Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oxford Rape Gang Threatened to Cut Off Girl's Face and Behead Her Baby

The Muslim rapists in these cases come from cultures where rape victims usually wouldn't dare report their victimization, for fear of bringing shame to themselves and their families (not to mention being jailed or stoned to death). Hence, the rapists are convinced that there is no risk in gang-raping young white girls, for the young girls will keep the secret forever.

Welcome to the West, where these girls are starting to come forward.

United Kingdom—Members of a sadistic paedophile ring convicted of grooming vulnerable underage girls for sexual exploitation threatened to decapitate the baby of one of their young victims, a court heard today.

The Old Bailey in central London was also told that one of the Oxford-based sex ring’s victims has considered suicide while another suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the abuse.

Statements from some of the victims' parents were read out in court ahead of the sentencing of the gang, in which they described how the seven defendants had ruined their daughters' lives.

The court heard the extent of the girls' psychological damage, with one admitting she is prone to depression and self-harming, while another suffers nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks.

A statement from the mother of that girl said her daughter developed chronic insomnia and also suffered a minor stroke, believed to have been brought on by the stress of what happened.

She said the family had to leave their home, leading to her daughter receiving a call in which she was threatened with having her face cut off, and relatives having their throat slit and being decapitated. (Continue Reading.)

For more on Islamic rape gangs, watch this video:


Joe Bradley said...

"She also referred to the failure of the police and social services in finding out what was happening and protecting the girls, writing that they were made to feel like they were ‘over-reacting’."

Another case of lazy civil servants using excuses not to do their job.

hugh watt said...

Just watched Lara Logan's account of her horrific ordeal of her assault at the hands of a Muslim mob in Egypt. Quite disturbing.