Friday, December 27, 2013

U.K. Retailer Marks and Spencer Apologizes for Sharia Compliance

I wonder if the Muslim employees will start suing for religious discrimination now that they're being treated like all other employees. According to the Qur'an, Muslims are "the best of peoples" (3:110), and unbelievers are "the worst of creatures" (98:6). So treating Muslim employees like non-Muslim employees is an insult to Islam.

FoxNews—Major U.K. retailer Marks and Spencer has apologized after a company policy that allowed Muslim employees to refuse to serve customers buying pork or alcohol triggered a furious backlash.

The policy was first reported by the Daily Telegraph after an incident where a customer in central London buying a bottle of champagne was told to use another cash register due to the religion of the sales assistant.

“I had one bottle of champagne, and the lady, who was wearing a headscarf, was very apologetic but said she could not serve me,” the anonymous customer told the Daily Telegraph. “She told me to wait until another member of staff was available.”

“I was taken aback. I was a bit surprised. I’ve never come across that before.”

Customers trying to buy alcohol in preparation for Christmas were also told to wait.

The decision triggered an angry backlash, with thousands of customers declaring that they would boycott the store as a result of the move, which was attacked as putting political correctness before customers.

Facebook user Mandy O’Neill said on the “Boycott Marks and Spencers” Facebook page, “I have shopped in M&S yesterday and have done so for many years. I will never set foot in this store again until they resume back to normality.”

Meanwhile Wendy Mason said “Keep out of politics and religion M&S. By taking up this policy you are opening up a hornet’s nest which will end in misery.”

On Monday, the company apologized for the incident.

“Customer service is our number-one priority. We regret that in the highlighted case this was not delivered to our usual standards,” a statement released by the company read. “We would like to apologize for any resulting confusion and reassure our customers that this was an isolated incident.”

However it wasn’t clear if it had fully walked back the policy, with the company saying that it remained committed to “working closely with any employee with religious beliefs of any denomination that restrict specific food or drink handling.”

“Requests are considered on a case by case basis and may lead to an individual working in a department where conflicts wouldn't arise, such as in clothing or bakery in foods,” the statement read. (Continue Reading.)


FIWI said...

HALLELUJAH ! Finally some leaders and companies are starting to wake up to the 'games' and BS of the 'Umma'. They are not only NOT bowing down to this for a change, but amazingly are acknowledging the feelings and standards of the Christian country they operate in.
I also believe that leaders and companies are getting 'wise' to the fact that there is no such thing as just one single little muslim worker, they come with the entire UMMA behind them. Companies etc are learning that they are then held to ransom if that particular persons 'umma' has decided to take offense willingly and use it as a platform to force the company/country that feeds them to bow to their will.
I AM SO HEARTENED by this TINY little change in temperature ( OH MY, first Prince Charles actually speaks out about christian genocide and now marks and sparks don't bow down to preferential treatment).It boggles the mind to think where this might lead (SANITY, ONE HOPES).

leonore said...

Ridiculous, it is not the place of an employee to subject a customer to her religious beliefs. Islam is about tolerance or so we are often told. Alcohol is in a bottle and does not contact the assistant. I expect she would not serve a customer with pork or bacon either, in which case she should not be on the cash registers at all.

Unknown said...

leonore..islam is about tolerance??? Where did you get that gem from? islam is never about tolerance..islam is all about subjugation, to defeat and gain control of someone or something by the use of force, conquer and gain the obedience of a group of people or a country.

Deleting said...

leonore said, " I expect she would not serve a customer with pork or bacon either, in which case she should not be on the cash registers at all."

From what I gathered the sign meant that too.

JP Prasad said...

Islam is fastest growing religion in Europe as well as USA, Canada.
The question is why? Its because of huge Muslim immigration to western nations; as well as uncontrolled birth in Muslim families, and multiple wives.
So even business firms aware of such issue, so they offer what Muslims like to eat to get business.

Foolster41 said...

Davy Jones:

Read what leonore actually said. right after what you quoted leonore said "or so we are often told."

He was remarking about the prevelent "knowledge" told to us by Muslims and leftists, not that he necessarily believes it himself.

Unknown said...

Wow. It's becoming evident that the Internet may be Islam's Waterloo.

-03/01/10, Financial Times poll: Europeans oppose the burka, the symbol of Islam: France 70% oppose; Spain 65% oppose; Italy 60% oppose; UK 57% oppose.

-7/21/11 Those agreeing with the statement that relations with Muslims and Westerners are poor: France 62%; Germany 61%; Spain 58%; Britain 52%; U. S. 48%.

-9/6/11 CNN reporting on The Public Religion Research Institute findings: "Nearly half of Americans would be uncomfortable with a woman wearing a burqa, a mosque being built in their neighborhood or Muslim men praying at an airport; 41% would be uncomfortable if a teacher at the elementary school in their community were Muslim; 47% of survey respondents said the values of Islam are at odds with American values.”

-11/11 Pew Research poll showed that only 17% of Americans didn’t like Muslims immediately after 9/11. Polls taken since then, throughout the West, reveal a dramatic decline in the acceptance of Muslims.

-3/13/12 Washington Post reported about the Quinnipiac poll: 58% of New York voters surveyed believe the department has treated Muslims “appropriately” even though Muslims were profiled.

-1/26/13 “Fewer than one in four people think Islam is compatible with British life, faith minister warns”

-6/1/13 63% want no more mosques; 72% favor a ban on Sharia law; 64% say that Muslim immigration has not been good for the Netherlands; 74% see a connection between terrorism and Islam

-7/3/13 55% favor a ban on further immigration from Islamic countries; 63% favor a ban on more mosques; 75% want a constitutional ban on sharia law in the Netherlands. The Dutch figures are in line with a Swiss referendum on June 9 where over 78% appoved of further restrictions on asylum.

-9/25/13 27% of British 18 to 24-year-olds do not trust Muslims; only 29% think Muslims do enough to thwart Muslim terrorism.

-10/15/13 Polls says 33% of Danes say they’re too tolerant of the Muslim minority population because they try to impose their culture on Danes.

-10/26/13 Poll shows that 55% of Britains want a ban on full face veils and niqabs being worn outside the privacy of the home.

God bless the Internet.