Thursday, March 14, 2013

Devout Muslim Threatens Sam Shamoun (for the Bazillionth Time)

Muslim Proud is on a roll. He's posted several death threats in a row without a single instance of correct grammar and spelling. Here's the latest, which he posted in the comments section of his last keyboard death threat to Sam:

And now for my response:

Muslim Proud,

You're a much greater threat to the English language than you are to Sam Shamoun. Is that your real jihad? Are you trying to destroy the West from within by declaring war on proper grammar and spelling? Well then, since I'm a counter-jihadist, I suppose I should counter your jihad. Let me take you back to first grade on this one. As for your latest threat, "I" should be capitalized, both because it's at the beginning of a sentence and because it's always capitalized as a pronoun. You should also include an apostrophe between the "I" and the "m" (because it's a contraction). "Of" should be "off" (ripping someone's head "of" makes no sense). Be sure to add either a period or a semicolon after "off." If you decide to use a period, make sure you capitalize the next word, as it will begin a new sentence. And don't forget to add a period (or perhaps an exclamation point) at the end of your threat. Here are some examples of acceptable threats to rip Sam's head off:

"I'm going to rip his head off. You will all see it."
"I'm going to rip his head off; you will all see it."

Or, if you'd like to add emphasis, go with exclamation points and all caps:


Then again, you could try the honest route:

"I'm a sniveling crybaby who's jealous of Sam, because he's roughly 300,000 times smarter than my prophet and all of his companions combined. Since there's no possible way I could ever beat Sam at anything, I'll sit in my room and post highly unimaginative death threats while I'm grounded for getting beaten up at school by a Jewish kid."

You made a lot of errors in a single line of text. On the plus side, however, you're practically a language scholar compared to your prophet, who was completely, totally illiterate (not to mention a pervert, who was too busy raping his child bride to worry about improving his cerebral abilities). Since you come from humble intellectual beginnings, I'm going to bump you up to an F+. This is probably the best grade you've ever received, so go ahead and hang it on your mom's refrigerator, right next to the autographed picture of your childhood hero, Osama bin Laden.

Until your next proclamation of your utter inability to engage critics on a rational level . . .

The Dizzle


GreekAsianPanda said...

Are you sure he's not just a troll? It's really easy to just make an account and pretend to be somebody.

David Wood said...

What do you mean "pretend to be somebody"? He hasn't given us his name, so he's not pretending to be anyone in particular. If you mean that he may be a non-Muslim pretending to be a Muslim, he's putting a remarkable amount of time into this (he posts tons of comments on YouTube praising Sami Zaatari, Zakir Naik, etc.).

Tom ta tum Tom said...


Bad news for you, little darlin'. U R 2 late!! Sam Shamoun is already dead. He was slain with Christ Jesus.

It's no longer Sam who lives but Christ who lives through Sam.
MuslimProud, YOU ARE TOO LATE!

Sam surrendered his ego, his pride, his future, his heart, his dreams his body, his mind and all of his hopes to the Cross of Jesus Christ and Sam DIED to this world with Jesus almost 2000 years ago!

Goodbye Sam Shamoun, HELLO, LORD JESUS - LIVING THROUGH SAM!! When we who are in Christ look at Sam we don't SEE Sam; we see the Risen Lord living through Sam and YOU cannot kill him.

Sam Shamoun has been hidden behind the Cross of the Only Living God in Christ. Sam is still a treasure to all of us who love him but part of the reason we love Sam so much is because of what JESUS has done with him. Precious, PRECIOUS Sam is a major example to MANY of us but Sam still tries, so, SO hard! Sam wants to be like JESUS!

You might say that Jesus killed Sam on the Cross. Sam died willingly and Sam has been resurrected with the Chain-Breaker. Sam has come out of the tomb at the command of the BONDAGE LOOSER! Sam will live eternally with The ONLY Living God in Christ and Sam will have to do some MAJOR shouting to out-shout me at the Throne of Grace.

@MuslimProud; YOU ARE TOO LATE! Sam is already dead and he lives forever.

