Sunday, September 30, 2012

Muslims Torch Buddhist Temples and Homes in Riot over Facebook Post

But we shouldn't let this distract us from the real problem: Islamophobia.

BANGLADESH--Thousands of rioters have torched Buddhist temples and homes in southeastern Bangladesh in a rare attack against the community over a photo posted on Facebook deemed offensive to Islam.

Officials said the mob comprising some 25,000 people set fire today to at least five Buddhist temples and dozens of homes in Ramu town and its adjoining villages, about 350km from Dhaka.

The rioters claimed the photo allegedly defaming the Koran was uploaded on Facebook by a Buddhist man from the area, district administrator Joinul Bari said.

"They became unruly and attacked Buddhist houses, torching and damaging their temples from midnight to Sunday morning," he told AFP.

"At least 100 houses were damaged. We called in army and border guards to quell the violence."

The authorities had temporarily banned public gatherings in the area to prevent further clashes, Bari said. (Continue Reading.)


Ozzie Harris said...

Thanks for the update. I have reblogged it several times. Sadly, I suspect you and I are on their lists as well.
I believe you are serving in the role of missionary to the United States. Thank you.

Christine said...

They really r savages!!