Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dearborn Attorney Majed Moughni Set to Testify against Ali Charaf Damache

I'm obviously no fan of Islam, but I am a fan of Muslims who condemn terrorism and who believe in the First Amendment rights of people who object to Muhammad's teachings. After Dearborn Police arrested us on obviously trumped-up charges, a Dearborn lawyer (and a Muslim) named Majed Moughni held a small rally condemning the actions of police. Following a different rally condemning the actions of "Underwear Bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Moughni was threatened with death by terrorist Ali Charaf Damache. Today, Moughni will be testifying in order to bring Damache to justice.

Dearborn Attorney and Activist Majed Moughni
DEARBORN--A Dearborn attorney and Arab-American activist is to testify today in the trial of a terrorism suspect accused of threatening to kill him after he sponsored an anti-terrorism rally in Detroit.

Majed Moughni will give his testimony via a video link from Detroit against Ali Charaf Damache, who is on trial in Ireland.

Damache is accused of threatening to kill Moughni, as well as being part of a plot to kill Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who drew a caricature depicting Islam's prophet Muhammad as a dog.

Moughni received a telephone death threat after he organized and led a protest in January 2010 outside the federal courthouse in Detroit where a hearing was being held for the so-called underwear bomber. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was later convicted of attempting to blow up an airplane descending into Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

Moughni, who is Muslim, wanted to send the message that Islam does not condone terrorism: "Not In the Name of Islam," read a banner at the rally.

The next morning, Moughni received a phone call from Damache, who allegedly told Moughni: "I would put a bullet in your head ... when I catch you, you will pay."

Moughni said he was worried for the safety of himself, his wife and four children.

"It was pretty frightening," Moughni said. "We were terrified." (Continue Reading.)

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