You wanna live forever? To conquer death, you only have to die with Christ and be Resurrected with Christ - like Sam. The Cross is in your court.


Jesus is Lord said...

Islam is the most unique religion in the world. No other religion is comparable to Islam. As a matter of Fact, we can find many things that we only see in Islam; Here is a sample of them:

- Only in Islam that we see People being execute for a bank robbery
- Only in Islam that Homosexual are being Hang or beheaded for their sexual orientation
- Only in Islam that Apostate are being killed
- Only in Islam that if you steel, the punishment is to cut the arms
- Only in Islam that we hear about Honor Killing
- Only in Islam that we hear about Suicide Bomber
- Only in Islam that we hear about terrorist attacks. * Statistic shows that Islamic Terrorist Have Carried More Than 20,534 Deadly Terror Attacks Since 2001.
- Only in Islam that we have followers who want to dominate the world under Islam
- Only in Islam that we see the followers react with such violence, riot and even death when someone makes a cartoon related to Islam.
- Only in Islam that we have followers who want to impose their Sharia barbaric laws in every countries they live in.
- Only in Islam that we see a deep Hatred towards Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, etc.
- Only in Islam that we see American flag being burn, Canadian flag being burn, UK flag being burn, France flag being burn, Germany flag being burn but yet live in all these peaceful countries.
- Only in Islam that we see a religion killing its own people. Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims kill each other’s by the thousands since the successors after Muhammad’s death.
- Only in Islam that we see a deep hatred against Israel, Israeli people, Jews & Christians. Anti-semitism and Anti-Zionist, Palestinian Propaganda, etc.
- Only in Islam that we see Churches being burned down, Buddhist temples (ex: in Bangladesh) being crushed & burned down, etc.
- Only in Islam that it is acceptable to marry one, two, three or four wives if you want.
- Only in Islam that if a woman commit adultery, the legal punishment is to be stone her to death.
- And it Goes On & On….

I Taught Islam Was A Religion Of Peace? I Have Also Been Said By Muslims That There Is No Compulsion In Religion? Why Do You Persecute People When You Are In Majority? Do We Persecute Muslims In United States, Canada, UK, France, Australia...No so Why Islam Persecute Non-Muslim? Saudi Arabia is the perfect example.

Have you ever heard of Christian Suicide Bomber?
Have you ever heard of Christian Beheading Muslims?
Have you ever heard of Christian killing other Christians like Sunnis and Shiites killing each other in thousands, specially the minority of Shiites who are being massacred?
Have You ever heard of Christian killing His Son or Daughter because they adopted Middle-Eastern Values or decided to cover his/her face, etc. (Honor Killing)?
Have You ever heard of Christian killing another Christian who decide to leave his Faith (Apostate)?

GreekAsianPanda said...

Yes, I meant he could be a non-Muslim pretending to be a Muslim. But if he's acting the same way elsewhere on the Internet as you say, you're probably right; trolls aren't usually that consistent. I only brought it up because if he is a troll, you would be doing exactly what he wants you to do; the goal of trolling is to provoke people to respond to their stupidity.

David Wood said...

You can click on his name and go to his YouTube page. He spends quite a bit of time defending Islam.

Anonymous said...

I notice you run sitemeter.

That likely means you have his ISP, unless he's smart enough to obfuscate, which I doubt.

Bad move, mohammedan.

Anonymous said...

(ISP and/or IP)

Anonymous said...

ROTFL!!! Excellent response, David!

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Hi David,

Glad to see the latest power outages didn't affect your family as bad as you thought it would. God's blessings I suppose.

Just want to let you know I managed to contact Google who have control over Muslim Proud's page domain asking why they were allowing him to make threats through google.

Awaiting a response, of course, I am (Yodaesque I is).

The Gentile

Unknown said...

I'm sure he has grand delusions of being a champion for Islam by murdering someone who frustrates him and challenges his enjoyment of the undeserved supremacy promised in Islam. He probably dreams of the whole Muslim world cheering him on and giving him god-like status.

