Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Real Reason for Kissing Islam Goodbye - Paul Williams Explains

Before taking down from his website his declaration of apostasty, Paul Williams included an update to assure everyone that his reasons for being turned off by Islam are just the typical run of the mill sorts of things and have nothing to do with the fact that he is a homosexual, as a number of people were alleging. He says his apostasy was not motivated by his attraction to men and that his Muslim friends have always known that he is a homosexual, which would of course include his former and current associates at MDI and elsewhere who have organized debates in which Paul was presented as one of Islam’s chief defenders. As well, and contrary to what we would expect given that Shariah law calls for the death of homosexuals, rather than say that his Muslim friends concurred with the judgment of Allah and Muhammad that PW deserves to die, PW tells us that his Muslim friends have all been commendably grown up about the whole thing.

Here is the screenshot again where PW announced his apostasy, this time with the update he added on March 22nd:

And here is the latest episode of the Dividing Line where Dr. James White discusses this issue, starting at 39:45 into the show.


Dk said...

Here a few quick thoughts that could be expounded on:

I don't understand why MDI who knew Paul was gay, would put a homosexual as there leading representative and president?

I would also like to hear from Nassam, Sami Zaatari, Bassam Zawadi and Ijaz Ahmad, is it true these individuals and others knew Paul was a proactive homosexual and still supported him?

I also don't understand why Paul was blasting the Christian church in his blog while getting some "man" on the side?

If Paul abandoning Islam had nothing to do with his homosexuality, then I'm assuming Paul and his Muslim friends do not see an incompatibility between the two.

Why did Paul take down his facebook, if all his Muslim buddies knew about his homosexuality?

Is Paul concerned for his own safety at all?

When is Paul going to come out of the closet (pun intended) on his alcoholism and other sins?

Radical Moderate said...

I always wondered what Yahya Snow and Ijaz Ahmeds obsession was with the satirical picture of David Wood making fun of Islams cross dressing prophet. Now We know, they liked looking at it.

David Wood said...

One of my best friends of all time was a Christian who ultimately left Christianity and became an agnostic because he couldn't control his homosexual urges. His knowledge of scripture was right up there with Sam and Anthony. He never even told me that he had those struggles until after he left Christianity.

The will struggles to bring one's actions into harmony with one's beliefs. But the flesh is weak.

I'll never be able to make fun of Paul for his struggles. He reminds me too much of my friend Randy (except that Paul doesn't know the Bible nearly as well).

Radical Moderate said...

David Wood, I agree with your sentiments, I for one am not so much making fun of Paul Williams homosexuality (all though I do find it funny), I am making fun of the fact that Muslims constantly bring up homosexuality and try and pin that sin solely on Christians.

The whole thing is bizarre and reeks of hypocrisy.

It seems that an openly practicing Homosexual was given a pass by the Muslims that knew him, for the sole reason that he was attacking Christ, Christians and the bible.

Even after he left Islam and the homosexuality was out of the closet, they still tried protect him and some even blatantly lied about it.

As a matter of fact even though Paul Williams is an apostate and a admitted practicing homosexual, Muslims like Yahya Snow are defending him, even portraying him as a victim.

So you have a man who would have two death sentences against him in an Islamic State, and the Muslims just ignore both and defend him. Why because he hates Christ as much as they do.

Then there is also Paul Williams himself. Before he became an apostate he was going to debate another homosexual on Gay Marriage. Paul even wrote articles where he supported the Islamic legal justification for killing homosexuals. He did this the whole time he was in a same sex relationship since at least 2007 with another man.

He even took his partner to the Masjid in Singapore.

It just demonstrates the depravity of his mind.

Unknown said...

I agree in not to mock homosexual person , in my daily life I do have friends who are adulterers, drunkards & party goers, wive-cheaters and of course also some homosexuals(queer,lesbian and such). They all know my faith & conviction, fortunately they've never mocked my faith likewise I've never 'mocked' their lifestyle though I do openly confirm to them that in my faith those lifestyles are sinful.

However in real life I've also encountered the hardcore mockers of christianity, it seems that it's just their habit to mock christians.

I think PW is one of them, I think he has been a hardcore LGBT activist who has personal grudge against christians probably coz of some bad experience with "church people" in the past.

PW might have used islam for just a tool in his way of mocking christians.

Funny thing is, after PW left Islam he has never strongly rebuked his former religion and seemingly he just maintains this 'unholy' alliance with muslims in mocking & attacking christianity.

The awkward & unholy alliance between hardcore LGBT & muslim fundamentalist apparently is a common phenomenon this day especially in the West.

