Saturday, April 19, 2014

Birmingham Schools Discriminating against Girls and Non-Muslims

According to Islam, non-Muslims are "the worst of creatures" (Qur'an 98:6), and women are inherently inferior to men (Qur'an 4:34). The official position of Western leaders and the media, however, is that such teachings do not affect what Muslims do. Islam, so the story goes, is perfectly compatible with Western values.

Too bad that reality never seems to line up with the delusions of politicians and the media.

Daily Mail—An investigation into Birmingham schools at the centre of a plot to introduce hardline Islamist teaching has found pupils were illegally segregated and non-Muslim students were discriminated against. 

Inspectors also revealed that the GCSE syllabus was restricted to conform with 'conservative Islamic teaching', with lessons in sex education banned and evolution only covered 'briefly'.

Department for Education inspectors were ordered into Park View School and its sister schools, Golden Hillock and Nansen, after a letter dubbed 'Trojan Horse' was uncovered apparently outlining a plot by Muslim hardliners to drive moderate headteachers out of schools.

The unsigned and undated letter claimed that a small but radical group of Muslims was pursuing its own agenda in the classrooms, with uncooperative headteachers and governors forced out.

In a document leaked to The Telegraph, inspectors found that in Park View school, girls were forced to sit around the back or edges of the classroom while boys were allowed to sit at the front.

Officials from the school had previously claimed that any segregation was voluntary, but inspectors were told by students that teachers set out the seating plans.

In some subjects there was even entirely separated teaching in separate rooms, the report says.

Sheikh Shady al-Suleiman, a known al-Qaeda sympathiser who has previously said gay people should be stoned to death and espoused anti-semetic views, was also invited to speak to children.

At Golden Hillock five Christian students in Year 11 were 'left to teach themselves' religious education after the teacher gave all their time 'to the students who are doing the Islamic course'.

All discussion of sexual orientation or intimacy was banned at the same school, limiting lessons on biology, the arts and literature.

Pupils at two of the schools said the theory of evolution was only covered 'briefly' in biology, while lessons on the body structure and menstrual cycle were banned as 'Muslims are not allowed to study matters such as reproduction with the opposite sex.'

Despite these restrictions, Arabic lessons were compulsory for all students. Pupils were also encouraged to begin and end lessons with prayer, and loudspeakers were used to broadcast calls to prayer.

Headteachers at the schools were marginalised, according to the report, with all three schools in reality being run by Tahir Alam, who ran the board of governors.

Inspectors say close relatives of the school management were appointed without proper background checks and that, in some schools, the headteachers were unaware of the names of some of the most senior staff.

Park View headteacher Lindsey Clark resigned last month after being reduced to a figurehead with no real control over her school.

The report also contains allegations that school governors were rude or dismissive towards female staff, who were excluded from important meetings.

In some cases, male governors even refused to shake their female colleagues' hands. (Continue Reading.)


Lisard said...

The same thing is happening in Australia, my friend placed her son in a so called public school(primary) in Greenacre, Sydney (there are 4+ muslim schools in the suburb)Only to have him bullied, spat on and mocked just because he is not muslim. Sad state of affairs when they claim suburbs, sadder state of affairs when the Government allows them to build enclaves by approving so many places of worship and schools to be built in the one area.
These people will NEVER assimilate!

hellosnackbar said...

This piece of outrage could be the beginning of a turning point?

Most Dance said...
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