologists thinking that they're refuting our arguments by childish name-calling.

A Muslim convert who calls himself Christopher Abdullah Dawah watched our video about Muhammad wearing women's clothing:

Check out Abdullah's highly sophisticated and airtight refutation of our claims:


Anonymous said...

Hey its me!! the one they are talking about: here is what I want posted! Instead of dedicating your entire life to causing fitnah (trials and tribulations), corruption, falshood, propogating kufr, shirk and facilitating it, making bigots more prone to violence and discrimination against innocent Muslims, do something useful with your pathetic life by getting a proper job!

Anonymous said...

Hey its me again, the comments posted up above, by the way my intention was not to refute their videos or arguments, I don't waste my time trying to argue with arrogant people. My intention was merily to insult them for their blasphemy, promotion of shirk, kufr, falshood, there inciting hatred, violence, and discrimination against Muslims in this country and all over the world.

Anonymous said...

And I did not intend to refute any arguments, I only intended to Insult them! because It made me feel better! and it was very entertaining.

David Wood said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Abdullah. Nice to see someone being so honest about how his religion teaches him to act!

cheryl_maree said...

@Christopher abdullah dawah,
You might think about accepting Jesus, when you do then the Holy Spirit (Comforter) will help you when you want to err and sin.....see you Muslims don't have that, all you have is a false teaching that teaches you to act in sin. Praying for you.

Dacritic said...

David, I guess you can retire now. This guy (at least he's honest) has just proved your point and the point of this blog. Better than debating people who pretend to want to debate and then proceed to just go around in circles, and then disappearing when their argument is debunked, and reappearing somewhere else. At least this is a straight to the point show of IQ.

Faith in jesus said...

Christopher Abdullah Dawah how good does it feel to know our God loves you. And all his children love you and pray for you. May your ears and eyes be opened and your heart softened. May our Lord Jesus reveal the truth to you so you be saved from the pits of hell. Amen

Anonymous said...

Christopher Abdullah Dawah said...

"my intention was not to refute their videos or arguments"

Sam and David are quoting from trusted islamic sources. You couldn't refute them even if you intended to.

"My intention was merily to insult them for their blasphemy"

So, you don't intend to refute them but you claim they're "blaspheming" by commentating on what trusted islamic sources say. Talk about a head case...

Anthony Rogers said...

Christopher, why do you go by the name Christopher Abdullah DAWAH. Is that what you call dawah?

Oh, and you might seriously consider swapping out the name "Christopher" [Χριστός (Christós), "Christ", and φέρειν (férein), "bear"] for something that is more suitable. You are hardly a "Christ bearer."

fay said...

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary about a German (yes serious!) who converted to Judaism. He had to study for over two years and take several exams before he could convert.
I always wonder about muslim converts, do they even study the basics about this religion/ideoligy?

David Wood said...


I've never met a convert to Islam who had done anything remotely resembling a careful study of Islam prior to converting.

cheryl_maree said...

You are so right David in what you said ...
I've never met a convert to Islam who had done anything remotely resembling a careful study of Islam prior to converting. When you came and spoke to my daughter she did not have a clue what the Quran or Hadith said, and now she is fed a Westernized Disney Land version of Islam that Does NOT exist, Muslims want it to, and they want all these sources and parts of their books to disappear....when you point these things out to them... then comes anger because they no longer can defend against what you say.....otherwise they would come and have a conversation pointing out your error..but we do not see that....I have heard them say....that you don't have a clue .....there it is there big defense of what you point out .....

fay said...