In reality, any attempt at acting on his murderous statements (emails being so discoverable) will just land him in a small jail cell with a Qur'an and a prayer mat for many, many years. Or, if he goes the tagiya way, he'll be in a mental hospital strapped to a bed and drugged out of his mind because he claimed the mental illness defense.

Anonymous said...

He is a little weasel simply following in the footsteps of his demented false prophet muhammed

(I copied some of the comments from his youtube page that he left on a variety of channels, one can see them for themselves if they wish and get a feel for just what kind of demented mind this is):::::

u fukin bastard fuk u il fukin murder u piece of shit aisha hit puberty she was mature and she was considered as a adult y is there Not a SINGLE REPORT of the haters of muhammad pbuh 14000 years ago dat he was a pedo go on answer me do u no y because it was a common thing even the enemys diditn compalin about it aishas mum n dad accepted the marriage throughout the whole marridge aisha didnt complain once about the prophet it was common different people hit pubery in different ages hot countrys


englandareus u bastard il stab ur head in u bstrd


And my personal favorite, the following....

Islam is the truth subhanallah Quran is the miracle

Another one of islams intellectual heavyweights up to bat for mad moe and his imaginary friend allah.

Stay tuned for more hilarity courtesy of Islam, a non prophet organization.

Unknown said...

Oh man that made my day. Continue what your doing David and soon all muslims will know that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour. God bless :)

1Universe Of Ideas said...

Hello Mr.Sam first I like appalogize on be half on him you doiing great job Gob Bless you.

Aqeel Ahmed

Unknown said...

david i challenge you for a debate

David Wood said...

Wow! You left a message without threatening someone! I'm proud of you, MP.

And I accept your challenge. Name the time and the place. You have my written acknowledgement here that I will not use our public debate as an opportunity to have you arrested for threatening Sam Shamoun. Sam will also agree not to press charges against you so that you have nothing to fear from facing me on stage.


Sam said...

That's not fair. How come muslim proud doesn't want to debate me, but only kill me?

Muslim proud would you debate me as well?

Search 4 Truth said...

@ Muslim Proud

I have seen your videos and your postings. You havent got a chance in debating David. Your another Nadir Ahmed. Same old illogical inconsistent irrational excuses. Please, I beg you, debate David! We need some more comic relief around here.

David Wood said...

Hey, maybe MP can team up with IslamWillPrevail against me and Sam!

cheryl_maree said...

None will show, they are all talk but they don't walk, another fine example of muslims!!!!

Tom ta tum Tom said...

LOL! ROTFL! Why do Muslims ALWAYS want a debate? Is it that decrepit "who's got the best poetry" thing? And almost NONE of them seem to have any gift for debating - WHATEVER. LOL!

WAIT! WAIT! What sad little wanna-be-jihadi MP probably wants is one of those YouTube "EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY" but I'll bet he has not a CLUE how to rap - nor probably does he grasp the material well enough to put together anything even as coherent as a rap...

David, PLEZ put together a fundraiser so we can sponsor you and Sam doing an "EPIC RAP BATTLE OF HISTORY" video. Maybe we can satisfy MP that he REALLY is out of his league - if he even still wants to debate...

KAFIR AND PROUD!! (Word up!)

David Wood said...


Speaking of epic videos, last night I took an Ambien. While I was half asleep, I sent Sam an email saying that I should cut a hole in a table and have his head sticking out of the hole. Then I would paint his head black and pretend his head is the Black Stone. After that, I would dress up as Muhammad, and we would make a video of a discussion between Muhammad and the Black Stone. When I woke up, Sam had emailed me back agreeing to do the video, but I didn't even remember sending the email! Turns out I come up with some crazy ideas when I'm drugged.

Unknown said...

i challenge david wood 2 debate me is jesus god

Unknown said...

david wood is abit better than sam shamoun because he doesnt insult but sam does so his life will be in danger

David Wood said...

I accept. Name the time and the place.

Unknown said...

first of all if sam accuses the prophet of something im not bothered but if he continuously insults then i will get angry il debate sam and david topic is jesus god

David Wood said...