In this video below Pat Condell describes this phenomenon in a funny but still highly intelligent way


Remarkable how hardcore gay activists are willing 'to share the same bed' with the very people who wants to cut their throat, all for the goal of attacking christianity.

Guess not just Love that can bind opposite people together, obviously HATE also can.

Anonymous said...

Hello all.

It is important to realise that Shariah does not concern itself with the personal feelings of an individual who may be homosexual (or heterosexual) but only with public witnessed sinful behaviour. Homosexual or heterosexual acts in public are punishable in an Islamic society - often very severely. When I was a committed Christian I accepted the Bible teaching that sex is for heterosexual marriage alone. Many of my friends who were chaste homosexuals eventually left Christianity altogether (David Wood has also witnessed this phenomenon). However, I stuck to my guns and refused to let my sexuality dictate my theology. That has always been my attitude. I was probably quite unusual in London at the time for not giving in to the zeitgeist.

When I became a Muslim nothing really changed on that score. Both as a Christian and as a Muslim I have always tried to live according to the moral standards of the faith. This commitment has not prevented me from forming close (non-physical) relationships with others (male and female) which are not sinful according to the teaching of traditional Christianity and Islam. I am proud to report that i have found remarkably little homophobia amongst Muslims I know. They are, in the main, quite grown up about the real world.

Some of the comments on this site have been nasty and homophobic - such as Radical Moderate finding it "funny" that I am homosexual. This is the sort of remark that got him banned from bloggingtheology.

I am also disappointed that Mark Bennett (Dk) copied private photos from my Facebook page and published them without even having the courtesy of asking me first. This has does him no credit.

Paul Williams

Anonymous said...

PW is a self hating gay man. A gay person who sides with Islam is like a pig siding with a butcher.

It is insane and to me shows an unbalanced mind.

Muhammad was clear in the most authentic hadiths that HE HATED not only gay men, but Lesbians.

The Muslims in the West are only 'tolerating' him because he acts/acted like a lapdog for them to attack Christianity and push their gay-hating Islam in the West. He was used and is still being used by them. In the world of Sharia he would have been killed already, not only for being an apostate, but for being a homosexual.

Anthony Rogers said...

Hi Paul,

I will remove the photo from this post.

If I might say one quick thing so you might understand where I am coming from, one of the things that moved me to make something out of this is the fact that you have often dismissed David on the basis of his past (something David has never expressed any angst about to me, nor asked me to be bothered by), which I have always found as distasteful as you find the remarks about your sexuality made by RM, especially since other people's *past* issues prior to their conversion are being made by someone with *present* issues. I hope you understand.

Unknown said...

PW Quote-- I am proud to report that i have found remarkably little homophobia amongst Muslims I know. They are, in the main, quite grown up about the real world---unquote

Wow,unfortunately coz of your statement now we're just becoming more curious on what the MDI & other of your muslim associates official position on homosexuality.

PW Quote--Some of the comments on this site have been nasty and homophobic - such as Radical Moderate finding it "funny" that I am homosexual---Unquote

I think u have some sort of over sensitivity issue Paul! RM didn't ridicule your sexual preference, he just found it funny in how a gay would join hand with people of the most obvious homophobic religion in the world.

QuranisCorrupt quote---PW is a self hating gay man. A gay person who sides with Islam is like a pig siding with a butcher.

It is insane and to me shows an unbalanced mind---unquote

Yup, it's very 'irrational& twisted' indeed, but i guess HATRED toward christianity conquers all barriers.

instead of grumbling on christians, u should be grateful that u lives in the west.

APOSTASY & HOMOSEXUALITY are two main recipes for severe punishment in sharia countries.

Radical Moderate said...

Paul Williams wrote...

"Some of the comments on this site have been nasty and homophobic - such as Radical Moderate finding it "funny" that I am homosexual. This is the sort of remark that got him banned from bloggingtheology. "

My Response:

So finding it funny that you are a homosexual is some how homophobic. I guess everyone who laughs at Gay Characters in sitcoms are Homophobes. A made up word just like Islamaphobe.

But more importantly your time line for Banning Radical Moderate is off by several months if not a few years.

Radical Moderate has been banned from your blog for at least that long. Both version 1 and Version two.

So unless you are going to say that you are a prophet, because you knew that I would find you being a Homosexual "funny" sometime in the future. Then that can not be the reason why you banned me many many moons ago as they say.

Paul it is true that I find homosexuals funny and I find that you being forced to come out as a homosexual to be funny.

