Friday, January 17, 2014

New Jersey Resident Asef Mohammad Caught in Pipe at Water Treatment Plant

Asef Mohammad scaled a fence and climbed into a pipe at a water treatment plant. After getting stuck in the pipe, he began calling for help. Workers were able to free him.

I'm sure he's got a good explanation for trespassing at a plant that provides drinking water for New Jersey residents.


Anonymous said...

He probably went in there for a glass of water. Anyways, thank God he is alive.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

It's the latest craze among Muslim males: terror tourism. See? You've heard of "eco-tourism", right?

Well, Asef couldn't make it to Syria, or to Egypt or to Pakistan or to the Caucasus for any of the New Year's Terror-Tours, so he chose the next best thing: visiting some local sites that might be perfect for a terrorist strike.

[sigh] But he didn't manage to poison, blow-up or even injure any of the Kuffar (and he didn't even die trying). And worse than that, he revealed a potential attack vector that no one else had thought to secure. So, no virgins for this jihadi-wannabe. Guess he just wasn't "Muslim Enough".

But after Eric Holder's (in)Justice Department quickly frees him to carry out some act of murder and carnage, maybe our dear little Asef can earn at least a camel for himself in 'paradise'.

I just hope he doesn't try to re-enact "The Shawshank Redemption"


Rafik Responde ao Isla said...

He just wanted clean water to make ablution...

Deleting said...

So what was this? Water Jihad?