You should pick two topics. i'll debate you on one, and Sam can debate you on the other. Just pick a time and a place.

Unknown said...

you can check my videos we have exposed the lies of david wood bro shadid lewis destroyed david just type david wood exposed completly also type in david wood crushed by saami zaatari

Unknown said...

2 topics is muhammad a prophet sam shamoun has been running away from saami from that topic and saami destroyed you in that debate il debate sam is jesus god il debate david wood is muhammad pbuh a prophet of god Manchester i will let you know in a week where abouts

David Wood said...

Both debates sound good. Set them up.

Unknown said...

what is your email address we will talk there later

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that David Wood and Sam Shamoun takes a so called death threat from a 15 year old serious. Not only that but goes into details mocking his grammar and each going through with a debate with him.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

ROTFL! Sam? As the "Black Stone"? Oh, HELP! My sides can't take this much giggling.

@David, the concept sounds like something right out of "Alice..."! No, it's from "1001 Arabian Debates". I can't wait to see Sam make the table (with his head sticking through) lift up and FLY! Wait! Maybe he could take a "night journey to the further-est Mosque". STOP! This is killing me! Oh, HOO HAH!

@War Peace: "...Islam, a non prophet organization". LOLOLOLOL! Their tax-ID number must be BR-549.


@Muslim Proud: See? You're already an entertainer - we can't STOP LAUGHING! You don't need to hurt Sam. PEACE on being a wanna-be jihadi. You could be WEALTHY by helping to expose the EPIC IDIOCY OF ISLAM IN HISTORY! You're already doing a wonderful job.

KAFIR AND PROUD! (SWT - Single White Transylvanian)

David Wood said...

Younes said: "What amazes me is that David Wood and Sam Shamoun takes a so called death threat from a 15 year old serious."

I think I missed the part where we took the death threats seriously.

David Wood said...

MP said: "what is your email address we will talk there later"

No, we can talk here. I hope you'll forgive me for not giving my email to someone who likes to send an endless supply of boring threats. I've got enough spam right now. So, go ahead and set up the debate and post the details here.

Samatar Mohamed said...


I don't think it is a good idea to debate someone who has threatened to kill someone (your friend Sam). For all we know he could be using these so called debates to plan some sort of murder. Seems very unsafe to meet this guy especially when you have a family to take care of. Just my thoughts on the matter.

David Wood said...

Hi Samatar,

Thank you for your concern and warning. But if I were scared of dying, I wouldn't be criticizing Islam in the first place.

Anonymous said...

this going to be a public forum?

Anonymous said...

David you could just have overlooked it rather than blogging and mocking. The boy is just 15 years old. This is kinda sad on your part Wood.

David Wood said...


Brilliant plan! So let me see if I understand your theory. When a young Muslim starts issuing death threats to anyone who disagrees with him, we should ignore it. That way, he can continue issuing death threats to other people. This will teach him that there's absolutely nothing wrong with using violence and intimidation to get what you want. Eventually, maybe he'll travel to Somalia for Jihadist training!

Ignoring threats until it's too late! Why didn't I think of that?

BTW, Younes, I'm not sure where you're from, but you should run for President or Prime Minister, or at least for Congress or Parliament. Ignoring Jihadist threats is all the rage these days! You'd fit right in!

David Wood said...

Did everyone just catch how Younes (a Muslim) tries to protect Muslim Proud (a Muslim who says he's going to brutally murder Sam Shamoun) by attacking the people who are trying to correct Muslim Proud? This is one of the main problems with Islam. No matter how horrible a behavior is, Muslims will attack people who try to correct the behavior. I suspect that, if Muslim Proud were about to strap himself to a bomb, and I were to plead with him to change his mind, Younes would condemn me for not ignoring the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

But mocking his grammar somehow makes it all better?

Aletheya said...


You mean, mocking his grammar is WORSE than his death threats? WOW

For the record, I think what you call ''mocking his grammar'' actually, teaches him how to speak English better but it amazes me how you see it as MOCKERY.

