Sunday, December 22, 2013

Joshua Evans (Yusha Evans) on the Deity of Christ: Part Four

Muslim Convert Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans (Yusha Evans) is a former Christian youth pastor, who converted to Islam and presented his "Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus Is Not God" on the Deen Show. His popular testimony video, "How the Bible Led Me to Islam," has more than two million hits on YouTube. Joshua has dedicated his life to preaching Islam.

In the following video (Part Four of Four), we examine Joshua's "top ten reasons Jesus is not God" one by one, to see whether they actually show that Jesus is not God.

As the four-part video series demonstrates, Joshua is woefully ignorant of both the Bible and basic Christian doctrine. If this is the level of knowledge required in Joshua's former church, I'd say the youth there are in big trouble.

Click here to watch Part One.
Click here to watch Part Two.
Click here to watch Part Three.

1 comment:

ignatius said...

I have two things:

1. Can anybody tell me what kind of censorship policy YouTube has? Yesterday I looked at the original Joshua Evans 10-points video which David and Sam refuted and I left behind some unfavorable remarks concerning it, and today my remarks are no longer there. Do the posters of the clips have the means and the power to remove unfavorable comments?

2. I'd like to post the remarks I made on Evans' exposition here just for the record. I'm giving them from memory so the words might not be identical to what I wrote on the YouTube site:

This is wonderful! All those great Christian thinkers of the past, Jerome, Augustine, Aquinas, Newman, Benedict XVI, etc. were very wrong about the nature of Jesus, but thank heavens we now have Joshua Evans to set things straight for us. There is just one item, though. Joshua, are you reading this? These 10 points have been refuted in a four part series found on Answering Muslims. Moreover David Wood claims that you were invited to discuss these points with them on TV, and you refused. Is that true? If it is, then you have little credibility with me. BTW please review the Lord’s Prayer. In your recitation you flubbed it. Former youth minister indeed.

Thanks for this. Much as I like your site and consider your work of the utmost importance, I will not look at it nor any other sites for the next 6 months, starting on New Year's Day. It's for my own mental health's sake. Islam is a like a pestilential swamp for me, and I need a break from it.