Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tonight on Trinity Channel: Ten More Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

If you watched our "Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet," you saw that we ended the program by saying that we have many more reasons. Catch our next ten reasons Muhammad is not a prophet at 8:00 PM (EST) tonight on the Trinity Channel. You can watch here via live-streaming.


Anonymous said...

1. Do the story of the red velvet after the battle of Badr. Muhammad's own men believed Muhammad STOLE the red velvet when they were dividing the stolen booty. What followers of a "prophet of God" believe their holy prophet is a common thief?

2. How Muhammad did zina with Mary the Copt and had an out of wed lock son. He would've been stoned to death under Islam.

3. Muhammad saw hell and he said that the majority of people in hell are women. So does this mean pagan men or men of other religions don't go to hell, only women?

4. There is no proof that Muhammad is from the line of the Jewish prophets. The evidence is slim at best.

5. It was Kadijah who determined Muhammad's prophethood, not Muhammad, when he sat on her lap and she exposed herself.

6. Even one of Muhammad's own scribed caught Muhammad and determined that he was not a prophet of God and left Islam. He only returned because he was threatened with death.

7. No prophet of God, during that time, could dress in women's clothing. Muhammad said he received later revelations only when he was dressed in Aisha's clothes.

8. Muhammad's "wives" were war booty. He killed their fathers, brothers, and husbands and basically raped them.

9. One of Muhammad's wives LEFT Islam after he died and became a Christian. If he was the true prophet of Islam...why did one of his wives, who knew everything about Muhammad, LEAVE ISLAM.

10. Muhammad confirmed that Allah told him that the sun sets in a muddy pool on earth. If Muhammad was truly getting revelations from the almighty...the almighty would've told Muhammad that the earth does not sink into a muddy pool ON EARTH.

Anonymous said...

...also Muhammad made mistakes in the Quran. He said that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the sister of Aaron.

Plus Muhammad murdered anyone who questioned his prophethood, innocent old men and nursing women of his own tribe. If he was a true prophet of God, he would not have to assassinate innocent harmless tribal people.

AND MUHAMMAD KISSED THE PAGAN BLACK STONE...even his follower said he didn't believe that was from Allah and knew it was a pagan ojbect.

Unknown said...

Hey man where did u take all those things that u talk about ?!!! None of them is right. Muslim women and men are equal just in islam it is not tolerated that an women betray her husband and i think it is right as it is not allowed for men to betray their women . I dont know if for u people it is ok that your woman fucks another guy but for me its not ok

David Wood said...

Clirim said: "Hey man where did u take all those things that u talk about ?!!!"

We got them from the Qur'an, the Hadith, the Sira, and the Tafsir.

Clirim said: "None of them is right."

We agree. All of the things we mentioned are very, very wrong. That's the point. Muhammad can't be a true prophet.

Clirim said: "Muslim women and men are equal"

Really? According to Qur'an 4:3, Muslim men can marry up to four women. Can Muslim women marry up to four men? No? Then they're not equal.

According to Qur'an 4:24, Muslim men can rape their female captives and slave girls. Can Muslim women rape their male captives and slave boys? No? Then they're not equal.

According to Qur'an 4:34, Muslim men can beat their wives into submission. Can Muslim women beat their husbands into submission? No? Then they're not equal.

Would you like me to continue?

Sisgp said...


Unknown said...


do you think christianity is save now from islam?

and christians women will not convert to islam?

Historyscoper said...


rivan said...


Do you think Islam is safe from Christianity?

And muslim women will not convert to christianity?

Sisgp said...

I pray God that we all have the strength and bravery of Mr Wood and this woman in standing openly against Islam.

Deleting said...

@syed why is Islam always so concerned about sex?

That's really what your question boils down to. Sex. You think if women convert it will deplete Christianity because they'll have Muslim babies.

Sick really.

Christianity was around before Islam and will exist after Islam is dead and gone.

Mohamed said...

David Wood how can you say something like that ? You never read the Qur'an so don't say some stupid things that Muhammad is not a prophet. If Muhammad is not a prophet then Allah(God) make a mistake en we all know that God never mistake to choose a prophet. The Islam respect and belief in Prophet Moses, Jezus and Muhammad. And you are not Christian because you disrespect the Qur'an en prophet Muhammad en never read the Qur'an

TAREK said...

Muhammad are you living in this planet?
Come on please. respond to the issue instead of running your mouth go and fro.
What do you say about the satanic verses? is ti true?
Do you think human is made from coagulated blood?
Please respond to my questions without insulting. After that please look at yourself into your mirror.
GOD BLESS you brethren .

Anonymous said...

you call David a liar on youtube comments. sadly you don;t even have the guts to back up your claim

Hazakim1 said...

It would actually be funny, if it were not so sad, everytime I hear muslims give off the typical mindless rehearsed rants about how they "love all the prophets"...and even after you quote their own sources, how "you don't know what you're talking about". Between muslims and the GLBT lobby, I don't know who does a better job of deceiving themselves. Their tactics actually have much in common.