I know you´re right. A friend of mine, a hardcore Christian, a Calvinist (I´m from the Netherlands) converted within a few months just to marry a Indonesian girl he met online. He didn´t have a clue about his new religion. He´s a fanatical muslim now.
I don´t get how anyone could trade the love of our Lord Jesus for the hatred of Islam.
David I hope you can help me with a very difficult question I have. As a Christian I know I have to love my enemies, but I have serious doubts if that works whit Islam. The majority of our politicians and the MSM preach the message that Islam is the religion of peace. And I hate to say it, but that message is sooo effective.
I know you and Sam and many others are doing the right thing, trying to educate us about Islam. My question is, is that enough. Do I have, in the end, to submit or is there any way out.
I asked several pastors about this, but they don't get it, they don't know anything about Islam. Several told me, Islam and Chrisianty is basicly the same, we all believe in the same god.
Maby you think i´m crazy, but I´m not. The EU is comming with legisation on tolerance (sound very good, but in the end it is legislation on PC thouth, with exception for some minorities (guess who), the EU also wants to import another 50 miljons from Africa.
Please tell me David what can we do about this.
I dont´t want us to become as evil as those muslims who torture the world wirh their slaughter. But on the othern hand, I will never ever submit to Islam, even if my religion tells me to do that.
Please David try to answer my dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead David Wood, test me on any knowledge of the Sharia, to see if I am an educated convert.

Anonymous said...

fay said...

"I always wonder about muslim converts, do they even study the basics about this religion/ideoligy?"

I really doubt it:

"When Matea converted to Islam in December 2013 she looked forward to joining the life of her local mosques here. Today Matea, like many Muslim women, is disillusioned."

And let's not even talk about those who convert in prison. African-american inmates are told that christianity is the religion enforced by the white man who enslaved their islamic ancestors and kidnapped them from Africa (the truth is that african slaves were mostly animists captured by muslim slave traders and sold to europeans and americans). Hispanic inmates are told that islam bears many resemblances with the religions practised by pre-colombian civilizations and that muslims, like native south-americans, have been persecuted by the white man.

Unlike christian inmate converts, islamic inmate converts don’t really convert, meaning they don't have a change of hearth that makes them see the world in a different light. They remain the angry judgmental vicious beings they were, with “religious” diatribes added to their "reasons i'm outraged" list and an increased hate for the western life style.

Unknown said...

Christopher Abdul Dawah said - And I did not intend to refute any arguments, I only intended to Insult them! because It made me feel better! and it was very entertaining.

Chris..guess what? So am I.

akairey said...'re vapid, infinitesimal mind astounds us! You and your kind can not debate a subject without becoming childlike and name calling. It only goes to prove that YOU do not know YOUR own islamic sources that are being provided. I feel sorry for you! As we all know...Dawah follows a faith blindly:

David Wood said...

Mr. Dawah said: "Go ahead David Wood, test me on any knowledge of the Sharia, to see if I am an educated convert."

Excellent. Let's start with some easy ones (and I'll keep them all multiple-choice).

(1) Islam allows grown men to marry and have sex with prepubescent girls. True or False?

(2) Islam allows Muslim men to have sex with their female captives, even if those female captives are already married. True or False?

(3) If a Muslim woman needs to be alone with a man who is not her husband or relative, how many times must she breastfeed him? (a) ten times. (b) five times. (c) we don't really know because Aisha's sheep ate the verses.

Anonymous said...

So if it is blasphemy to criticise Muhammad, who was just a created man, then Abdulla is also blaspheming when he criticises and abuses any created man.

gabriella oak said...

Don't listen to all the naysayers on here, Mr AllahDawahSpeak-Truth-to-Powa . Your posts have truly struck a chord with me, so much so that this very evening I recited the Shahada whilst wearing a " Yo, Mo you da best ! " t-shirt and with my cat as a witness.
Afterwards, I celebrated with a double bacon cheeseburger and a large glass of Californian Chardonnay. If I'd known Islam was this much fun I'd have reverted years ago.

Tom said...

First of all if you notice these pathetic priest respond basically shows their zero lack of knowledge, & the cause of Christians leaving the fold. We need to equip ourselves with the right Knowledge,
Christ came to provide us with
"life & life abundantly", now who but want to take AWAY this Life?
So very simple ask these "imposter priest", What does islam say about, "Christ being The Son of God", "Was Christ crucified on the Cross", "And Did He Rise again"?
From the answers ask these imposter priest, "does it show we are similar"?
That is the very foundation of Christianity and you will find that islam takes that away, ie satan!

I am learning to equip myself with the right knowledge to respond to the perversion called, islam.
I do hope you will engage with you friend again, ask him these 3 key fundamental differences between Christianity & islam!
There are historical records that Christ Died, not only based on the Bible but from non-Christian sources, ask your friend to research just this one bit.
God Bless, Shalom.

cheryl_maree said...