But what I find really funny and this is the thing I want you to understand. That those Muslims you call "Grown up" about your homosexuality, would be the same MUSLIMS who killed you for being a homosexual.

The only reason they gave you a pass is because of your rabid hatred for God, Christians, and the Bible. And that is what I am actually concerned with.

You wrote...

"I have always tried to live according to the moral standards of the faith."

My Response:

Paul you own a dog not only do you own a dog but its the same dog, not the same type of dog but the same dog as the man you call "stunning".

Dogs are Haram in Islam so much for you trying to live to the moral standards of Islam.

Either way what ever it is you do or do not do with this man or any other man is between you and the God you hate Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

I understand Anthony - point taken

Radical Moderate said...

Mark Bennet (DK) has a great analysis regarding Paul Williams response as well as some other great insights into Bart Ehrmans new book and how this relates to Islamic apologetic.

Paul Williams lost his MarBalls, perhaps Bart Erhman found them

Anonymous said...

thanks for removing the photo Anthony - I appreciate your honorable motives

David Wood said...

Funny that someone who put up a Valentine's Day post insinuating some sort of homosexual attraction between Sam Shamoun and me, complete with pictures, should now be so sensitive about comments and pictures. But I've learned not to expect too much consistency from our critics!

Radical Moderate said...

Paul Williams wrote...

"thanks for removing the photo Anthony - I appreciate your honorable motives"

My Response:

Paul maybe you can use this opportunity to step up now and show that you can be just as honorable as Anthony Rogers.

What I suggest is that you write a blog post asking your former Islamic Apologetic students Specifically Ijaz Ahmed and one of your supporters Yahya Snow to stop with the nasty attacks that they and you yourself have done against David Wood, Sam Shamoun and others. And for you and your former student and current supporters to remove all the nasty inflammatory articles and pictures from your respective blogs.

Can you be as honorable as Anthony Rogers? Can you step up, now that you are out of Islam?

Anonymous said...

Radical Moderate: you are the source of much nastiness and bigotry which is why you were banned from my blog. Perhaps you could put your own house in order before judging others.

Radical Moderate said...

Paul Williams wrote...

"Radical Moderate: you are the source of much nastiness and bigotry which is why you were banned from my blog. Perhaps you could put your own house in order before judging others."

My Response:

So I take it that's a NO that you will not do the honorable thing.

As far as me being the source of much nastiness. What can I say I learned from you.

Steve said...

Paul, how do you perceive Islam and in particular Muhammed now that you have announced that you have left it? Do you still accept the terms of the shahada, say? Would you be prepared to go to Speakers Corner and explain to your former Muslim brothers and sisters your views on why you left Islam? If not, why not? Maybe a reflection on Matthew 11:30 might be in order sometime??? Just some thoughts.

TPaul said...

Paul Williams, I am sorry after reading your blatantly dishonest testimony on your apostasy from Islam, I have to say, you are a hypocrite. Why didn't you just come out and admit that you left Islam because of your homosexuality, and your knowledge that it does not condone the practice, instead of tiptoeing around the tulips, about not being able to fast and pray, as Islam requires?

You say " ...I am proud to report that I have found remarkably little homophobia amongst Muslims I know. They are, in the main, quite grown up about the real world..."

Are you bloody mad? Did you ever live in a country dominated by the cult of Mohammed? You say Muslims are "less" homophobic. Are you sure, because these same Muslims are restraining themselves because of the tolerant secular society they reside in. Would this be the case if you and they were all living in an Islamic nation? Absolutely not.

You have the courage to come out of the closet and strut about your tendencies only because you are certain that your Muslim "friends" are restrained, or else they would be ready to lynch you not on one but on two counts, that they take seriously as Allah's command. 1. Your homosexuality 2. Your apostasy, even worse, your apostasy because of your homosexuality.

For heaven's sake, man don't be a hypocrite. You know damn well the consequences of being gay, in the Islam and the Islamic world are detrimental to one's health, where fanatic followers of Mohammed supported by their damned sharia law, are hanging gay men by the dozen.

Enjoy your freedom for a while, and praise God that you live in the not so great Britain...

Unknown said...


PW knows very well on how gay and apostate are being treated in moslem world, even PW himself once preached that apostasy is condemnable by death.

PW is just being sincerely 'deceptive' in this matter, till now he still panders his muslim friends for two reasons: 1) to have allies in attacking christianity 2) avoid any retribution from muslim societies, coz PW fully aware on their dangerous capability even in UK.

