Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Iranian Convert to Christianity Lives in Fear . . . Even in U.S.

But make no mistake about it: Even though Islam calls for brutally beheading anyone who leaves the religion or criticizes Muhammad, it's still a religion of peace, tolerance, teddy bears, and candy-coated raindrops.

FoxNews--An Iranian man recently granted asylum in the U.S. after converting from Islam to Christianity told FoxNews.com he still fears the long arm of the rogue regime in Tehran.

The man, whose name is being withheld, said he fears hardline Muslims could come after him, even in the U.S. The regime in Tehran has recently vowed to "hunt down" the makers of an anti-Islam film trailer and has upped the price on novelist Salman Rushdie's head for offending the religion. Because apostasy - renouncing Islam - is punishable by death, the man told FoxNews.com he lives in fear.

"I feel if I reveal that I converted to Christianity, the Muslims here may retaliate against me," the man, who is in his early thirties, said in an exclusive interview. "In many verses in the Koran, Muslims are told to kill, behead, cut fingers, or severely arrest and tie the kafirs," or nonbelievers.

The man was born into a Muslim family in northern Iran. But as he grew older, he said he began to question the harsh application of Islamic doctrine in Iranian society.

"I asked myself why men were prohibited from shaking hands with women or why women were required to wear a scarf or veil," he said. "In addition, the Koran says to kill [nonbelievers]."

"I questioned whether these teachings were at odds with humanity and morality," he said, adding that he believes many people in Iran wrestle with the same issues.

After moving to the U.S. in 2009 as a doctoral student, the man befriended several Christians and began attending Bible study. Two years later, he converted to Christianity, then sought the help of the American Center for Law and Justice in a bid to obtain asylum. In July, a federal court granted his request, allowing him to remain in the country. (Continue Reading.)

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Joe Daniels said...

A Muslim doesn't even need to convert to be in danger of death in the West. Zamzam Mohammed Farah was told that if she returned to Somalia after the Olympics she'd be executed for holding the country's flag and "exposing herself", so she's claimed asylum in the UK. She seems not to see that there's so many Somalians all over the West, they can get her anywhere.