Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nabeel Qureshi: Apologetics to Islam

Here's a recent series Nabeel did at Biola University.

The History and the Law of Islam

The History of Muhammad

Critical Issues in Islamic Studies

A Look at the Qur'an

Everything Else You Should Know about Islam

The Jesus of Islam vs. the Jesus of Christianity


C said...

You've got Islamic Relief ads on the page!!!

Sam said...

Lame! And can someone tell him to do something with his lisp!

Sam said...

Just kidding! :-)

Michelle Qureshi said...

Dear Tham-

I'm thtill working on it. Thankth for the conthern.

In Chritht,

Radical Moderate said...

Nabeel you gave me a great idea.

I'm going to visit the Mosqs around town and bring my fat man stretch pants and eat them under the table.

simple_truth said...

I am going to sit down and listen to these videos and make comments on them as I go. I am hoping to learn some more stuff about Islam to expand my knowledge more. I am sure that I will learn something.

Thanks for posting these, David, and thanks for these videos, Nabeel.

Zack_Tiang said...

Wow. Long time no see Nabeel in this blog. Look forward to viewing your lectures. =D

Traeh said...

Nabeel says in one of the videos that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace.

I think that is unintentionally misleading. Huge numbers of Muslims want to live under Sharia law. That means peace for Muslims, but oppression for non-Muslims. So Nabeel is softening the truth in saying that vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace.

andy bell said...

Sami Zaatari is far better speaker than Nabeel here. Sami is a master communicator and a mighty mighty teacher of islam.

Right everyone?



Michelle Qureshi said...

Traeh --

1) I would like you to reference the video and timestamp to assess what was actually said and how you are representing it. Not that I distrust you, but this is standard procedure.

2) Do you have evidence that even a large minority, let alone a majority, of Muslims actually want to oppress others? If so, what is it?

Don't get me wrong: we both agree that oppression is what Islam teaches, but you seem to have concluded that what Islam teaches expresses itself to a high degree amongst a large number of Muslims, and I think you may be mistaken here. Unless you have proof to the contrary, which I would gladly take a look at, I think you are overstating your case.


David Wood said...

Traeh can correct me if I'm misinterpreting him, but I don't think there's an actual dispute between you.

Nabeel says that the vast majority of Muslims want to live in peace.

Traeh says that most Muslims want to live under Sharia.

So it sounds like Traeh is saying that, while most Muslims may consciously believe that they want to live in peace, they also want Sharia, which rules out peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims. So, whether they know it or not, they don't REALLY want peace.

In other words, it's possible for a person to want two things simultaneously, not realizing that they are contrary to one another.

Of course, Traeh could have had a stronger claim in mind, namely, that most Muslims want Sharia, and that they therefore CONSCIOUSLY want to oppress others.

But I'll let him explain what he meant.

Unknown said...

Genesis proclaims the deity of Jesus Christ.
God is Spirit (John 4:24)
God is ONE (Deuteronomy 6:4)
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: (Genesis 1:26)

Man is modeled according to God's three functional roles.

God infinite and eternal living consciousness THINKS, then DECLARES through His Word (Christ Jesus/ Son) and CREATES by His Holy Spirit.

Man modeled after these three functional role first THINKS (using brain) then DECLARES (speech/written/visual) by communicating with others what they are to DO/BUILD using their bodies.

However God is NOT a person for God is Spirit. A person is a created being.

So you have three functional roles of the God Head to THINK DECLARE and CREATE

No created being has seen God according to John 1:18
No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

So when God incarnated Himself He took on Humanity as the Son of Man the God Man, the living Word Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus as the God Man was Deity and a person (Man).

However when Christ went and sat on the right hand of the Father He resumed His seat of Greatest authority and became Spirit and ONE with the Father.

So When God appears to Man He is the God Man in person and when He appears to the Holy Angels He is as the God Angel and also a person.

So there is the omnipresent omnipotent omniscience operating within His creation in three Spiritual functional roles that manifested by creating physical realm from what could not be seen that is His infinite Holy Spirit.

When He appears to Man or the Angels He is Emmanuel (God is with us).

That is why when He appears to the Holy Angels in Revelation 12:12
Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Apparent from the verse after the initial angelic war the Christ was manifest to them as the God Angel where the unseen Father came from behind the vail of eternity to be seen first by His created Angels.

Then finally He would set the stage for Gabrielto pass the message to Mary that God was yet coming to the rescue of humanity after rescuing the Angels as the God Man.

When Christ returns He is coming as the God Angel Man in person and eternity following him having the Creator's keys of opening and closing doors within His creation according to His will.

Toll said...

Good to see that Nabeel survived the hold-up -:)

The videos are excellent. His depth of knowledge of Islam shines out.

