Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pamela Geller: The Rise of Islamic Honor Killings in the West

I saw an interview the other day in which a Muslim woman accused Pamela Geller of being anti-Islam because Pamela is putting together the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference in Dearborn, Michigan. So now it's "anti-Islam" to call for the protection of Muslim girls. Following this absurd line of thinking, what would be "pro-Islam"? Calling for their deaths?

Here's a new video by Pamela:


Radical Moderate said...

I wonder how many Muslims are going to be at that conference? Of all the people in the world that should be at a conference like this of all the people in the world that should be hosting a conference like this, they are the one people who are absent.

Its interesting that a Jewish Kuffar cares more about Muslim girls then Muslims do.

Mary said...

The reason we have domestic violence laws is because of the unique relationship between the abuser and the victim, which makes prosecution more difficult. The victim is typically dependent on the abuser (financially, emotionally, etc.), and has been isolated and conditioned to take blame and responsibility for the actions of the abuser and their own abuse. That isolation and conditioning by the abuser is extreme, long-term, deliberate planning in order to escape consequences for behavior. It is very hard to prosecute a crime when the victim covers up for the criminal, taking the blame out of fear of retaliation by the abuser.

Islam protects the abuser of domestic violence to the point of codifying it. Because the Qur'an and the Sunna extol and excuse the abuse of women (and it is there in the texts for anyone to find), Sharia law legally enforces that behavior. Sharia law also allows fathers and mothers to "legally" kill their children, giving them the legal "right" to kill children without even requiring any rationalization for the killing. But, because of the subjugation and legalized abuse of women who disobey men it is seen as shameful when women do not obey the men in their lives, especially their fathers. A father, husband, brother who feels embarrassed by gossip or even the fear of gossip and that other men will see him as not in control of the women in his life, is allowed and expected to defend his "honor." Sharia law allows him to do this by abusing and/or killing the woman who disobeys him. He is killing a woman to save face with other Muslim men. Sharia law may protect this behavior, but U.S. law considers killing a human being (which women are considered to be under U.S. law) to save face First Degree Murder. That is, of course, if such criminal intent is allowed to be presented in court.

Kufar Dawg said...

One of my friends, who's Jewish, is dating an Iranian woman who has pretty much renounced Islam. She stated that if they were dating in Iranistan, they would both be murdered and that no one would be brought to justice for the murders.