We are waiting Mr Dawah.......come on your educated right?..

DarkMath said...


"Please tell me David what can we do about this. "

I'm not David but I'll give you my two cents:

Move to the States as soon as physically possible. Europe is done. Finito. Finis.

I went to Europe a few times in my teens and twenties and liked it. Now I wouldn't set foot anywhere on that entire Continent. Those 3,000 miles of cold North Atlantic have never felt so warm as it does these days.

Tom said...

@Christopher Abdullah Dawah

Hey, dawah.. "Is your allah commiting shirk"?

Anonymous said...

My comments are not going through for some reason. If this comment goes through, Go to hell Cheryl! don't want to talk to you. And David there are many opinions when it comes to Islamic rulings, especialy fiqh rulings. All those rulings you are speaking of in your questions are subject to contraversy in Islam even amongst scholars. Those are fiqh questions, I know the anwsers, but if you really want to know talk to a Mujtahid, or consult authentic fiqh scholarly materials. You are in no position to conduct ijtihad (expert reasoning) on your own, 1. your not muslim 2. you don't speak arabic 3. you don't know any Islamic sciences 4. you havent been given the authority by the Muslim community and ext..... And most of all I am surronded by devils and arrogant people in this blog. So I have one message. All People of the book who refuse to believe in Islam, are going to hellfire! pure and simple, no need to argue. Your sorry pathetic human beings. I will not waste my time aruging with swine blaspheming kaffirs. Good day Mate!

David Wood said...

LOL! What comments aren't going through? Let me guess: You posted brilliant responses to my questions, but they didn't go through?

Too bad you already admitted that you're not going to answer!

Here's a recap:

DAVID: "I've never met a convert to Islam who studied Islam carefully before converting."

MR. DAWAH: "Go ahead and test my knowledge, David."

DAVID: "Okay, here are three easy questions."

MR. DAWAH: "Uh, I know the answers, but I'm not going to share the answers. Go to hell, everyone!"

LOL! Thanks for showing everyone what converting to Islam has done to you, Mr. Dawah.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome! remember that Allah (swt) has prepared hellfire for disbelievers. Good day mates! Can wait this this country becomes Islamic! just like Europe is soon becoming, its glorious. May Allah (swt) find a way to spite all of your arrogance! F you very much, and may misery be with you!

cheryl_maree said...

@Christopher Abdullah Dawah said Cheryl go to hell,
I trying to prevent your admission to Hell, and no thanks that's why I am not a Muslim cuz there is no guarantee for any of you, I believe that Jesus died on a cross, paid in full for my sins and I chose to follow him so again thanks but no thanks....I choose Heaven and Jesus

Anonymous said...

@christopher abdullah Dawah

here is your problem
"your not muslim" = presuppositions

"you don't speak arabic "=so the understanding of the word of god is limited by human language

"you havent been given the authority by the Muslim community" = not letting critics exam islam aka shutting of your opponents thus discouraging open dialogues to exam issues because it only allows people you like to examine the issue and not people you don;t like.

I am amused at how little substance those reasons.

Unknown said...

@ Christopher Abdullah dawah
Peace and blessings of my LORD JESUS CHRIST on you (i will not wish misery on you because you're already in it)
Let me ask you a sharia question. If you verbally divorce your wife 3 times , is she divorced? And if she is then what are the conditions for you to marry her again?
Hope you will be true to your name and do dawah instead of saying you won't answer to a non Muslim. It obligation on you to do dawah. And brother David not speaking .........well we can talk about it later that how stupid that statement is and in how many different ways. Let's start with your dawah first.
In CHRIST take care

Faith in jesus said...

There will be civil war in England before the English will give up their right to freedom. You see Christopher the English are a tolarent nation. But they also like to educate themselves. And boy have they started to educate themselves on Islam. The revaluation has begun. You know the old saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer we are very good at tactics. Oh and guess what we have the most powerfull weapon in the history of the universe. YAHWEH

Unknown said...

