Saturday, August 10, 2013

Iraq: Dozens Killed in Post-Ramadan Bloodbath

Shouldn't some representatives from CAIR and ISNA travel to Iraq and convince the Muslims there that Islam is a religion of peace? Since they spend so much time convincing non-Muslims in America that Islam is peaceful and tolerant, surely they have time to share their knowledge with Iraqis.

(CNN) -- Bloodshed exploded Saturday throughout Iraq as at least 64 people were killed in a wave of bombings and more than 190 people were wounded during Eid festivities marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, two Interior Ministry officials told CNN.

The violence in Iraq came as Muslims celebrated the recent completion of Ramadan's monthlong fasting. It followed a July that was the bloodiest in five years, when violence between Sunnis and Shiites -- both Muslim sects -- spun out of control.

Saturday's death toll included reports by Baghdad police that at least 22 people were killed and more than 40 others wounded in eight car bomb exploded in Shiite neighborhoods.

In Tuz Khurmatou, about 180 kilometers, or 112 miles, north of Baghdad, at least eight people were killed and more than 40 others were wounded when a suicide car bomber exploded on a commercial corridor.

Tuz Khurmatou is an ethnically mixed city of Arab, Kurd and Turkmen residents.

In Mosul, at least eight people were killed and 12 others were wounded in two separate explosions in the city. Mosul is a largely Sunni city about 400 kilometers, or 248 miles, north of Baghdad.

In Nasiriya, a car bomb exploded on a busy road, killing four people and wounding 12 others. Nasriya is located in the heavily Shiite region of southern Iraq, about 400 kilometers outside of Baghdad.

In Karbala, about 100 km south of Baghdad, a car bomb exploded near a bus station, kills two people and wound 15 others. Karbala is a Shiite city.

The bloodshed appears to mark a new round of violence to hit Iraq in recent months, much of it stemming from decades-old discord between Sunnis and Shiites, the two largest branches of Islam. (Continue Reading.)


RyanS said...

Mean while in a alternate universe, Muslims build hospitals, assist the poor, build community among other religious groups. Create cultural works of Art, Music and the humanities....then we all woke up to realty and have to live in the Hell Hole that is ISLAM, the Cancer among humanity!

Radical Moderate said...

They really no how to Ramadan in Iraq. Ended the Muslim holy month with a bang

Tom ta tum Tom said...

ARRRGHHH! Those racist Islamophobes over at CNN!! At it AGAIN, trying to imply that somehow, the peaceful religion of Islam has something to do with the savagery of Muslims settling their differences violently (but amicably).

After all, what does CNN KNOW about the centuries old culture of joyous bloodletting and endless (murderous but friendly) reprisals?

You just wait 'til my scathing feedback regarding this biased reporting reaches the desk of the Saudi Royal family member "formerly known as" Prince Al-Aweed Ben Tokin' (Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal). He's got SLAVES over there. At CNN, heads will ROLL (literally)!

THANK YOU David, for bringing this to our attention. I never bother looking at CNN anymore. These days, the once decent news company is part owned by some satanically inspired, wabbid Wahhabist Middle-Eastern investor that seems to be directing that the news will be skewed (impaled?) for his radical agenda.

And, as my jihadi friends - out in the fields of struggle against the oppression of kufir and racism - so often say: (translated: "Our god is a BIGGER pig than any other") "ALLAHU OHYNKSMORR!!"


Unknown said...

Such is life in a macho-male religious cult, egos fighting for domination.

Unknown said...

I think this is a coordinated attack. wouldn't be surprised if theres something bigger behind this than sectarian violence

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

This is my experience in Islam.

Since I was born Muslim and anxious to be a good Muslim I follow whatever the noble Islamic teachings.

My doubts about Islam started in the month of Ramadan in which all Muslims believe this month is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar.
And according to what Muslims believe, at this time all the devil and Satan (Satan, Satan and jinn) has been locked in hell by "Allah"

If muslim hear or know about my doubts about islam, they will say to me that i was possessed by Satan (Devil). It is true that satan (Syaitan) is locked by Allah in Ramadhan?

