Thursday, February 13, 2014

Islamic Rape Wave Continues in Peterborough

Here in the West, we've become so amazingly "tolerant" that we won't even criticize an ideology that promotes the victimization of little girls who don't follow the ideology.

Peterborough Telegraph—Four men will stand trial accused of running a sex ring which abused young teenage girls in Peterborough.

Yasir Ali, (28), Mohammed Aslam, (23), Daaim Ashraf, (19), and Akash Yasin, (18), are said to have sexually abused eight 14-year-old girls.

The charges include sex trafficking and rape but the indictment – which is likely to feature more than 20 counts – has not yet been finalised.

Legal teams are currently preparing the final documents for a hearing later this month.

The men did not appear at the Old Bailey in London for the hearing into the case on Friday.

The trial will be the second major court case looking into the sexual abuse of young girls in Peterborough, following conviction of five defendants earlier this year in a separate investigation.

The prosecution applied for the new case to be moved from Peterborough Crown Court.

Prosecutor Nicola Devas said: “It follows on the back of a not dissimilar trial which was heard in this court a short while ago.” (Continue Reading.)

To understand the Islamic rape wave in Great Britain (and in Australia, and in Scandinavia, and in Africa, and in Pakistan, etc.), watch this:

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Deleting said...

I'm amazed at the silence of some people.
Rukiah, prince John, syed, Derrick alakazam or whatever he was calling himself in between all the blather..
Seriously. The silence is deafening....