Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sign This

If you believe that the British government is wrong for barring Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering the country, sign this petition.


Unknown said...

David, I told you so. Britain is toast!

Tom said...

OK .. Done.

40BelowTrooper said...

I highly recommend that (if you haven't already) after signing the petition you visit the website mentioned in the petition as a call to vigilantism.

Anyone that knows what Islam teaches will be able to see exactly what this means:

Unknown said...

Signed from Macedonia...

rowland said...

I was watching a report on CNN the other day, it was about the Lost Generation Of Europe. this particular one was about the rising youth unemployment rate in England.
The Interviewer brought four brittish muslims (three females all covered up) and a very bearded young muslim guy. They also had two middle aged women (white brittish).
I will not bore you guys here with the details of this round table discussion. What I'd like to point out was that in that interview, the "Youths" which the program was suppose to be about were muslim immigrants. CNN didn't have a discussion with brittish non-muslim youths just the muslim variety. This in itself says a lot.
1. It could mean The non-muslim youths in England are dumb and not worthy of been interviewed.
2. It could mean CNN have for-seen the muslim youths in England as the next generation of leaders in that country.
3. It could mean the population of Muslim youths is so large that it has taken over the non-muslim youths (head count wise)
4. It could mean there were more muslims going to universities than non-muslims.

Whatever conclusion I drew from that interview, one thing was clear BRITAIN IS TOAST.

A country where Anjem choudary roam the streets freely, and Abu Qatada is allowed to stay because of the fear of him not getting a fair trial in his OWN COUNTRY and Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller aren't allowed to visit. Let us not forget that the Pakistanis, Iraqis, and other Muslims/Jihadist are given a free pass to come in as they like. LOLS.

Jesusisgod said...

Dear David,

Please, please post this:

My Hometown Fanatics