David Wood said...

Younes said: "But mocking his grammar somehow makes it all better?"

Absolutely. The goal of jihadist threats is to instill fear in critics of Islam. If we make a mockery of his threats, this shows him that threats don't work. Hopefully, he'll eventually realize that threats make both him and his religion look pathetic. If he does, perhaps he'll decide to take a more reasonable approach to Christian-Muslim dialogue.

But are you offended that we made fun of the grammar of a guy who just threatened to brutally murder one of Christianity's greatest apologists? If so, you have my full permission to cry me a river.

Radical Moderate said...

@David Wood,

Oh man painting Sams head as the black stone is worth the price of admission. But please don't kiss the black stone lol.

I thought a funny video would be "Mohamed volunteers at a suicide prevention hotline"

Anonymous said...

Muslim proud,

And after the debate, we will gladly induct you into the Muslim apologist hall of failures.

kenmehms said...

You mentioned the fact that h is only 15. So what you are saying is saying is that he is immature and he does not really know what he is saying because of is very young age? He's only a little child right?

So what does that say about Muhammad, who slept with Aisha when she was only 9!

If you consider 15 as very young and that at that age she is still a child and immature. What about poor Aisha?

Good job bro David and Sam, expose the filth that is Islam. I know I do and will at every opportunity.

I have been threatened several times face to face by these cowards, but it makes me all the more determined to expose this demonic cult.

God bless you and keep you bro David and Sam and all the other people who are telling people about the truth of Islam.

Aletheya said...

I was just wondering, how did you know this guy is 15 again?
If you know him personally, why don't you tell him to stop what he's doing? Because then David wouldn't have hurt your feeling by mocking his grammar.
I think this is your own fault if you know him, you are to blame, don't you think?

Samatar Mohamed said...

@ caricature

And which apologists are on your list of failures?

Anonymous said...

Sam shamoun is a piece of shit guys hes worthless hes nothing but an abuser and childish man who loves to cry Sam why dont you tell people what Shabir ally did to you

David Wood said...

Prince John,

It's sad when I have to keep blocking Muslims because of their language. I know that your prophet encourages you to abuse non-Muslims and to use foul language, but it won't be tolerated here.

On a different note, I think that you and Muslim Proud should get together and write a book of poetry. It would be more eloquent than the Qur'an.

Anonymous said...


The sign of a weak mind desperately trying to express itself.

I'm seeing a common theme here.


Anonymous said...


All of them.

Anonymous said...

Prince John,

Right after you tell us what James White did to shabir ally.

The level of foolishness that Muslims keep displaying here is amazing.

Anonymous said...

David excuse me david you said that my language is bad wow and what about you BASTARD how about all this time when you abuse ,insult,attack our religion ,our prophet what about that your language is lot worst then mine david your a true BASTARD tell me that how many father you have , with how many men your mommy slept tell us thats all you westerns are famous for you people are bastards david whether you like it or not but thats a FACT David your too nasty too even say Islam or Muhammad on your filthy tongue David I pray that God guide you and if he does not guide you i pray that he give you a Dogs death David I told you that your life will always be miserable

David Wood said...

It's always ironic when Muslims condemn the West for being sexually promiscuous, when Muhammad had at least nine wives at one time (even though the Qur'an only allows four), not to mention his sex slaves (e.g. Mary the Copt). Muhammad raped a nine-year-old girl and married the wife of his own adopted son. He allowed his followers to rape their female captives, and he promised them virgins in paradise. Muhammad's paradise is like an eternal porn movie. Yet Muslims say people in the West are obsessed with sex!

Anonymous said...

Prince John,

Get over it. You talk like an unbelieving westerner. One minute you're cursing people out, and the next minute you're mentioning God.

You're a clown, pal.

Samatar Mohamed said...


"All of them."

Why am I not surprised. A very unbiased observation from you. Let me guess, all the christian apologists have never lost a debate to muslim apologist right. Just wanna see how far you will take this.

Anonymous said...

