Saturday, February 4, 2012

Douglas Murray: Israel and Nuclear Iran

Absolutely brilliant.


agrammatos said...

You are right. Brilliant. What an orator.

Traeh said...

Brilliant indeed. Thank God for Douglas Murray.

minoria said...

Hey,did you guys notice even the contrary side was clapping?I think they also agree with him.

minoria said...

I know this is off-topic but by shocking experience I have learned not to trust any claim,even when they come from those who say they are open-minded skeptics.Often those people are less scholarly than they claim and make assertions that are not true.

"The 3O Years War in Germany was Religious"

You see the likes of Barker,Avalos,etc state it.It is true in part,but what am about to say they should have known or if they do they should have stated it.

1.The war lasted from 1618-1648,and 33% of people in Central Europe,Germany and Bohemia,died.

2.That is to say 8 million,from 21 million to 13 million.

3.It is divided into 2 parts,and effectively,in the first it was a religious war between Catholics and protestants.

What you are not told

1.That most of those who died did so by starvation,not directly massacred because of their beliefs.

2.That most who died died in the 2nd phase of the war(1635–1648).


Here is where the skeptics show lack of knowledge.In the 2nd part Cardinal Richelieu of France,a Catholic,not wanting the Catholic Hapsburgs of Austria to get more powerful,sent 2OO,OOO French soldiers against him.

And the Spanish Hapsburg sent 2OO,OOO Spanish soldiers against Richelieu.Religion no longer was a factor.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Douglas Murray is just further proof that The One God Eternal in Jesus Christ still loves us.

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Douglas! Thank you, David!

No Hatred for Muslims - No Tolerance for Islam.


Anonymous said...


I think about the guy with the "Islam will dominate the world" sign and literally have to restrain myself from laughing out loud.

Traeh said...

Murray is a what a real knight is supposed to be.

Nakdimon said...

Wow! I'm just speechless. He said all any Israeli could ever say before any council.


Anonymous said...

He is right.

Look what is happening in Syria but no one wants to talk about it. Iran is backing Assad and the Arab states are backing the opposition.

In the case of Syria it is a lose, lose proposition. On one said the Shia Iranians and their ally Hezoballah or on other side the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood expanding and creating the Khalifa.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, is Douglas Murray a Christian? I always thought he was an atheist, since his wikipedia said that reading the Qur'an caused him to give up his Islam. I can't find any other information on him in this regard

Tom ta tum Tom said...

@ crujjy: Please let me plead ignorance but I think that at present, Douglas professes atheism. However, my sense is that The Only Living God is using Mr. Murray in a mighty way and he seems to be stirring up a good Spirit among the people of Great Britain. They need him; we all do!

As you know, Our Beloved Heavenly Father will use anyone who is willing to do good (and He'll even make use of some people who intend evil) so, yes, I think The Lord believes in Mr. Murray whether Mr. Murray believes - or NOT! LOL!

Please keep Douglas Murray in your prayers, along with David and our other counter-jihad bloggers & writers. Difficult times are ahead for all of us. And no matter what,

Anonymous said...

@ Tom You're right, after all, Jesus said those who aren't against us are for us. Not to mention that article on Christophobia was written by an atheist. Still, I hope that someday they both become Christians, since they do need God. Also, it would be nice to have them on our side, they're pretty darn good orators

Tom ta tum Tom said...

@ crujjy:


I would love to kneel at the feet of Lord Jesus in Heaven and discover somewhere close to me - in a glorified body - is the soul that we know now as Douglas Murray. I'm willing to pray for Doug as I know you are. Such a brilliant soul as Mr. Murray cannot be far from discovering Salvation by Grace through Faith and the overwhelming depth of the Love of God. So, let's pray him into the Kingdom - here on Earth! Remember that our beloved David was once an atheist but now, well, what a mighty warrior for the reign of Heaven! Can't you just imagine a conversation between Mr. Murray and David Wood? WOW!

And let's also pray for the precious Muslim people while we're at it. Many of them really are looking for the Only Living God. They've just been deceived.

Thanks, crujjy! See you at the great Thanksgiving!