Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tunisian Qur'an Schools Teaching Children to Praise Terrorists

Really? At a Qur'an school? And here I thought that Qur'an schools would, like Westernized Muslims, ignore all of the Qur'an's clear commands to terrorize and violently subjugate non-Muslims. It's as if some Muslims actually take the Qur'an seriously.

TUNISIA--Education professionals and parents are increasingly concerned about illegal kindergartens, private schools and Qur'anic schools in Tunisia.

A video titled "Dedication from Children of Unification in Tunisia to Mullah Omar" recently spread on social networking websites, sparking a broad controversy.

Children at one religious school were heard repeating words dictated by a teacher, praising Osama Bin Laden and describing him as "Commander of the Faithful".

The children are seen chanting to bin Laden: "We sacrifice our souls for you, O emir!"

"One of the biggest problems is that some private schools are not subjected to regulations," education inspector Ammar Lammouchi told Magharebia. "They don't apply the Ministry of Education's curricula and, as a result, violations take place.

"Some of these schools teach extremist programmes and a certain type of indoctrination to children," he said. "This is dangerous to children's mentalities" the inspector added.

Nabiha Kammoun Tlili, head of Tunisia's National Kindergartens' Chamber, confirmed that many Qur'anic schools are not under any supervisory authority. (Continue Reading.)

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