Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reza Aslan and the Resurrection of Jesus

In Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, liberal Muslim Reza Aslan argues that Jesus was a failed jihadist (in Reza's abuse of first-century terms, a "zealot"), who was executed by the Roman Empire on charges of sedition. Many critics (myself included) find Reza's portrait of a "Jihadist Jesus" laughable, along with his pick-and-choose-whatever-helps-my-case method of scriptural interpretation. However, some of Reza's admissions concerning the Historical Jesus are even more interesting than his blunders, especially when these admissions thoroughly contradict the clear teachings of the Qur'an. In the following video, Historical Jesus scholar Mike Licona joins Sam and me on "Jesus or Muhammad?" for a discussion of Reza's claims about the resurrection of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

A brief but good review of Aslan's book is:

Reza Aslan’s Zealot, a second-rate rehashing of discredited theories/

Ken said...

David and/or Sam -
Have you guys read Reza Aslan's book, "No God but God" (about Islam) ??

I have read some of it and skipped around, and also the Farsi version - but I have long way to go. He is typical of many Iranians who seem to want to hold on to some form of Islam but separate it from poltics and Jihadism and Islamic terrorism.

That he affirms Jesus' crucifixion is good; but I don't understand how a Muslim can affirm that; and also deny the virgin birth of Jesus. (He denies the virgin birth. How can he be a Muslim and deny the virgin birth of Christ?)

He is basically a western liberal - his main emphasis is politics and culture and he totally buys the western Leftist - Democrat Party narrative of life.

When I asked him on Twitter how he squares that with Surah 4:157 , he blocked me after I sent several Tweets on various issues and mistakes in his Zealous book.

Unknown said...

Hello Ken --

To get an accurate portrait of Reza Aslan, visit Robert Spencer's superb website www [dot]jihadwatch[dot]org.

Use "Reza" in the search box there to bring up specifics.

Briefly here -- but as you will see by Spencer's numerous postings -- Aslan is a coward who runs away from any genuine dialogue with persons who have firm knowledge about Islam or Christianity.

You encountered that when he blocked YOU. That wimp bails out or hides or cuts off discussion.

In a hilarious encounter with Robert Spencer which took place at the reddit website earlier around spring/summer, Aslan got on reddit with an "Ask me anything" session.

He had big plans to pass himself off as a "scholar of religion", when his degree and background is definitely not accurately in such an academic category.

Spencer found out Aslan was on reddit, and jump aboard.

As soon as he learned that Spencer was corresponding with him, he posted "I don't argue with children". Then he left.

Typical conduct from a guy who wants SOOO much to be respected as an expert. Spencer, of course, is the actual expert on Islam, having written 13 books, and accomplished much else.

Read his bio on the JW [dot] org website.

By the way, Aslan's pal Nathan Lean is equally as scared of any dialogue with people who actually know what they are talking about.

Lean is a complete coward as well, who can only throw the word "Islamophobia" out on the floor, hoping those hearing it will shut up with questions on the relentless worldwide violence of Muslims against Infidels and even other Muslims (Sunni /Shia).

Nathan Lean is pathetically bereft of solid academic credentials; Georgetown University fellow traitor John Esposito gives him whatever scraps are handy in the way of propaganda-peddling as to Islam being a "religion of peace".

So Aslan and Lean are just perfect for each other. And neither of them have the testicular fortitude to risk their lives in jihad.

When you have time, look up the threatening history of Lean against Robert Spencer. A search box exploration will show the path to information.

william t said...

you might be interested to know that reza aslan will be debating Anthony le donne on 14/12/13 on a uk christian radio station. you will be able to listen to it live or hear the podcast on

Anonymous said...

Ken said...
"That he affirms Jesus' crucifixion is good; but I don't understand how a Muslim can affirm that; and also deny the virgin birth of Jesus. (He denies the virgin birth. How can he be a Muslim and deny the virgin birth of Christ?)"

Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to advance islam.

Ken said...

Thanks for pointing to the encounters that Robert Spencer had with Reza Aslan before.

I had seen those before and looked at them more in depth.

He seems more like a liberal western Leftist than a true Muslim, and just holds on to a liberal form of Islam for his political agenda. He seems more motivated by left-wing politics than Islam itself.