Though both islam & christianity prohibit homosexuality, It seems Paul prefer to channel his outrage solely to christians. It's obvious he has personal grudge&bitterness toward christianity, I presume Paul Williams had some bad experience(probably abuse)from 'over religious church people' in his past because of him being gay.

It's true sometimes we encounter 'hollier than thou' people in church, but the fact is every religion does have this type of 'self-rigtheous' people.

PW should've noticed that, but i think his inner soul has been overwhelmed with hurt& bitterness toward christian.

May God have mercy on Paul Williams pitiful soul

Radical Moderate said...

To bad the Saudi's don't practice Pauline Islam.

Gay Saudi Man says he will be executed if he is forced to return to Saudi Arabia

Jabari said...

Until this guy surrenders to Christ Jesus, I will not be rejoicing in the least.

Steve said...

I spoke with Paul at Speakers Corner in London on Sunday 13 April and he told me that recent events were all a misunderstanding, he had spoken to Muslim brothers and counted himself a Muslim. Given the reaction of other Muslims there to him, nothing seemed to indicate any different.

Unknown said...

If possible can someone offer some insight on Paul, who knows his thinking pattern, since it doesn't look like he's been here in awhile.

What would he believe about his "end" now? Is he an agnostic or atheist now that he claims to have left his system?

Or does he still believe it "in theory" and just now accepts the consequences and his end state of being?
What is that end?
Does their guy in the judgement seat just forgive him in the end and say come on in?

Or must they send him, since there is no forgiveness for apostates, to some eternal nasty place with no running water?

How does he navigate his future? Where does he turn now? Who is left? The pantheon of Hindu gods? Does he pick his faith like we choose a garment, or because he thinks it is "true", "truth"?
I would imagine at this point he feels very empty and desperate. He can come to the only one who can help but that would take humility of the worst sort to man.
It would take humility to admit the need for a savior, one who can accomplish that for him.

The cross is a terribly haunting stumbling block and offense to all humans in their fallen state because the cross says
"there is something radically and deeply broken in you that you cannot fix,
you can't even begin to fix it, you desperately need 100 percent of what it takes to redeem you."
And that fact is really offensive to prideful sinful mankind.
Only the Spirit of God can work that change of heart, to admit that deep of a need, in a person.

Further the "world lies in the lap of the wicked one,,, the father of lies" and Islam is the darkest of deceptions "inspired" by the prince and spirit of darkeness, who denies the prototikos, preeminent Son.

Only after the regenerating freeing work of the true Spirit of God, can anyone see the big picture and the hope we have in the Redeemer, Yeshua, Jesus.

I love this quote by a great scholar and thinker.

We cannot understand biblical revelation, human history
or the events of our own lives if we don’t grasp God’s plan
for the new heavens and new earth.
Christ’s redemption acquires the significance of an all-inclusive divine drama, of a cosmic struggle… the goal of which is to bring back
the entire created cosmos under God’s dominion and rule.
Herman Nicolaas Ridderbos
-- Dutch Theologian & New Testament scholar

Steve said...

Hi Crocker
AIUI, Paul is still a Muslim. See my post above - April 16, 2014 at 1:11 AM - at least he appeared to me to be a Muslim when he was with a whole group of Muslims giving dawa a couple of weeks ago when I was at Speaker's Corner - quite funny seeing him educate another Muslim, though, who was trying to tell me that Jesus wouldn't have known Greek, despite it being the lingua franca of the time.

Unknown said...

thanks Steve,

on another note I am often encouraged seeing so many muslims being delivered out of such a dark world and the fire of peaceful evangelism in them is so inspiring!

Brooder said...

Paul Williams is, in my opinion, a man of utmost integrity. He is clearly subdued by his conscience and lives accordingly. I imagine him to be of the type the Quran refers to in Surah 3:75. And from (the) People (of) the Book (is he) who, if you entrust him with a great amount of wealth he will return it to you......
Every man is tested, and often, by faith. Paul's honesty dictates that he make public his innermost thoughts; not a very tactful advantage in this world. He therefore receives the 'slings and arrows'of those who are not of his class, education, nor understanding, which I'm sure do no great hurt. It must be noted that very little scorn, if any, erupted from his muslim colleagues; I read only comments of compassion.
God is the only Judge that matters. And it would not surprise me that Paul is held in high esteem by Him; for His criteria starts with honesty and integrity.

Bart said...

Strange then how PW returned to Islam anmd attacks other people for being Nazis without being able to refer to a single comment they made :

Shahid Anwar said...

The Quran on homosexual relations. This topic is widely misunderstood. Please read