@Christopher Abdullah dawah
You said," My intention was merily to insult them for their blasphemy, promotion of shirk, kufr, falshood, there inciting hatred, violence, and discrimination against Muslims in this country and all over the world."
Subhanallah, Mashallah did Islam took your brains and eyes upon your conversion. If that's the case i want to insult you and your prophet and your Islam for their blasphemy, promotion of false doctrine, blood shed, inciting hatred, violence, and discrimination against Christians in this country and all over the world. You have more blood on your hands than anyone in the known history of humanity

Anonymous said...

Abdullah, you said,

"And most of all I am surronded by devils and arrogant people in this blog."

Surrounded by devils? Who do you think it is that you serving when you are spout all those profanities?

Not the righteous holy Creator, that's for sure.

You have been completely deluded by Islam. It's time to cut your losses and get out of there before you end up in a very bad place (Revelation 21:8), where your false idol, Muhammad, already is, together with all the other unrepentant criminals that have passed away.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Abdullah Dawah said...

"David there are many opinions when it comes to Islamic rulings, especialy fiqh rulings"

That's a bad deflection and you know it. Of the 3 things David asked you, 1) and 2) are agreed by all sects of islamic orthodoxy. 1) is according to the example of muhammad and 2) is according to what's in the quran. As for 3), i wouldn't be surprised if islamic scholars avoid taling about it because it's very embarrassing and damaging to islam.

The truth is that you're willing to defend an ideology that sanctions rape, including child rape. That tells a great deal about your character, and in a sane world you'd be listed as a potential sex offender.

Now, regarding your reasons to why David can't reason regarding islam.

1) is the stupidest of them all. He can't comment on islam and islamic law because he's not a muslim? Oh, please. By your logic, child rapists would be the only ones able to judge child abuse cases, murderers would be the only ones fit to judge homicide cases, etc. People can have opinions about what islamic law mandates and about what islamic texts say without being a muslim. Deal with it.

2) Ok, scratch that, this is the stupidest of them all. Arabic is a language, and it can be translated. You lose the poetry-like elements of the quran, but the meaning stays intact. But let's go with your view on that. By your logic, only those who know arabic can talk about islam. But the quran is written in a 7th century arabic dialect. Can you speak that dialect? Can your imam speak that dialect? If not, none of you can talk about islam or the quran. BTW, i believe the majority of those who can speak 7th century quraysh arabic are saudi wahabis. Are you a wahabi? You have to be, only wahabis are allowed to discuss islam and the quran, by your own logic. BTW, the large majority of the islamic community in the world can't tell the difference between arabic and random gibberish. Are they bad muslims? Can they talk about islam? Can they discuss the quran?

3) Islamic science? Lol, what an oxymoron. But i'll bite. What does science have to do with commentating on islamic law, the quran and the ahadith?

4) Authority given by the muslim community? How does one get such an authority? Is it by doing an impartial criticism of islam or by foaming at the mouth and angrily shouting and repeating whatever the muslim community said while insulting and threatening to kill dissidents? Hmmm, i wonder...

DarkMath said...

Christopher Abdullah Dawah:

"Can wait this this country becomes Islamic!"

Just a recap of the past 200 or so years of American history. First it was British who wanted to deprive us of our Freedom. Then we had that little dust up in the South. Then peace for a while until the Germans and Nazis started throwing their weight around. Then it was the Communists who wanted to bury us. That didn't work out to well for them.

And that brings us to today. Now Islam wants in on the action.

Hhmmm....Can you spot a pattern here? I can...LOL....

Anonymous said...

Christopher Abdullah Dawah said...

"May Allah (swt) find a way to spite all of your arrogance!"

"May allah find a way"? Are you implying that, at the time you wote your post, allah had yet to find a way of doing anything? That's blasphemy! According to all sects of islam, allah wills whatever he likes and it will always happen as he wills. But according to you, he has yet to find a way to do spite all or our "arrogance".

Also, "our arrogance"? Really? The guy who refuses to discuss the shortcomings and implications of his beliefs (with the permission of rape, child abuse and reducing non-muslims to 2nd class status, among many others) and instead prefers to insult everyone who disagrees with him is calling others "arrogant"? Typical mahomedan projection, always seeing their faults and shortcomings on others. Remember this: you're supposed to kiss the black stone, not throw it at non-muslims.

cheryl_maree said...

