Saturday, May 4, 2013

Muslim Cleric Yousuf Badri Loses Temper When Riham Said Removes Hijab During Interview

It doesn't sound like Yousuf Badri is comfortable with a woman talking back to him.


Nobody but everybody said...

Man she is hot !! Why did the idiot cleric not enjoy her beauty during the interview, rather than asking her to wear a sack !! That was 1000 pounds + bonus.

Anonymous said...

The idiotic cleric does not enjoy her because she is too old for him - if she was a 6 year old little girl, he would salivate, and then he would rape her like his pedophile prophet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she was really pretty.

apran said...

On one side, we have a fundamentalist but hypocrite cleric who doesn't mind seeing a woman not wearing hijab when not in public, and probably not even wearing her clothes and receive money from his enemy without shame.
On the other side, we have a woman who tries to paint Islam with some rosy flowers while we know Islam is not like that.
I think it is a tie, both of them are losers because they both good muslims.
A moderate muslim is the one who lies and cheats to non muslims so that a fundamentalist muslim can kill the non muslims easily.

gabriella oak said...

Why do these clerics crumble like cookie dough whenever they come face to face with a real life assertive, confident woman?
Like every bully, he can't operate without a gang.

goethechosemercy said...

Prov. 25:28
Like a city breached and defenseless is a man who cannot control his temper.

Prov. 29:11
The stupid give free rein to their anger, the wise wait for it to cool.

Estudantes Mocambicanos na Argelia said...

The funny thing is that she says that she will only wear the hijab to please Allah, i wonder whne she takes it off is for who, the thing is etheir muslims become atheists, christians or agnostics because Islam asks too much of what people think that it's unfair and its laws are compulsory, so i'd sugest to just change the belief!

akairey said...

Just like Mr. Wood points out the facts about the views of women in Islam:

This Cleric can't stand the idea of an educated woman and his point of views and hypocrisy came to light!

Deleting said...

The girl in the video said, "you come on the program and take our money..."

Well,....DUH! He has no scruples, some of that maybe religiously based.

Timothy said...

"A moderate muslim is the one who lies and cheats to non muslims so that a fundamentalist muslim can kill the non muslims easily."

truer words have not been said.

he never denied taking the 1k....

she punked him by walking out first... booyah!

if he is a hypocrite, then is he fair game for vigilantes to 'correct' ?

andy bell said...

the truly said thing about that whole fiasco was her remark at the end, "and these are the people who peddle our religion."

And this is what's wrong with the moozlim world. Most muslims are content with islam and slightly perturbed by the "minority" of miscreants. Never does the blame ever lie with the religion itself.

BloggerBoy said...

Islam will rule the world some day, unless an even more efficient religion arises. Mohammed came up with the best way to neutralize other religions and retain his own followers. As an atheist who abhors the thought of a meaningless universe yet acknowledges it, I also abhor the truth of Islam's brutal efficiency but I acknowledge it. Once Islam achieved critical mass, it was on the path to world domination.

The only way my prediction will be wrong is either (1) if humans become purely logical beings or (2) another set of beings takes over. The first will never happen, because humans are not perfect. A modified version of humans might become logical, but those beings will not be human technically. The second way to prevent the complete domination by Islam is for a another sentient species to take over.

That second outcome is a real time-limiter on Islam IMO. Any truly intelligent person should be impossibly challenged to explain how electronically and biologically engineered sentient beings will NOT take over within a couple of hundred years (or less). As long as a physical environment exists to sustain life, evolution is a natural process that is as *unavoidable* as is an increase of entropy. As such, electronic/biologic beings (think robots mixed with organics) will evolve in ways that humanity cannot predict or control. We've already 'begun' the unstoppable process that really started 4 billion years ago.

We absolutely cannot stop evolution to the next phase. We can't stop humans from tinkering with robots, so we certainly can't stop robot evolution. Only a fool challenges mother nature, and robots are extensions of humans who are an extension of nature. Robots are the natural outcome of evolution, and they will take over someday unless neohumans are created. Either way, those superbeings are the only thing to prevent the most efficient religion from dominating the planet.