It makes the study of Islam a lot easier for people like me who will probably never go to the trouble of reading any sources beyond the Koran and a biography or two.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Iv'e been following your blog for a month now, I'm posting for the first time. I just want to thank you all David, Nabeel, Sam, Roger and everyone on this blog for helping us understand Islam as it truly is. Even though I'm from Pakistan, I was not aware of any of this information about Islam. Christians in my country are always taught not to argue about religion with Muslims, because they tend to get very aggressive, but when i read all of your comments I feel very blessed & the patience you show the Muslim posters is extremely commendable. Thank You all once again for the amazing work your'e doing. God Bless you all and may the blood of Christ keep you safe always, Amen!

Cristo Te Ama said...

@andy bell

So is Satan a great comunicator, expert using words to deceive ppl, he even did it with Muhammad,and he had to wait until the angel "gabriel" came to eliminate the "satanic verses". But it's not only about the comunication skills you have, but the content of your arguments, and there is where Zaatari always fails, as he did against brother Anthony about rape in the old testament being allowed, or many other times he has debated, he can used many words, yet when you analize in deep what he said you can easily find out that he was wrong, we can't blame him in everything, it's a hard thing to defend Islam as a faith comming from the same Holy God of the Bible.
Great jod brother Nabeel, i've watched only 1 video and i liked it a lot, you have improved a lot, i see you more confident which is great, i can't even imagine myself doing this job, but i can see God is using you for his cause. God bless you and your family. Keep it up.!! i hope i have the time to see the other videos soon.

blessed z said...

Brilliant videos of Nabeel. Thank you so much for posting. God bless our apologists.

curly said...

Bummer again, I wish this video have subtitle for Deaf friendly. I really like Nabeel Qureshi

Jesus is Lord said...

God bless you brother Nabeel from the maritimes in East Canada!!

andy bell said...

I just completed watching the first vid and Nabeel's numbers are off regarding the number of muslims in the US. Pew did a thorough study on this:
Based on data from the survey, in combination with U.S. Census data, Pew Research Center demographers estimate that there are about 1.8 million Muslim adults and 2.75 million Muslims of all ages (including children under 18) living in the United States in 2011.

No where close to 12 million. Muslim math is always over inflated by a factor of 3.

Fifth Monarchy Man said...


I just finished watching the "a look at the Quran" video and all I can say is my mind is blown. Every Christian who interacts with Muslims has got to watch this.

Let me say that again…. If you talk to Muslims at all about maters of faith you simply must watch the “a look at the Quran” video!!!!!

By the same token If you are a Muslim please watch this video and let me know so I can talk about it with you .

I’m dying to know what possible response you could have to the evidences and arguments presented therein.


I’m especially interested in Nabeel’s thesis and in the super secret manuscript discoveries he participated in.

There is just too much to digest I need to decompress…..deep slow breaths


Ken said...

I just finished watching/listening to lecture no. 3 and 4 - Critical Issues, and A Look at the Qur'an - very interesting indeed.

The last part of lecture 4 was about the oral nature of the Qur'an and you made the assertion that you don't think the Qur'an was intended to be written down as a book.

That does seem to explain the issue of the Ahraf (ways or modes of reading) and Qira'at (Readings) and the word "Qur'an" itself stresses the oral reciting of something for hearers . . . great points!

How would you answer a Muslim who would say - "What about Surah 96 (Al Alaq - "the Clot) - where it says, in verse 4 . . . " who teaches by the pen" ?

(continued from "Read: And your Lord is the most bounteous" - v. 3)

Ken said...

Overall - very interesting -

In the lecture on the Qur'an -

Around the 23:14 minute mark – Nabeel mentions Surah 33:6 and a footnote by Yusuf Ali that “Ubai had a different set of words that he used”. I cannot find that at 33:6. Could you check that?

I cannot find exactly where Nabeel said this, but he said it twice, giving a date for 300 (something) AD. I think he meant 300 something A.H. (After Hegira – after 622 AD) Still trying to find the exact point that he made that comment. (It may be on the "Critical Issues" lecture or in the Qur'an lecture.

Thanks for all your work.

betwixt said...

I'm sure you want all videos transcribed, but which one among them would you like transcribed first? I'll make time to transcribe it for you.

By the way, I'm sorry I never got back with you regarding the other video you wanted to be transcribed.

str8wire said...

Just one thing, never make fun of one of the names of God.
Thanks in advance.

Kimberley said...


John said...

Hi Nabeel, I have read both of your books and feel blessed. Your lectures here also give me knowledge about Islam and how to reach out to Muslims. It's unfortunate for us that you went home too early.

Btw, I live in Indonesia and it's the largest muslim country. Whoever maintain these videos might want to translate them to Bahasa to reach out to them. Just a suggestion.