Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shabir Ally Deliberately Deceives Muslims about Muhammad in the Bible

Shabir Ally is a Muslim speaker and debater. Several years ago, I took him to see The Passion of the Christ while he was in town for a debate with Mike Licona.

For years, I've thought that Shabir Ally was two steps above most other Muslim apologists, since he's highly educated and is familiar with many works by New Testament scholars.

Boy was I wrong, as this video shows. There's simply no way Shabir could have read the verses he uses in this video without realizing that he is deceiving his Muslim viewers. Apparently, Shabir is convinced that his fans are so incredibly stupid and lazy, they will not bother to examine the passages. I hope he's as wrong about his viewers as he is about the claims he makes.


Radical Moderate said...

David you wrote...

"I hope he's as wrong about his viewers as he is about the claims he makes"

I say

I wouldn't hold out hope since I have heard his viewers just parrot what ever he says.

Anonymous said...

Is Ali of Pakistani, Bengali or Indian descent?

His last name is Arabic. According to Islam Muslims are not supposed to change their last names. Somewhere down the line either he or one of his ancestors changed their last name into an Arabic name.

According to Islam if you change your last name angels with books of good deeds won't be able to locate your name, which is under their father's ORIGINAL name. Someone broke that lineage in Ali's case.

Baron Eddie said...

This is unbelievable!

Everybody wait for me ... I will release my Sahih book

I called "Sahih Eddie"

Shabir Ally just gave me the right to explain Quran and Hadith to all

I don't want anyone to complain and say "you have no right

to explain Quran and Hadith" since He gave himself that right!

Here is one to start

When Muhammad said there will be 72 groups of Muslims and all of

of them will be in fire except one group ...

Yes, this group that apostatized from Islam (followed Jesus)

and were saved ...

And Allah Aalam (Allah knows best)

Unknown said...


May I know when was this video actually recorded?

John 8:24 said...

I have no respect for any Muslim dawahist / apologist - for they are all liars no matter how educated they are. And this video only proves it! A question for any honest Muslim out there: if Islam is true why do your top dawahists have to resort to lies and deception to prove Islam? And isn't that very shameful?

Unknown said...

I have watched many debates with Shabir. He is good and smart, but I would like to know why he is always the last one to speak (which represents a clear advantage) Can someone explain that?

Jesus speaks said...

Scientifically there is only one birth. Can you produce scientific proof of the second birth of man? (Spiritual awakening is not the same as birth.)