Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doing the RIGHT Thing - Another One of Muhammad's Handy Teachings

Muhammad's teachings are often thought to be silly. The truth is that many of the things he taught come in quite handy. Watch and learn...


Keith said...

Rolling on the floor laughing my head off. Besides the word s-t-u-p-i-d I won't know how to describe this.

Unknown said...

(1)I am from India where this –right/left – is a matter of hygiene. My grandmother would warn me about the “correct way” to use my hands. Stupid kid I was, I asked her why she would use both hands to cook because (a)she would, most of the time, stir with her strong/dominant/right hand and put the vegetables, spices etc. in the pot with her left hand and (b)she would use the strong/dominant/right hand to ladle a tiny amount food and place it in her left palm to taste(test) while cooking. I got into trouble for asking the question.

So is it sunnah or haram to cook with both hands? Does Koran tell us that?

(2) What about “SLAPPING BREAD”?

(3) Does this mean I am in the wrong because I lather my face with my left hand and used the razor with my right hand? I am afraid to use a razor with my lathered right hand. Might slip and cut! Please help!

(4) So for my “dirty” parts should I use a different soap? So am I haram for using the same soap for my face and my “dirty” parts?

(5) I googled “muslims drinking water” and these came up in images-

A young muslim girl drinking mineral water.
Also –
(6) What’s good about this picture? According to

the young girl is sitting and drinking – WAIT A SEC – BUT SHE IS HOLDING THE CUP WITH BOTH HANDS!!!!!!

Unknown said...

(1)Shaykh Yusuf ( he was in the video) touching nose with left hand at 0.09 and holding book/ipad at 4:22

(2) Volume 7, Book 69, Number 521:
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
The Prophet drank Zam-Zam (water) while standing.

(3) If one should sit and drink(sunnah) why did the Prophet stand and drink?
So in extreme crowdedness( 3rd paragraph) you can stand up and drink water!!

Anonymous said...

How are Muslims to hold a qur'an and turn the pages? Blow them over one by one? That could take a fair bit of practice.

If you look carefully around the 4:30 mark I think, the Sheikh puts the Qur'an in one hand and then the other. It seems that they are so focused on how to eat food, shake hands etc, that they forget about what to do with their Holy Book.

Question: Don't they ever wash BOTH hands? I thought they're supposed to be big on hygene, but if eating with the left hand is a concern, someone might want to introduce them to the concept of using soap and water together.

Osama Abdallah said...

I just typed this with both hands, and Anthony, you are one silly and very stupid kid.

Osama Abdallah

Kufar Forever said...

islam is simply coplicated

Anonymous said...

Osama - so your eating fingers make contact with the same keys as your dirty fingers. Is that allowed? I mean I know computers are obviously not mentioned in the hadiths, coming over a millenium later but do you just assume that Muslims are allowed to type on a keyboard with both hands because it's convenient for you? What if, according to Hadith standards you should only type with one hand or don't bother typing at all?

Or should you only type halal words with the right hand, and haram words with the left? But then you still have the problem of making contact with your clean hand and dirty hand on the same keys. How does Islam solve this dilemma for you Osama?

Unknown said...

Hey Osama. Why is Anthony a stupid kid? All he did was post some interesting info put out there by a bunch of Muslims. Osama, perhaps you meant to say "Oh my, Anthony found a bunch of stupid childish Muslims to base this video on."

What everyone else is thinking of course id "God what a ridiculous and childish religion"

Radical Moderate said...

Osama said...

"I just typed this with both hands, and Anthony, you are one silly and very stupid kid."

My Response:
Wow typing with your filthy hand. No wonder why most of the stuff you write is so foul.

Anthony Rogers said...

Perhaps Osama can use "both" hands without violating Muhammad's Sunnah because he has TWO RIGHT HANDS just like his false god?

Buck O'Fama said...

Babbling idiots, I've seen a more cohesive culture watching baboons interact.