Sunday, May 5, 2013

Four Dead as Mob Demands Sharia Blasphemy Laws in Bangladesh

When I say that Islam doesn't allow freedom of speech, I'm called a "racist," a "hate-monger," a "bigot," and, of course, an "Islamophobe." But what will my critics say about Muslims who demand Sharia blasphemy laws? Are these Muslims "bigots" and "Islamophobes" because they don't believe Islam allows freedom of speech?

Dhaka, Bangladesh (CNN) -- The streets of Bangladesh's capital rang with the sound of gunfire, explosions and tear-gas canisters Sunday as Islamist protesters demanding laws against blasphemy battled police, leaving four dead.

Tens of thousands of supporters of the Hefazat-e-Islam movement blocked nearly all the roads leading into the capital, Dhaka, as they pressed a list of demands, including the anti-blasphemy statute. Clashes broke out when Hefazat activists tried to break a police cordon.

Street battles went on for hours, with police firing rubber bullets and tear gas and the Islamists hurling crude explosives and chunks of brick. At least three bodies were left in the streets, and one more person was reported dead at a hospital. Police said scores of people were hurt, including police officers and journalists. . . .

Sunday's demonstrators called for tough laws against bloggers and writers who they believe insult the Prophet Mohammed. A similar demonstration in February left four other people dead.

Hezafat's call for an anti-blasphemy law is aimed at a group of bloggers, online activists and authors they have called "atheists" and accused of denigrating Islam and Mohammed. Online activists who had a pioneering role in organizing the Shahbagh sit-in have denied they are atheists. (Continue Reading.)


Michael C said...

Let no-one imagine that these "demonstrations" are spontaneous, or that they express the free opinion of the participants. They are INSTRUCTED. They are PARADES. Failure to participate brings "consequences". They are, in a very direct way, a measure of how successful the mullahs are at their Mafia-type control.

Dk said...

Another example of the religion of peace bringing such 'order and progressiveness' to society.

I only wish the criticisms of Mohammed would times a million because of scum like this.

May all of us Atheists expose this filth until it is extinct and belongs where it is meant to be in human history, as "ancient history".

This is one Atheist they wont be getting there hands on for along long time, along with millions of other atheist bloggers who will never stop exposing this cult.

Anonymous said...

I definately have a strong hatred for islam, and what race IS islam exactly? arab? arabs are about 25% of the worlds muslim populace, the country with the largest muslim population is Indonesia, which is ethnically asian, there are many white muslims, and not just the knuckleheaded converts either, but chechnyan/dagestanis/bosnians that go back aways, not to mention many black muslims, it's funny how people pull the race card since they can't be bothered to refute anything that is said about islam... instead hide behind the idea that islam is some ethnic distinction when that is one of the most absurd notions in human history

Fifth Monarchy Man said...


you say,

May all of us Atheists expose this filth until it is extinct and belongs where it is meant to be in human history, as "ancient history".

I say,

Given your atheism what are your grounds for declaring this sort of activity to be "filth". and asserting that it belongs in "ancient history".

Is this just your opinion or do you believe that you have an objective moral standard by which you can judge the actions of others?

Thanks in advance


Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Derek said,

along with millions of other atheist bloggers who will never stop exposing this cult.

I say,

Actually it's been my experience that Atheists for the most part are pretty muted when it comes to the atrocities of Islam they would rather spend their time spewing venom against the one true God and his followers.

In fact the victims of this violence are not really Atheists at all but fellow Muslims unhappy with the actions of some of their coreligionists.

The said fact is that it is the perpetrators of the violence who are consistently following their religion

It seems that Muslims like atheists have no consistent leg to stand on when it comes to "exposing cults"

It's usually the case that those best equipped to expose false religions (including the religion of atheism) are the followers of one True one.