Friday, March 15, 2013

Muslim Convert Richard Dart Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges

Again and again, we find Muslim converts engaged in terrorism. However, since all ideologies have their radicals, we should probably ignore the fact that Islam, unlike other ideologies, specifically commands its adherents to violently subjugate unbelievers. Perhaps if we continue ignoring what Muhammad taught, his teachings will simply go away.

United Kingdom (Huffington Post)--Muslim convert Richard Dart has admitted terrorism charges at the Old Bailey.

Dart, Imran Mahmood and Jahangir Alom pleaded guilty on Friday to preparing for terrorism or assisting another in terrorism, between July 2010 and July last year.

Dart, 29, of Broadway, Ealing, west London, Mahmood, 21, from Dabbs Hill Lane, Northolt, west London, and Alom, 26, of Abbey Road, Stratford, east London, were arrested in July last year.

The charges said they travelled to Pakistan for terror training, travelled abroad to commit acts of terrorism and provided information about travel to Pakistan, terrorism training and operational security while there.

They appeared before Mr Justice Simon by prison video-link for a plea and case management hearing. The men had been due to face trial next month.

Dart, the son of teachers from Dorset, appeared in a BBC Three documentary made by his stepbrother after Dart converted to Islam.

In the film, My Brother The Islamist, Dart was said to have been turned into an extremist in months after joining the Muslims Against Crusades group.

Dart, who was said to have changed his name of Salahuddin al-Britani, had reportedly worked as a police community support officer and a BBC security guard.

The three bearded men were remanded in custody for reports before being sentenced on a date to be fixed.

The case against them was that they intended to go to Pakistan to a terrorist camp to be trained for acts of terrorism in the UK and abroad. (Continue Reading.)


Anonymous said...

So if you're a loser jihadi, an utter failure who gets busted and arrested before even getting to train to murder innocent people for your god, does that still count as getting guaranteed a place in heaven where you work out your fleshly lusts with a multitude of virgins?

It sure would stink to spend your life in jail, only to find out that the best-of-all-deceivers-god is going to capriciously shut you out of paradise-virgin-land.

I hope he meets a big hairy smelly guy named Bubba (or the Brit equivalent) while in jail.

simple_truth said...

I remembered watching that documentary. I knew that he was headed for trouble, especially when Anjem Choudry was his mentor. How much more radical can one get than under Anjem's tutelage?

I just went back to watch portions of that documentary. How sad to waste a life in Islam.

akairey said...

@ were thinking exactly what I was going to say! Too bad, so sad for that idiot!!

Selecta Mark said...

Just a coincidence I guess, could have quite easily been a convert to Buddhism. NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

David, you should gather all the stories of converts to Islam involved in terror attacks, violence and terrorist plots and do a video showing that Islam is the only religion today that when a person converts to Islam they suddenly become violent and intolerant. That does not happen to people who convert to Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism, or becomes an atheist...Only Islam has that dishonor.

chapel said...

do female suicide bombers get 72 virgins also?