Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sudan Bombs Christian School

Note: This attack wasn't perpetrated by a lone-wolf jihadist or by a terrorist group. It was an attack on a Bible school by the Sudanese government. Could you imagine the international uproar if the U.S. or Israel were targeting a Qur'an school filled with children studying the Qur'an? But when a Muslim government deliberately attacks a Bible school, it's simply not very important news.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Sudan’s military bombed a Bible school built by a U.S. Christian aid group, prompting students and teachers at the school to run for their lives in the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan state.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations condemned the attack.

Pictures obtained by The Associated Press on Friday showed that two stone school buildings were demolished in the attack. No one was hurt or killed despite the fact school was in session.

Ryan Boyette, a former aid worker who lives in Sudan and is now leading a team of 15 citizen journalists, spoke to a teacher at the site of Wednesday’s attack in the Nuba Mountains. The teacher, Zachariah Boulus, told Boyette that he couldn’t find his wife and children after the attack because everyone ran into the mountains for safety.

Boyette said that two of eight bombs dropped hit the school.

The Heiban Bible College was built by Samaritan’s Purse, a North Carolina-based aid group. Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham said the attack was carried out by the Sudanese Air Force.

“Please pray for the safety of believers, and that God would intervene,” Graham said.

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said she was outraged by what she called a “heinous” bombing.

“It was the first day of school, and the campus was full of students, teachers and families,” Rice said in a statement. “While miraculously no one was killed, this attack-involving eight bombs dropped from the air-underscores the viciousness of Sudan’s ongoing military campaign in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states.” (Read more.)


simple_truth said...

I was trying to discern whether the government knew that those buildings were harmless structures or not. If the government did, in fact, know this and still attacked, then shame on them. Did they not know whether the rebel group they were after had any ties to that building? That is the key question for me.

Regardless, it is sad, especially when organizations are trying to get the Gospel out to those disadvantaged people. Let's definitely pray for these people and others who suffer persecution whether governmental, religious, or political, etc. Everyone should be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

Witness said...

This has nothing to do with Islam.

Just kidding. From Al-Bukhari:

Hadeeth No. 126 - Narrated Abu Musa:

A man came to the Prophet and asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What kind of fighting is in Allah's cause? (I ask this), for some of us fight because of being enraged and angry and some for the sake of his pride and haughtiness." The Prophet raised his head (as the questioner was standing) and said, "He who fights so that Allah's Word (Islam) should be superior, then he fights in Allah's cause."

Kufar Dawg said...

Which Sudan committed this attack? Was it the newly formed Southern Sudan or the islamofascist Sudan that slaughtered more than a million kufars in the late 20th and early 21st century and enslaves kufars to this day? I notice the article didn't really mention the religion of the attackers, of course they never do mention when muslimes slaughter people of other faiths.