Friday, January 17, 2014

Sun News: Islam Is the New Normal in Canada

Here's a recent broadcast by Sun News on Canada's rapid descent into Sharia compliance.


JP Prasad said...

I wonder what happened to political system in Canada ! seems like politicians are politicians everywhere , they dont even think about country nor people, they just want votes so they do anything. Where ever Muslims foot, they destroy local culture.

here is recent news about how obama bringing 50 million Muslims from gulf to USA,, soon USA becomes hell on earth again.. lol

TPaul said...

I don't agree with the sensei of the school, but somehow see the frustration of his comment. "We better get used to it..." In Japan, Islam is treated with scorn, because they know very well the implications of appeasing the adherents of this evil ideology. What is a mere instructor out of his zone, to do in a situation like this, when our own lawmakers would not back his decision, if it contradicted the poor Muslim victim. Our politicians have lost their backbones, to accommodate the world's most backward, evil and barbaric ideology.

With the assistance of such politicians, the entire west is slowly but surely becoming receptive to an aggressivly assertive religion like Islam that is hell-bent on molding our civilization into submission, and we are unresistingly submitting to it's 7th century barbarity, at the detriment of our own superior values, that (in vain did) our forefathers fought, bled and died for.

Like a frog that slowly boils to it's death, never flinching, the west continues sacrifice it's own values to accommodate the hordes of Islam, and our leaders not only ignore warnings from voices of reason, but these are shamelessly labelled, islamophobes and racists.

We are truly living in times of trepidation.
Islam is winning!

iFreedom said...

I wonder what the response would be if we migrated to a Muslim country and requested the same level of accommodation. Canada and other Western countries are dying a slow death by a thousand cuts. We need to start a revolution and wake up. Don't be the frog in boiling water. United we stand divided we fail.

Indeed the irony is that the greatest threat we here about is threats from Islamic countries, yet we are careful not to upset the Fox (MUSLIMS) in our hen house! The news is full of reports about problems with Muslims in Western (civilized) countries like Sweden, England, Australia, France & Germany etc.

I think its time to say we have had enough.