Why don't Muslims think about what they believe in when they have to make excuses on answering a question in regards to Quran, or when they have to do a dance around a subject, avoid or run away from people, please think about this.....I am not ashamed of one thing Jesus did or said, I never have to run from a conversation about him, I never have to make up stuff not to talk about anything he said, I never have made any excuses in regards to Jesus....not one.....when you act in the way that DAWAH acted ....who is he serving? Is he serving a just and righteous and Holy God? He needs to understand that on every decision you make in life you are choosing to serve Satan or God.....there is no other choice....I am still Praying for you Dawah....

Tom said...



A Holy Spirit lead response.

IslamSINS said...

I have laughed so hard at the interaction twixt the brilliant C.A. Dawah and the brainiac-kuffar of this site, I've decided to cancel my satellite subscription and find my entertainment here.

Chris, my brain dead brother in humanity, . . . double check with your Imam. I'm sure he'd want you to make Islam look appealing, not appalling. You need lots of rehearsal, so keep on keepin' on.

Now, for all others, I'll be quoting from the Sunni book of "sacred law".

By Islam's daftinition of "slander", we read this:

Slander (Ghiba), p 730:
r2.2 Slander (ghiba) means to mention anything concerning a person that he would dislike, whether about his body, religion, everyday life, self, disposition, property, son, father, wife, servant, turban (TURBAN? LOL!),
garment, gait, movements, smiling, dissoluteness, frowning, Cheerfulness, or anything else connected with him.

Mention means by word, writing, sign, or indicating him with one's eye, hand, head, and so forth.

Body refers to saying such things as that someone is blind, lame, bleary-eyed, bald, short, tall, dark, or pale.

Religion includes saying that he is corrupt, a thief, cannot be trusted, is a tyrant, does not care about the prayer, does not watch to avoid filth, does not honor his father, does not spend zakat on what it
should be spent on, or does not avoid slandering others.

Everyday life includes saying that his manners are poor; he does not care about others; does not think he owes anyone anything; that he talks, eats, or sleeps too much; or sleeps or sits when he should not.

Father refers to saying such things as that his father is corrupt, his father is an Indian, Nabatean, African, cobbler, draper, carpenter, blacksmith, or weaver (n: if mentioned derogatorily).

Disposition includes saying that he has bad character, is arrogant, a show-off, overhasty,
domineering, incapable, fainthearted, irresponsible, gloomy, dissolute, and so forth.

Clothing means saying such things as that his sleeves are too loose, his garment hangs too low, is dirty, or the like. Other remarks can be judged by the above examples.

The determining factor is mentioning about a person what he would not like.

So we see that "slander" in Islam can be any criticism. If the recipient doesn't mind what you're saying, it's all cool. But, if he doesn't like what you're saying, ... well, it's slander, and Allah will stoke your hellfire up a few thousand degrees.

Unknown said...

OMG... I still can't believe this kind of person with that kind of reasoning, exist... Really brainwashed...

May God show him the way...

Anonymous said...

"When you came and spoke to my daughter she did not have a clue what the Quran or Hadith said, and now she is fed a Westernized Disney Land version of Islam that Does NOT exist".
I do hope your daughter did not convert to islam, and if she did, that she has left it?

Anonymous said...

"So we see that "slander" in Islam can be any criticism. If the recipient doesn't mind what you're saying, it's all cool. But, if he doesn't like what you're saying, ... well, it's slander, and Allah will stoke your hellfire up a few thousand degrees."
That is also the playbook of the left. No wonder there is a left-islam alliance (I consider the left to be islam's quislings).

cheryl_maree said...

Phil D said I do hope your daughter did not convert to islam, and if she did, that she has left it?
Yes she did convert and she is still being fed a Westernized watered down version of Islam, but this is only for a season, and she will learn the truth, I believe God works all things for our good, and I do not know how he will do it, but I do know he will, I believe 100 percent...she will be a testimony for The Lord Jesus Christ and I will not cease Praying until it happens.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for that.
Well, if you are able to make her read the hate filled comments made here by mr. convert C. A. Dawah than that should make a difference.

