Monday, March 24, 2014

More Than 500 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Sentenced to Death in Egypt

Wow. Egypt isn't playing around.
(CNN) -- An Egyptian court sentenced at least 528 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to death Monday on charges related to violent riots in the southern Egyptian city of Minya last August, including the murder of a police officer, the country's official news agency said.

The riots took place after a deadly crackdown by security forces on two large sit-ins in Cairo, where demonstrators were supporting ousted President Mohammed Morsy.

While the official MENA news agency reported 528 death sentences, other Egyptian media said 529 people were sentenced to death.

The semiofficial Ahram Online news site said it was the largest set of death sentences handed to defendants in the modern history of Egypt. (Continue Reading.)


Craig said...

Are there any videos or info on the Quran supposedly setting the grammar standards for the Arabic language ?

Unknown said...

Jihadists are not victims here. Live by the sword, die by the sword. But, when there are over 500 verifiable funerals then this "story" will be believable.

Jess said...

@Craig Presuming your question is a serious one although it's unrelated to the article. If so, an excellent text I can recommend is "Alif Baa - Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds" Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal and Abbas Al-Tonsi. It covers Egyptian, Levantine (Syrian) and Fusha (Classical Arabic, the language the Quran is written in including all the correct punctuation etc). It also includes an excellent (essential) DVD with audio and video as well as a website to refer to as you work through the book - Third Edition, Georgetown University Press. I hope this helps. Regards.

Michael C said...

What the biased muslim-friendly media called “sit-ins” were sand-bagged fortifications with armed men manning gun ports, while sharia killings, torturings and punishments were being meted out inside (Raymond Ibrahim’s reports). They were a direct armed challenge to the rule of Egyptian law, in other words, treason.