Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ten MORE Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

When we shared our "Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet," you didn't think they were our only reasons for rejecting Muhammad, did you? To keep the discussion going, here are ten more reasons Muhammad is not a prophet. Fasten your seat belts.


Nakdimon said...

LOL! The “don’t arrive too early and don’t stick around after” verse is just hilarious! I’m sorry, but this is supposed to be the man that advised his followers about Mut’a and Azl, yet was “too shy” to tell his followers to not get to his place(s) too early and not to hang around too long when diner is finished? “I am too shy but Allah is not shy to tell you I find your company annoying”? Come on! Who do these people try to fool?

Deleting said...

@nak. 1.4 billion (yet terribly skewed) people fell for it.
Are still falling for it.
Will continue to fall for it.

It is all about emotionalism dude, not facts.

Anonymous said...

They fell for it because they don't know what is inside.

The majority of Muslims around the world don't even know what the Quran says. They go by what their imams tell them.

Most Muslims can't read Arabic, and many can't read at all.

Sisgp said...