Saturday, May 4, 2013

Federal Judge Orders Terror Suspect Abdella Ahmad Tounisi to Stay at Home with Parents Until Trial

Good idea. Whatever radicalized this young man and made him want to join Al Qaeda, it's sure to disappear if he goes home for a few months with the family that raised him. Better yet, why not sentence Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to home confinement? Perhaps he could share an apartment with Tounisi, and their friendship would melt away their jihadist tendencies. MTV could even make a reality show about these two former jihadists sharing an apartment and trying to reform their lives. At the end of each episode, after making peace with the U.S., Tsarnaev and Tounisi could do the "Dance of Joy" like Balki and Cousin Larry:

I know that this is just a silly fantasy, but when our judges live in Fantasy Land, why not join them?

Washington Times--A federal judge ordered a teen who is charged with trying to join an al Qaeda terrorist group to fight in Syria to be released from jail and instead confined to his home — an unusually lax bail decision that outraged prosecutors, who quickly appealed.

Their appeal in effect halted the judge’s order, albeit only temporarily, The Chicago Tribune reported. For now, the suspect, Abdella Ahmad Tounisi, will stay in jail. But Friday, that could change again. A different federal judge is set to hear another bail hearing, The Tribune said.

Prosecutors say Mr. Tounisi, 18, is a flight risk and a danger to the community. He’s accused to providing support to a terrorist group, and he’s been in federal custody since April 19, when he was arrested at O’Hare International Airport.

Specifically, prosecutors say Mr. Tounisi posted messages on a website that he thought was a message board to the Al-Nusra Front radical militant group, but was really an FBI set-up. In the messages, he agreed to travel to Syria to fight with the militants, attorneys for the government claim, The Tribune reported.

Mr. Tounisi is also believed to have ties to another Chicago-area terrorism suspect who was arrested in September for setting off a bomb outside a bar in the city, The Tribune reported.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Daniel Martin, while ordering Mr. Tounisi’s release from jail in favor of confinement to home, called his decision a “close, close” call, The Tribune reported. He was swayed, in part, by the many family members who attended the hearing on Mr. Tounisi’s behalf, The Tribune said. (Source)


Michael said...

If you think that's funny... the latest issue is trying to find a burial place for the Boston Marathon bomber. So far three states have rejected all requests.

Gath-Gealaich said...

"the latest issue is trying to find a burial place for the Boston Marathon bomber. So far three states have rejected all requests."

Why don't they just cremate the body and spread the ashes at sea? I thought this was a common practice at times.