Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Muhammad Films on the Way?

A clear symptom of Islamophobia.

LA TIMES--In the past century, the life stories of Moses, the Buddha and even Mormon founder Joseph Smith have been told in film. Jesus Christ is such a prolific thespian that there are top-10 lists of his movies.

But a prophet of one of the world's largest religions, a man with a fascinating life story and 1.5 billion adoring followers, has never had his star turn.

Until now.

"Innocence of Muslims," the film that fueled violence and anti-American sentiment around the world, is notorious for bad acting, leaden dialogue and ham-handed production values overseen by a two-time felon from Cerritos. But in the annals of cinematic history, it marked an exceptionally rare portrayal of Muhammad by an actor on film.

Overshadowed in the debate over the film and its controversial producers is an ancient prohibition on the depiction of the prophet Muhammad, one that has been sacrosanct for centuries but now is likely to be increasingly challenged.

Undaunted by the outcry over a YouTube trailer for "Innocence of Muslims," two ex-Muslim filmmakers are trying to develop separate feature-length biopics that would offer critical takes on Muhammad's life. Experts predict that those projects will trigger further anger and violence, as has accompanied nearly every attempt to portray the prophet in any media in recent decades. But some believe that the faith will inevitably embrace showing Muhammad on film as the best and most effective way to get his message to the masses. (Continue Reading.)


Zack_Tiang said...

O rly?

Look forward to have a look at the next film.. haha

Christine said...

I really hope so! I would love to see an accurate depiction of Muhammad and Islam in a biography or movie, it's really about time! And I hope it's taken seriously and not made to mock or make fun! It's time people learn who the real Muhammad was and not the sugar coated fairy tale they like to give us.

Fisher said...

There are a bunch of movies/cartoons on the life of Muhammad, but to protect Muslim sensibilities, Muhammad never actually appears in them. This one is my personal favourite: