Friday, January 17, 2014

Obama Campaigns While Danger in Libya Mounts

The Government Accountability Institute released a timeline of President Obama's activities around the time of the preventable terrorist attack in Benghazi. You can see why the Obama Administration has been desperately trying to minimize the significance of the attack.


Unknown said...

How come NO one asks WHO ordered a stand-down on 9/11/12 at Benghazi when help actually arrived? HOW come?

Ugo Strange said...

This makes me sad. Presidents have been impeached for far less. Secondly...and this sounds stupid but in the show "24" when Jack Bauer attacked the Chinese Consulate, it was considered an act of war. I understand "24" is fiction...but that seems perfectly sensible if out consul is attacked in another country and our consul is technically American territory...ummm isn't that an act of war? Why isn't this being addressed ?