Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Egypt Issues Arrest Warrants for Seven People Associated with Muhammad Film

And yet the world keeps assuring us that Sharia is entirely compatible with the U.S. Constitution.

CAIRO — Egypt’s general prosecutor issued arrest warrants Tuesday for seven Egyptian Coptic Christians and a Florida-based American pastor and referred them to trial on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that has sparked riots across the Muslim world.

The case is largely symbolic since the seven men and one woman are believed to be outside of Egypt and unlikely to travel to the country to face the charges. Instead, the prosecutor’s decision to take legal appears aimed at absorbing at least some of the public anger over the amateur film, which portrays the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, womanizer and buffoon.

The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the accused, which includes the film’s alleged producer, face charges of harming national unity, insulting and publicly attacking Islam and spreading false information. The office said they could face the death penalty, if convicted. No date for the trial has been set. (Continue Reading.)


Unknown said...

It is VERY low budget but not as brutal as the actual Sunnah. Trailer:


Unknown said...

Since the recent expose movie on Islam came out Muslims all over the world have been enforcing Shariah law which sanctions the killing of dhimmified (conquered and subjugated) non-Muslims for criticizing or analyzing or insulting Islam or Mohammad. Mosques are part of the legal system of Shariah law, and fatwas (legal edicts such as death sentences) are handed out in mosques for all Muslims to enforce. Enforcement of Shariah law, as the world is constantly witnessing, is carried out even on an allegation alone as there is no standard of proof in Shariah law, the standard being what would Mohammad do.

The Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 with the stated goal of restoring the Islamic caliphate (rule of Shariah law), which includes the dhimmitude of all non-Muslims exemplified in the Pact of Umar (http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/pact-umar.asp). In the United States it is still sedition to work to subvert United States law by establishing/enforcing Shariah law. Those not willing to stand up for their rights and freedoms under our Constitution may just lose them to the rule (official or unofficial) of Shariah law. Which rule of law do you support?

Basics of Shariah: http://www.shafiifiqh.com/maktabah/relianceoftraveller.pdf
The Qur'an/Koran: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/k/koran/browse.html
Haddiths (Mohammad's example): http://www.sacred-texts.com/isl/bukhari/index.htm