Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Young Woman Beaten for Being a Bad Muslim . . . in France

If you understand what happened here, you'll start to understand Islam. A young woman went to a party during Ramadan. This makes her a bad Muslim. Most people would say that if she's a bad Muslim, that's up to her. Friends might try to convince her that she should try to be a better Muslim, but if she refuses, it's between her and Allah. At least, that's what most Westerners would think.

But Islam handles problems through physical violence. Thus, when a young woman is out of line, young Muslims might feel compelled to beat the young woman into submission. Most of us in the West would maintain that the men who beat her did something far worse than she did. We view such "men" as sniveling cowards, pathetic weaklings, bullies who have to pick on a girl so they can feel better out their own repulsive selves. That's the difference between your Western values and Islamic values.

FRANCE--Police in the south of France have launched an investigation after a woman claimed she was beaten up by seven men in Viviez for attending a party during Ramadan.

The young woman, originally from Morocco, was driving home from the party on Friday night when two other cars trapped hers, newspaper Midi Libre reports.

The men are reported to have beaten her up before leaving without saying anything.

After they had left, the woman drove home. Shortly afterwards, she headed towards the local police station to report the attack.

On her way to the station, the seven men tracked her down again and assaulted her a second a time.

According to the woman, the men issued threats and said: “You are a bad Muslim”, and “you bring shame to Islam because you went to a party on a day of Ramadan.” (Source)


vanhetgoor said...

Unfortunate to say, but they were probably right! Although it is very harsh, to be beaten up for being a bad moslem, but anyhow, the fact remains that she could be unmistakably a bad moslem.

And being a bad moslem, does not make you a good human of a good citizen! Becoming a non-moslem could make a moslem a better person, becoming a bad-moslem doesn't!

I must say, it would be a good idea to promote such behaviour. there is nothing good coming from moslems, of bad-moslems. Getting rid of all moslem behaviour is the only way of making this world a better place, so moslems have to make a choice!

goethechosemercy said...

Islam is incurring into the West. The girl is innocent.
The men who beat her up are bullies.
The aggressors are PATHETIC.
Enough said.
Where there is submission, there is no free will.
Where there is no free will, no choices can be made.
As I said-- the aggressors are PATHETIC.

Cristo Te Ama said...

A bad muslim is the one who actually understand western law. It's interesting to note that. "islam=Peace" Sure hahahaha

Koala Bear said...

Not surprising to me sadly. My muslim ex found out his niece went clubbing while staying with friends in Switzerland. He was still simmering after 24 hours. Scary. Islam is a mental disease.