Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inside the Kaaba

For centuries, millions of people have wondered what's inside the Kaaba. In this video, David Wood takes you on a tour of Islam's holiest site.


Unknown said...

What a Bombshell!

Unknown said...
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simple_truth said...

David, that was ingenious! You surely have a talent of creating effective but humorous ways of reaching out to nonbelievers.

I do hope and pray that many Muslims will view this and at least think deeply about what you presented to them. Perhaps some of them will turn their lives over to Christ.

Thank you for all of your efforts to present the Gospel to nonbelievers.

David Wood said...

Armed ma, do you even hear yourself? You said, " in the time of Adam (pbuh) he was the first one who build it and then prophet ibrahim (pbuh)and his son Ismael (pbuh) rebuild it."

You just admitted that you're bowing down to a man-made object. So why don't you also bow down to the golden calf made by Aaron?

And why do you believe that Adam and Abraham had something to do with the Kaaba? Because Muhammad said it. As the video shows, Muhammad is the last person anyone should listen to.

But if you want to listen to Muhammad instead of God, that's up to you.

TAREK said...

Dera Dr. David it is just a waoooo as usual. You are a gift to our time.
To Amed Ma I'm sure you have been touched by this video and that is why you wrote something in the first line and contracdict yourself in the second. Accoeding to you JESUS did not need the kaaba what do you think may be the reason? Please Amed Ma read surat 3 aya 55 from your quran and explain that to us in this blog as we are waiting to hear from you.
In the meantime MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT TOUCH your heart and open your eyes to see your the truth IN JESUS' NAME AMEN.

Unknown said...

In my research on the origin of islam, it is obvious that it is a mish-mash of borrowed ideas and beliefs.
Here are common examples: The kaaba was built by idolators- mohammed incorporated it into islam and still retains allat(the origin of allah), one of the gods of the pagans.
The rosary was used by roman catholics which was quickly copied by mohammed.
The worship and kissing of the black stone(meteorite) was prevalent amongst the idolaters in and around current day turkey.
What can we say about verses plagiarized from the torah and the gospels. These were verses purported to have been received by mohammed through angel Gabriel-duh!
Almost all the rituals of islam are basically of pagan origin.

Have you wondered why the oldest quran has been locked away to prevent its scrutiny? Contrast, the oldest bible is on display for everyone to see and examine.
What are the muslims afraid of?
The truth shall set you free indeed.

9jaguy said...

Wonderful video Mr. Wood. This will get a lot of folks thinking

Unknown said...

Great job David. Been looking for this since you mentioned it a couple weeks back. I'm spreading it around on my website and ministry FB page. Congrats on a job well done.

Unknown said...

I found this conclusion very interesting from the guy who was appointed to preserve the quran. The guy was eventually chased away from the project.

Assessment of the Qur'an

In the 1999 Atlantic Monthly article referenced below, Gerd Puin is quoted as saying that: My idea is that the Koran is a kind of cocktail of texts that were not all understood even at the time of Muhammad. Many of them may even be a hundred years older than Islam itself. Even within the Islamic traditions there is a huge body of contradictory information, including a significant Christian substrate; one can derive a whole Islamic anti-history from them if one wants.[1]

The Koran claims for itself that it is 'mubeen,' or 'clear,' but if you look at it, you will notice that every fifth sentence or so simply doesn't make sense. Many Muslims—and Orientalists—will tell you otherwise, of course, but the fact is that a fifth of the Koranic text is just incomprehensible. This is what has caused the traditional anxiety regarding translation. If the Koran is not comprehensible—if it can't even be understood in Arabic—then it's not translatable. People fear that. And since the Koran claims repeatedly to be clear but obviously is not—as even speakers of Arabic will tell you—there is a contradiction. Something else must be going on.

Luke said...

Great video David. I second simple_truth's response. You not only expose Islam's false beliefs but reveal the Truth of the Gospel; God became man to die for our sins and then resurrect to show death had no claim to Him due to His perfect innocence. God raised Him to life. The spotless Lamb who paid a price for us. Jesus Messiah!

Deleting said...

Amed ma said, "first of all you were not in the holy kaaba ""


" second of all we dont worship the stone its for direction were all muslims must face to when its time to pray and this place was a place of worship from the beginning of times in the time of Adam (pbuh) he was the first one who build it and then prophet ibrahim (pbuh)and his son Ismael (pbuh) rebuild it because god has said that to him and after some time "

There are no archaeological records of Mecca before the 4th century AD so 'ibrahim' couldn't have rebuilt it...

" the people forget the true purpose of the kaaba and placed statues and said that this is god..."

I have no choice but to assume you meant this as a separate thought. By the way, there's something called a period. It looks like this (.).
As to your point, Adam being the first of creation was in Eden. We know what the coordinates are and THEY AREN'T IN SAUDI ARABIA. They were in what is now Iraq.

Not Mecca. Not the Kaaba.

"... but then god send prophet Muhammed (pbuh)to bring the people back the true religion of god (AND THAT IS ISLAM)."