Prince John,

Christians deal with our faith being attacked and slandered all of the time, especially in America. While it does cut us to hear others insult and malign our Saviour and faith, we know that our God Most High, the Lord of Hosts, is more than able to defend His own honor from men, who is nothing more than a nose full of breath.

Christians deal with insults just as -if not more- severe as do Muslims in this culture... see for example the "art" exhibit wherein our faith is mocked with a symbol of it being placed in a jar of urine- I will not give it the honor of naming it here. Further, Christians are hounded the world over by Muslims, being put to death and persecuted in nations all over the world, for no other offense than being Christian.

Prince John, you need to realize that when two absolutist religions clash, they necessarily offend and contradict each other. Christianity claims that Mohammed was not a prophet. Islam claims that Christ was not the incarnate Son of God in the manner Christians believe. That itself is every bit as offensive to Christians as is anything Muslims endure. Yet God is able to vindicate and defend His name.

Is your Allah not able to defend his name? I understand that you are offended by the things said here, but I tell you truly that carefully chosen words, humor, and maybe a bit of sarcasm here and there is going to get you and your fellow believers a lot further than death threats and insulting someone's mother. That doesn't work so well against most Westerners other than some hotheaded youths.

I have to agree with both David and you here. The West is full of sick and degrading sexual immorality- I can hardly stand to go out into society and see it in my face, hear about it, and tolerate it. It pains me. This immorality pains me because I know it is so far away from what God intends for us. People think they are free in their sin when in fact they are nothing but desperate slaves. I agree with you there.

Yet I agree with David also- it seems that much -if not most- of Islam's beginning is tied inextricably to sexual immorality and lust, from Mohammed's example -and Allah's approval- to Muslim warriors being permitted to rape female captives in the presence of their still living husbands. In that regard, it is always a bit ironic when I hear Muslims chide the west for its sexual immorality.


Deleting said...

@Prince John....please tell me your parents weren't related before they spawned you.

Please tell me they weren't.

Anonymous said...


that's the problem. you only care about winning debates. you couldn't care less about the truth.

I have a hard time believing that Muslim apologist are honest and not delusional.

Radical Moderate said...


You wrote...

"I have a hard time believing that Muslim apologist are honest and not delusional."

I don't have a hard time believing that they're honest, because there is nothing to believe. I don't have a hard time believing that they're delusional because the are.

Foolster41 said...

@Prince John: Of course, you'd be upset if Muslims were being depicted as all being the same, as camel drinking, child-bride marrying, wife beating terorists but you lump all Americans as being lecherous! You are not only despicable, but a major hypocrite (as most muslims I've met, sadly are) as well. And your claim that David telling the truth about what Mohmmad said, and what Muslims do with using foul language is laughably pathetic and dishonest!

Also, I can't help but think your name is appropirate:
You're a cartoon villian. ah-HA, ah-HA!

@Samatar: Yes, Muslims have won debates, when they challange unexperienced debaters. That doesn't make their arguments true.

Samatar Mohamed said...


I asked you a simple question. You don't have to resort to false and baseless claims about me, while completely dodging the question. I never said I only care about winning debates rather than the truth so no need to put words in my mouth. If you had so asked me I would have told you that I personally believe that the christian apologists have better in debated than the muslim apologists overall in the past decade or so. No need to engage in strawman, you can simply ask next time instead of misrepresenting what I believe.

Unknown said...

Allah must be thinking to himself, "Oh, these Muslims are glorifying and exalting my prophet more than me. They're conscious of my prophet all day long. They're ready to kill other people for my prophet but not for me. They get very angry when my prophet is insulted but never get angry when people insult me." This statement is true and consistent with the way Muslims behave. I often watch this so-called "peace" tv of Zakir Naik, they keep praising Muhammad and his Quran all the time but poor Allah hardly comes on the screen.

Answering Judaism said...

David, Sam, I wouldn't mind embarrassing Muslim Proud for the glory of Jesus. May God have mercy on MP's miserable soul. His arguments are easy to refute, he is almost like a copycat of Deedat and Naik.