I must admit I have a rather morbid interest in these conversions. I just can't get my head around the fact how anyone, but especially a woman, can convert to a faith like that.
I think part of it is that they are at first isolated of the consequences of their conversion because they don't live under islamic rule (yet). Pity that they can't be isolated from their own stupidity.

I saw that further arrests were made re the "grooming gangs" and I wanted to know more so I started "googling". That's how I found this website and article.
Now, if you think on those "grooming gangs", how is possible for a woman to convert to a faith that treats the muslim woman as property, and the "infidel" woman as prey?
Not all muslims are like that of course, but islam itself surely is. Whatever "western" or "tolerant" form it takes, it will never be able to get rid of the vileness contained in the koran itself.
Perhaps the news of those "grooming gangs" and their victims will help but I'm not optimistic. After all, the "muslim world" shows enough examples of the nature of islam.

And of course there remains the enabling alliance between the insane left and islam (insane because as good as everything that the left pretends to be for, islam rejects. The only explanation I have is that the left (which includes pseudo-Christianity) is consumed by their hatred of Christianity).

Anonymous said...


Also, to expand on the example of the "muslim world", what does your daughter say about things like;
- Afghanistan: the murder of girls who want an education, its pederast/pedophile culture ...
- Pakistan: blasphemy laws and the people under death-penalty for it. The possibility that 'purdah' may be reintroduced. The islamic party that did (does?) proclaim that who are against slavery are against islam, ...
- Iran: public executions of homosexuals, death penalty cases of converts etc
- Somalia
- Islamic terrorism in Kenya
- Sudan concerning darfur, concerning the South Sudan
- Nigeria and Boko Haram (which besides its murders uses the koran rule what you can do with captive infidel women, that is make them on of your wives or use them as sex-slaves. This rule also provides the "theological" underpinning for the grooming gangs)
- the death penalty for leaving islam as legislated in the different muslim countries
- Syria: the church burnings, the ongoing rapes, murders, forced conversions of christians to islam
- and so on, and so on and so on

Is she simply blind for these things? Does she explains them away or does she simply disregards them? I do suppose she has ideals.

Sorry for the questions but as I wrote, I'm rather obsessed by this.

Anyway, I hope that in the future I will be able to read that your daughter has left this satanic cult.

cheryl_maree said...

Phil D said Also, to expand on the example of the "muslim world", what does your daughter say about things like;
She says what every other Muslim has been taught to say...the religion has been hijacked and those people doing that do not know Islam....and also she says all the governments are corrupted....

cheryl_maree said...

@Phil D
I do not mind the questions, they are the same ones I have asked her myself, I just can't rap my mind around all of this and how she don't see it, but I truly believe it's only a season and her eyes will be opened, she doesn't live in the Muslim majority so she really does not know how it really is, as for the news she doesn't watch it ...only the stuff I send her on email, she probably don't read it, so she just understands what she has been told and when you try to tell her different it seems to me like she gets it for a minute then once I leave they come again and explain everything away again.....ongoing battle....but I know who wins I. The end....GOD WINS

cheryl_maree said...

Sorry typo ....I know who wins in the end ....God Wins

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "real islam" and "real muslims".

One can ask why "real islam" never seems to have had any trouble condoning the not-"real islam" practices, nor for instance why "real muslims" in the UK and elsewhere never seemed to have interfered with the groom gangs. You would think they would have done something if only to save islam from having a bad name. It rather seems to me that those "real muslims" don't give a damn probably because "real muslims" don't exist. (If you scrap all the non-"real muslims" from islam than there aren't that many "real muslims" left. A number approaching zero i think.)

Unknown said...

peace and blessings of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be upon you and all!
I don't mean to interfere but i couldn't stop myself from saying that if you would like i can speak to your daughter. I myself am a convert from Islam to christianity. We were syeds .syed are said to be direct descendents of mohammad. I know any Muslim reading my comment will say that we were never true syeds but all i CAN tell you is my fore fathers still have shrines after them. Im blessed that my family left that darkness behind and saw the light of the living LORD. i can talk to your daughter and tell her what is the difference between a dead prophet and a risen LORD. i guess she can take a testimony from a former syed.
You stay strong in CHRIST for his name is above all.