According to Muhammad. Didn't Joseph Smith also set out to bring people back to the 'true religion of god'?
Answer: yes.
So did these others: Bahá'u'lláh, Charles Taz Russell, Ellen G White, Dayanand Saraswati, the list goes on and on do I really have to convince you there's a bunch of fruitcakes running around bringing back 'the true religion of god'?


I hate to break it to you, but if Christianity is false that does not make Islam true.
Christianity clings to the Crucifixion of Christ (which happened. There is nothing more certain that it happening)and the gospels and torah which muhammad said were God's scriptures and appealed too for his authority.

If Christianity is false then so is Islam because it appeals to those scriptures.

Maybe if you had watched the video you would have learned something but you didn't and we all know it and we know why.

Herakleios said...

@Amed Me: Sarcasm and Irony - 2 things i rarely find muslims seem to understand

Stormcrow_realoaded said...

This is going to ruffle some feathers LOL.

FIWI said...

OK David (Jabs) I forgive ya. You made me wait a few days while you took a holiday ( I suppose that's ok) But WHAMMO you came back in full -on David 'Sword Jabbin' style. YOU ARE THE BEST. Brilliant !. Keep up the good work.

Radical Moderate said...

"Bow down to a Christian." Oh man love it love it

David if you haven't left Mecca, can you pick me up a can of Camel Cola, I hear its better then Gatoraid lol

Assyria_Lost said...

I think Armed ma is genuinely embarrassed with his Adam remark, I doubt it if he has the audacity to reply back, even Aunt Sally can't help you there son. Kudos to David.

Unknown said...

David, you should be doing comedy in the Catskills circuit.

Such funniness I've never seen !

Unknown said...

please can we get this video clip on mobile phone? God will continue to uphold you as you reveal the secret

Anonymous said...

Putting a man, a sinner, like Muhammad on a pedestal also gives Islam’s idolatrous nature away and is on par with Roman Catholicism’s idolatrous pagan practice of putting saints, Mary, prophets and popes, all of whom are sinners, on a pedestal.

The only one who should be accorded this honour is Jesus Christ, who is our Creator, our God.

Enzo Piccinini said...

Leviticus 26:1-46 “You shall not make idols for yourselves or erect an image or pillar, and you shall not set up a figured stone in your land to bow down to it, for I am the Lord your God.


RHR said...

David, you continue to use new and creative ways to reach the minds and souls of Muslims. God has a good son in you.

Unknown said...

Sahih Bukhari #1664
١٦٦٤ - حدثنا علي بن عبد الله: حدثنا سفيان: حدثنا عمرو: حدثنا محمد بن جبير بن مطعم عن أبيه قال:كنت أطلب بعيرا لي ح: حدثنا مسدد: حدثنا سفيان عن عمرو: سمع محمد بن جبير بن مطعم عن أبيه جبير بن مطعم قال: أضللت بعيرا فذهبت أطلبه يوم عرفة فرأيت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم واقفا بعرفة فقلت: هذا والله من الحمس، فما شأنه ها هنا؟ـ
Narrated Muhammad bin Jubayr bin Mut’im: My father said, “(Before Islaam), I was looking for my camel…” The same narration is told by a different sub-narrator. Jubayr bin Mut’im said, “My camel was lost and I went out in search of it on the Day of ‘Arafah, and I saw the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمstanding in ‘Arafat. I said to myself: ‘By Allaah he is from the Hums (literally: strictly religious, Quraysh were called so, as they used to say, ‘We are the people of Allaah, we shall not go out of the sanctuary’). What has brought him here?”

Unknown said...

david i want you to check out 'mark wood man videos on youtube

Sisgp said...

From the daily clash

Thanks to the Prophet Mohammed’s violent antipathy for women — rape in the Islamic world is commonplace. From Indonesia to Egypt the defilement of females as young as two years of age takes place with chilling impunity.

Muslim men (following the prophet’s paradigm) believe it is there duty to brutally subjugate women. These sexually convoluted b*st*rds think nothing of raping, torturing and then beheading their innocent victims.

Just last week our friends at Bare Naked Islam reported a heartbreaking story about a 15 year old Syrian girl who was ganged raped by a mob of Syrian rebels and then subsequently slaughtered in the most heinous fashion.

Her only crimes: Being female and Christian.

(By the way, these are the very same rebels that President Obama and Senator John McCain have repeatedly praised. And — mind you — the very same rebels Obama has supplied with arms via our tax dollars.)

But, sadly — this form of brutality and nefariousness isn’t confined to the Islamic world.

Danish authorities reported that 100% of all rapes committed in that country during the 2012 time period were perpetrated by Muslim immigrants. Mohammed’s minions admitted they were hunting down “white female infidels” to rape and humiliate.

In the UK Muslim pedophile gangs roam the streets of major cities in search of young British girls to rape. Some of these girls are then kidnapped and forced to be sex slaves for groups of Muslim men.

In Sweden, Muslim immigrants accounted for over 77% of the rapes in that country in 2011. Just recently a Somali men was arrested in Stockholm for raping and sodomizing a dying women.