I am start curious about islam starting with "PROPHET" muhammad. How Islam can Accept polygamy?? I am a married man and feel very bad and pity to my wife if I follow this tradition. I'm really cannot understand this matter as normal human being.

Starting from this, I'm start to study Islam deeper eventhough in Islam we are prohibited or not encouraging learn about islam by our self (Islam always asked us refer any matters to intellectual from Ustaz; learn islam by yourself will lead to astray from Allah) . But at this moment, What i am wonder as a human being why Allah give us brain and intellectual . This is doubts no 1 in Islam.

What is surprisingly that i never know the detail of the stories of Prophets Muhammad's wife. I am shocked when I'm read the hadith about Zainab binti jahsyi bin Royab, Mariah Al qibthiyah and Soffiyah binti Huyay bin Akhtob. I am so sad how could my prophet do this to a woman???

Then after deeply know about Islam, there is a lot of not right stuff about Muhammad which is claimed as prophet. And I am study it From Hadith and Al Quran it self not from others resources.

There are many doubts Islamic rituals during childhood, in praying 5 times a day, why do we have to bow and the direction facing Kaabah. Of course ,I know why muslim facing towards Kaabah and islam mention that Qiblah is the direction for standardization only in prayers but why we should view the Kaabah?

My heart always said that this is idolatry worshiping but Islam says it is not but indirectly that I worship the Kaaba. Whereas Islam says God is in all places

Why Muslims slaughter sheep and cattle in the day of Adha (or Halal animals with 4 legs). This event is to commemorate the sacrifice Ismail when God asked Abraham to slaughter Ismail. Surprisingly that Bible mention this incident not involve Ismail but Ishak (Isaac).

In Islam we have to believe in all books, Taurat, Zabur, dan Injil (Bible). But as you know that muslim always thinks that All books is corrupted except Quran.But I am always wondering about this contradiction.

Ritual slaughter during Eid Al-Adha also always been my doubts from my childhood, why do we need to use animal sacrifice? As a young child, what I see from the film that people always make a sacrifice to Satan instead of God ..I believe, this is a pagan ritual!

My Doubts about Hajj is more worse, Why Muslim have to do all the ritual like paganism????

I am so confuse now. What i am learn from school about Muhammad is contradict from the Hadith and Quran It self.

People who read Hadith and cannot identify muhammad as a rapper, murder, sex abuse have mental problem because they always see him only from one point of view (view of a muslim not view as a human being)

I don't how to express this, because Islam Always taught us to hate Enemy of Allah. So anything that we do to humiliate them is always right

My country is a muslim country and you guys know what the government will do to me if i am betray from Islam.

I am not Betray Islam but the fact is there in front of us all. I am so sad when i know the truth about Islam ( There is a lot of doubts in Islam).

I Hope soon, the real god help me and show me the right way of life.

Unknown said...

Rashid Raul,

I don't think you are a Muslim,
Islam does not need you but you need it, Islam means submission or surrender to God, if you don't want to do so then you are free, no compulsion to the religion, you don't need to insult the beliefs of 1.6 billion people.

Unknown said...

Islam is a man made polical religion ....follow your Heart the God of all love will speak truth to you through your heart :)

Foolster41 said...

Mohamamd: Yes, yes, telling the truth about Islam and telling about personal doubts is "insultiung".

Are you saying any questioning of beliefs is insulting? Would you say someone questioning their Christian faith is also insulting to Christianity? If not, why not?

That sounds an awful lot like trying to emotionally force people into not questioning what Islam actually teaches. Not very moderate or peaceful of you.

Deleting said...

Mohamoud said, "Islam does not need you but you need it, Islam means submission or surrender to God, if you don't want to do so then you are free, no compulsion to the religion, you don't need to insult the beliefs of 1.6 billion people."

He's not. He's asking questions and he's venting his frustrations and fears because he's seeing that which you apparently don't.

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