Thursday, December 19, 2013

Joshua Evans (Yusha Evans) on the Deity of Christ: Part One

Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans (Yusha Evans) is a former Christian youth pastor, who converted to Islam and presented his "Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus Is Not God" on the Deen Show.

In the following video (Part One of Four), Sam Shamoun and David Wood examine Joshua's claims one by one, to see whether any of them actually show that Jesus is not God.

As the four-part video series will demonstrate, Joshua is woefully ignorant of both the Bible and basic Christian doctrine. The fact that someone who doesn't know the Bible and doesn't understand Christianity was put in charge of Christian youth says a lot about Joshua's former church (and about the importance of apologetics and doctrinal training for young Christians).

Where did Jesus claim to be God? Click here for answers.


parisclaims said...

Just about every willing muslim convert has a personality disorder, usually serious. I guess this chap is merely proving the point.

Unknown said...

Hi David,

You may find the following video interesting:
It basically shows that Joshua Evans knows nothing of Christianity (for example he claims that in the Bible, David reconstructed the temple of Solomon).

TAREK said...

He Dr. David and Br. Sam Shamoun! Our LORD said " My people are dying because of lack of knowlledge.
Here is the result for sure.

Unknown said...

I must say I enjoy learning how to answer difficult questions from a scriptural and logical perspective. However I must correct what I believe is an error by Sam Shamoun at 45:13 in the first video. The Holy Spirit was involved in creation. The Bible declares that the Holy Spirit brooded over the waters. May God continue to use you both.

David Wood said...


Where did Sam deny that the Holy Spirit was involved in creation? When he says that the Holy Spirit isn't part of creation, he's saying that the Holy Spirit wasn't created (i.e. part of the created world), not that the Holy Spirit had nothing to do with creating the world.

Ahmet Karahasanoglu said...

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