Monday, March 24, 2014

The Evidence is Mounting

In a recent blog post David provided some strong evidence that Yahya Snow has apostatized from Islam, or so it would at least appear from the fact that Yahya was promoting a video that attacks Allah, Muhammad and Shabir Ally, calling each in their turn “worthless” and “stupid.” Since Yahya insists that he does first rate apologetic work, which means he surely must have watched the video before promoting it, the only conclusion that seemed possible was that Yahya was jumping ship with Paul Bilal Williams.

If that isn’t enough to clinch the matter, new evidence for Yahya’s apostasy has come to light confirming David’s original findings, as seen in the following screenshot from Yahya’s blog:

Here is the video from the above screenshot:

According to the man in this video, before he had ever heard or read the Qur’an he had a dream in which: 1) he was shown Ayatul Kursi, i.e. the verse of the throne found in Surah 2:255; 2) which he couldn’t read at the time since it was in Arabic and the man was unlettered when it comes to Arabic; and 3) he was terrified upon reflecting on the content of his dream, at least until a friend came along and changed his mind.

I don’t know about you folks, but this story seems oddly familiar. In fact, it sounds just like the story of Muhammad’s alleged call to prophethood. Muhammad claimed to have received revelation, said he couldn’t read what was shown to him, and he was terrified as a result. The only thing missing is any statement from this man that he wanted to commit suicide like Muhammad did after he thought he was possessed by a demon.

The problem of course is that mainstream Muslims believe Muhammad was the last prophet. In the view of orthodox Sunni Muslims any claim that another prophet or messenger has or will follow after Muhammad is considered to be a denial of Islam. Since this is just what Yahya’s recent post amounts to, it is obvious that he is an apostate given that he no longer believes in or follows Muhammad as the last and final messenger.


Radical Moderate said...

Yahya Snow said in a email to me that "I can not think for myself".

If Yahya Snow was to think for himself and honestly reflected on the nonsense that he posts on his blog, then he would have not choice but to become an apostate just like Paul Williams.

Anonymous said...

the only thing i needed to know was yayha constantly deleting comments and not showing what the other side is saying. which is quite convenient if you are going to perform strawmans and play victim

Anthony Rogers said...

Yes, Aaron, Yahya is deathly afraid of having his views challenged. He is not sincere. He only wants to propagate Islam. He tells others to be sincere, which in his mind means just accept what I am telling you and don't ask me probing questions or challenge what I say. Of course this isn't sincerity.

Unknown said...

Why would we even take a person whose name sounds like a cocaine dealer (SNOW), so serious ?

David Wood said...

I don't think anyone here takes Yahya seriously. Making a post about Yahya is what we do when we want to take a break from being serious.

Anthony Rogers said...

David took the words out of my mouth. :)

Anonymous said...

you should see his said excuse on poor hygiene one trying to excuse it off as ablution and not drinking. Anyone who knows what the poisoning the well tactic knows that it works even with flowing water because water that isn't flowing will smell and stink due to proliferation of microorganism.