Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muslim Couple Shasta and Mohammed Sajid Khan Convicted of Planned Terror Attack against Jews (in the UK)

Can anyone imagine the international outcry if a Jewish or a Christian couple had been convicted of plotting to blow up a Muslim neighborhood? But when a Muslim couple plots to blow up random Jews, in the United Kingdom, the world yawns, because no one is surprised.

UNITED KINGDOM--A MUSLIM hairdresser and her Bradford-born husband have been convicted of planning a terror attack in the Jewish neighbourhood of Manchester.

Shasta Khan, 38, and her husband, Mohammed Sajid Khan, 33, bought substances and equipment from supermarkets to assemble an improvised explosive device.

Police found a cache of terror-related material after being called to a domestic dispute at the couple’s home in Oldham, last July.

Beheading videos, propaganda glorifying Osama bin Laden and bomb-making guides were seized along with peroxide and bleach, used by Shasta Khan in her hairdressing work, which together with electrical equipment were being readied to make a bomb.

A satnav from her Peugeot 305 vehicle showed they had been on multiple trips to Jewish populated areas around Manchester, looking for targets to attack.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court found Shasta Khan guilty of engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism and two counts of possessing information useful for committing or preparing for an act of terrorism. She was cleared of a third count of the latter charge.

Her husband pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism Both will be sentenced at 2pm tomorrow.

British-born Muslim Shasta Khan was convicted by a majority ruling of 11-1 on the main charge of preparing for acts of terrorism.

She cried in the dock as the verdicts were delivered and then wailed as she was led to the cells. (Continue reading.)


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Osama thinks about this. What a bunch of jackasses.

Tom said...

Well, Osama will most likely say or would like to say that this is another Jewish/American/Western world conspiracy... "muslims NEVER do such things"!
peaceful religion??? ... :))

SGM said...

Osama Abdallah in one of his posts answered Sam’s question regarding allowing his daughters to use Muta and I quote, “If it were my daughter(s) where I have the guardian authority over them, then my response to you is this: IF THIS WILL CONTRIBUTE TO FIXING A SOCIAL PROBLEM, THEN I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH IT.”

I was wondering, if Osama Abdallah would willingly allow his daughter to get involved in Muta (prostitution) to quench the thirst of moslem sex maniacs who can not control their sinful urges, would also form a moslem community so that blood thirsty moslems could quench their thirst by blowing up these moslem communities instead of going after Jews and Christians? This would resolve another social/criminal moslem problem that the entire world is faced with today. But then again this is a wishful thinking.

Baron Eddie said...

Lovely couple

"British-born Muslim Shasta Khan" WOW!

What kind of teaching did he get to change like that?