Saturday, December 28, 2013

Muslim Children Play "Behead the Enemy" in Syria

Nothing to worry about here. Thank you, Arab Spring.


9jaguy said...

Oh Lord, come quickly!

Unknown said...

Father forgive these Muslim children. Bring Your Light into their lives and change their hearts so that they may leave Islam and seek Your heart Father. In your Son's Holy and Precious Name, my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

TAREK said...

Dr. David I have one question to you for 2014 please: Do we have any hope for muslims departing from darkness of satan and his som muhammad? Muslims read your sources please friends. Your prophet spoke words from the devil, he said it himself and to justify that he fabricated a verse that said there no prophet who came before who did not commit sin. Well friends the good news from your quran is that MESSIAH JESUS NEVER and that is the reason your quran says HE WILL NEVER DIE. So friends come to CHRIST
I would like to wish you a happy new year 2014 full of positive decisions and wisdom IN JESUS' NAME AMEN.
Thank you for everything Dr. David Br. Sam Shamoun, Br. Anthony Rogers and all the members and bloggers for job and comments and good behavior shown.

H. H. James said...

Children learn by imitation. So how many times have they witnessed the real thing, I wonder.