Sunday, May 5, 2013

Islamic Polygamy in Germany

This is an interesting documentary (in German, with English subtitles). In the Middle East, Muslim men can only practice polygamy if they are wealthy enough to pay for multiple brides. In Europe, however, second, third, and fourth wives are not recognized by governments, so these women (married in Sharia ceremonies) are officially single mothers. This allows them to receive government benefits both for their asylum status and for being single mothers. With so much Western money pouring into the family, any Muslim can afford multiple wives. Polygamy, then, is now much, much easier (and more affordable) in Europe than in Muslim countries!


Anonymous said...

I understood a great deal of the German, so maybe its not as rusty I thought. Also wow. Islam is specifically designed to destroy the socialist state, and now all that is necessary is for Christianity to expose it and take center stage again. David Wood, fire up your apologetics abilities, Christ is King!

Unknown said...

Shame on people without guts. Blatant defrauding of the people and still claiming no evidence. Do you have to tolerate fraud too? What's the world becoming? Sad sad indeed!

akairey said...

I'm just astounded that the "social" sytems haven't crashed yet! Thanks to the progressives/liberals, it'll be coming to the U.S. once the foundation of marriage is changed. Sharia and Islam should be banned in ALL western countries. Islam does NOTHING for society as a whole and has NOT created anything in the last 100-200 years but terrorism and agony for the world. HAS ONE ISLAMIC invention benefitted the world in the last 100-200 years? 500 years?

rowland said...

That's it folks.
We've lost Europe.

nacanacazo said...

Polygamy is probably illegal in Germany but they are so "tolerant" that they don't enforce it. Throw the guy in jail for 30 years and it will stop. Is not like the government are not supporting the children already.

apran said...

So Europe is encouraging polygamy. What an idiot thing to do.
Yes, we've lost Europe.

Deleting said...

nacanacazo said, "Polygamy is probably illegal in Germany but they are so "tolerant" that they don't enforce it. "

I can only speak as to Germany circa summer of 1995. I have a whopping 6 weeks of experience there living as a host family. Take it for what it's adult woman trying to remember (probably mostly liberal )things said to a teenager almost 20 years ago.

Immigration from turkey was a huge issue back then. Turks, as I later understand it, was euphemistic for 'muslim'.

However a lot of the people were afraid to speak out because the whole world might call them 'racist'.

I listened to Chris Rosenborough at 'fighting for the faith' and he said Hitler wasn't a great intellectual. He was a great parrot and he told people what they wanted to hear.

I don't know that's the case. I think showmanship and whipping people up into frenzies had more to do with it than parroting the sentiments of an impoverished country looking for any solution.

I love Germany. I love german people, but it's the same issue that led to the holocaust. People don't want to speak out.

And it's killing them like cancer.