Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pat Condell: Boycott Halal

Here's the latest from Pat Condell, who argues that Westerners should boycott halal meat (i.e. meat from animals that are slaughtered according to Islamic practice).


Anonymous said...

Staying sober at Christmas is nearly "a sin?"

This guy lost me there.

What is the difference between the halal and kosher methods of slaughtering animals? I don't think there's much. Sounds like he would be against kosher as well.

The real answer is much more simple. Western countries simply disallow mohammedans from entering their countries.


The horror most of you just felt reveals your true god- liberal democracy.

ChrisLA said...

There is a good "Christian" reason for rejecting halal foods, as the early Christians insisted that the only practice prohibited for people converting to Christianity was to not eat food offered to idols or from animals which had been strangled. (See Acts 21:25) The essential difference of halal meat is that a prayer to the moon-god Allah has been made during slaughter. (See Reliance of the Traveler, section j17.5(4)and (5).) That in itself should be good reason for Christians and those who embrace Christian ethics to reject halal foods.

>> MYTHS >> must read >> said...

So how come muslims, asylum-seeking - notably, fleeing wars of their own - have to go to the rest of the world for help? And where is Allah when the muslims need him most?

goethechosemercy said...

A member of Boko Haram:

I can’t recall the number of people I have killed. If we ask a victim: “Will you become a Muslim or not? And he or she refuses, we slaughter the victim like a goat. And after killing the victim, we collect his or her blood in a very small cup and then drink it. After drinking the blood, the victim’s ghost could not hunt us in dreams. That is what our leaders told us. And indeed, once we taste the blood of people we kill, we will not see them in our dreams.
end quote.

If it sounds too good to be true . . .
If dreams are the only expression of your spirit, then, Muslim, your spirit is dead.
Halal slaughter is practice for the above--- Jihad, of course.
Blood sacrifice is the essence of Islam.
Those who submit do not do so to God, they submit to the Ummah, the profane, evil Ummah.

taomeano said...

I am afraid the Great Britain is lost to Islam. This is very tragic indeed. We need more people like Pat Condel to expose the foolishness of our politicians on both sides of the atlantic, especially when it comes to Islam.

taomeano said...

I am done buying any meat with the halal description label. I did not know that a prayer to the moon-god allah is made during slaughter.

It is very disgusting to know that the meat I am buying is for all intents and purposes a sacrifice to an idol. I am instructing my wife to forego anything with "halal" labeling when grocery shoppping.

On another note, David Wood, are you going to post the videos about you and Sam Shamoun's recent engagements? May God bless you all for all that you do for the kingdom of God.

VJ said...

For those who have not imagined what a halal slaughter looks like.


i wonder why animal right activist don't protest against it..

Unknown said...

I don't think this guy is religious

Anonymous said...

Muslims don't supply the hala meat christans do they do not know how to do it the right way. No one cares what type of meat you eat hala food is more healthier to eat but you guys eat rotten and dead meat.

Deleting said...

Rukiah said, "hala food is more healthier to eat but you guys eat rotten and dead meat."

Excuse me but unless your food is mooing, clucking or baying in some odd way when you chomp down, YOUR food is dead too!

Anonymous said...

No, hala food is more cleaner, regular meat componies leave blood in the meat.

Deleting said...

Rukiah said, "No, hala food is more cleaner, regular meat componies leave blood in the meat."

1. There is no such thing as 'more cleaner'. There is 'clean' 'cleaner' 'cleanest' in terms of English Grammer.

2. You've made another statement without supporting facts again. Which companies Rukiah? Name them.
Or tell me why it is that I can't see anything other than chicken stock or red dye in my meat and not blood.

3. Halal slaughtering makes the animal suffer. I've seen the pictures of a poor animal with it's throat slit, blood gushing out and it's baying because it's in pain. That ain't clean to me and it's sick.

The fact muslims would eat an animal that's been tortured is sick!

Anonymous said...

Your sick, your king of the blame game for years you blame muslims, and you say you don't blame,now who is the one that blames others for years YOU. AND YOU KNOW WHO TORTURES ANIMAL YOU PEOPLE, YOUR THE PEOPLE THAT WORKS AT FACTORIES. HALA IS CLEANIER THAN THE ROTTEN MEAT YOU EAT. YOU KNOW WHO PERPARES THE MEATS IN FACTORIES CHRISTANS DO.

Anonymous said...

I think that Christians should tread carefully here, and consider how the meat that Jesus ate was prepared.

Anonymous said...

You blame muslims for attacks most wars werent created/stareted by muslims they were started by non-muslims such as:
The first war(17million dead)
The second war(50-55 million dead)
Nagasaki atomic bombs( 2oo,ooo dead)
The war in Vietnam (over 5 million dead)
The war in Kosovo ( 500,00 dead)
The war in Iraq (so far 1,200,000 dead)
Afghanistan, Burma ect.

Anonymous said...


That's a classic "red herring" argument.

Who started what war has nothing to do with the attacks being committed by Muslims.

Are you trying to say that since governments start wars, Muslims don't fly passenger planes into buildings or decapitate innocent people or honor kill their daughters or acid attack Western women?

Try again, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not terrorist. You see you can't stop blaming others, exacttly you people still think Islam is the worlds biggest problem look again.