This is just a mere snapshot of the barbarity unfolding in Europe at the hands of the Muslim invaders.

While all of this injustice is taking place — Western leaders are mired in the fever swamps of political correctness. These cowards don’t possess the cojones to tell the truth about Islam and its dogma of unfettered and gross misogyny.

They just can’t bring themselves to admit the obvious: That Islam is the religion of rape.

And, as a result — they are sacrificing the women of Western Civilization on Allah’s bloodstained altar.

Unknown said...

Mathew 7:15 "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Well stated David

Mohamed said...

That was a great video! Clever premise...I like it!

Mohamed said...

Great video, David! I like the premise!

Unknown said...

david.why are u a coward?when we muslims refute,u hide.why?because u don't know completely what islam is.

David Wood said...

Tasin said: "david.why are u a coward?when we muslims refute,u hide.why?"

Hmmm. Anyone ever recall me hiding from anything? Or Muslims "refuting" me?

Deleting said...

Assyria_Lost replied, "I think Armed ma is genuinely embarrassed with his Adam remark, I doubt it if he has the audacity to reply back..."

Armed Ma completely deleted his post that's how embarrassed he is.

Not to worry, mine preserved most of what he said.

TPaul said...

Tasin, of course we know what Islam is. It is a hypocritical continuation of the ancient pagan religion of the Arabs in the guise of monotheism. The ritual of hajj is exactly the same pagan rituals practiced by 7th century Arabs. You bow down before a man made idol and yet you claim to worship God. Go investigate Islam and see for yourself how ridiculous it's rituals are. They make no sense with the other Abrahamic religions. That is because these rituals are Infact pagan in origin. Good work David... Muslim would bow down before a man made structure than the person of Jesus. Who claimed to be the ultimate temple of God...

Steve Bene said...

Hi David,
This may be a nice publicity stunt, but not sure about it's effectiveness in reaching out to those who do not know Jesus. I don't see anywhere in scripture Jesus doing something similar. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
You are welcome to remove this comment. Would love to hear from you. Blessings.

David Wood said...

Would have been pretty odd for Jesus to do something like that, since green screens, video cameras, and YouTube hadn't been invented.

Unknown said...


I wonder if Jesus at that particular was sentenced to dead on electric chair, will you use such on necklace, your church as well..?

Abdallah said...

If you are truly a believer you'd know that criticizing & cursing other people's religion isn't the best way to preach about your own religion. You might have read a few lines about Prophet Muhammad but it's quite obvious that you have no idea who he is or the great things he's done. & calling him all sorts of names is by far the worst thing you've ever done in your life & sooner or later it'll come to bite you. Mark my word. & about your fake edited video in the Kaaba, i've no words for that. & yes, every time I face the Qibla (Macca) i would remember you & I would smile because I know that I'm blessed & guided. Fortunate to be a muslim regardless of what you or the whole people praising you on here think... You need to get your facts right man. Read. Not to find mistakes but to understand.

& believe me there's no book like the Qur'an. The words of Allah. Has been & will always be the greatest book on the face of the Earth. & Prophet Muhammed is the greatest man that has ever lived & will ever live. Like i said, READ. & READ. & READ. Until you understand.

If you're half as smart as you think you're you'd take this off & ask for forgiveness.

Unknown said...

Watch this interesting video which shows angels descending on the kabba on Macca

deep said...

kabba is a hindu tample...the black stone is lord siva

Paul_M said...

Dear David Wood,

A person by the name of Francis Evg
on FaceBook claimed "we asked david wood about this video and it is not real. They've edited it!"

Is it true that it is not real? Is it true that it was not recorded inside the Ka'aba?


Paul Miranda

David Wood said...

Of course it's not real. I thought that was clear at the beginning when I said that non-Muslims aren't allowed inside Mecca and that I was only allowed in because Obama says that Islam is tolerant. I was surprised to find that people didn't realize I was joking when I said that Muslims violated Islam because of Obama.

Unknown said...

As a christian i am inclined to follow the Word of God. As a scholar and a friend of Muslims i am also supposed to share the truth. I saw the Video and i very much enjoyed it and i conversed to a good friend of mine about it. we saw the Video together and i knew it was photo shopped but i didn't know from where. my friend related to me from which video your segment came from. and i am asking of any proof that whether they actually allowed you into the Kaaba or were you not. my friend disregarded your whole argument based on your initial statement of being in the kaaba and missed the whole good basis and brilliant i might add argument.

Ausdingo said...

Fucking preaching! I'm sick of religious nuts saying their religion kicks ass so much more than everyone else's! It's pathetic! Fucking grow up for the world's sake! Like bloody kids!
I'm non religious but respect everyone's beliefs as long as they don't harm anyone or they don't PREACH!
I would have to prefer Buddhism than any other, and that's more a way of living and treating others than a religion.
We have evolved! I'm surprised people waste so much time towards ancient, debunked, obsolete ways of thinking all these years later.
Go live your lives and be happy!