Saturday, February 4, 2012

Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained


Pierre_Picaud said...

Andrew is amazing. You should check out his video: "Find God in 60 Days"

M.C. said...

Braaaaavoooooo! I loved the video. Very easy and convenient explanation. I didn't know that multiculturalism had a linkage with moral relativism, but hey we are all here to learn. Cool vid.

Baron Eddie said...

there is something that I don't understand ...

I watched a lot of cartoons with my kids in English but I started to see more and more spanish words in them!

don't get me wrong ... I love Spanish language

I got the chance to watch cartoons in a Spanish channel ... there was not a single word in English!

I can not explain it ...

The same thing in Islam ... the West is open to Islam but what Islam gives in return ... nothing!

If Muslims allowed to practise their religion here then why others can not practise their religion in Islamic countries?

and live in peace!

Why the West keep ignoring all the signs that are hitting their faces and ours now?

Why Christians and others can NOT build their churches, worship places in Islamic countries?

Where is UN ?

Where is Human Rights activist ?

Where are the Liberals ?

Where are Women right organization?

Where are the Human Rights activist?

Where are the open minded Western Journalist?

at least defend your journalist friends in those countries?

Can they see the waves that are coming from Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon ... etc

And pretty soon we will see a new Christian wave from Syria! ...

Is bringing all the persecuted here in the West is the solution?!

WhatsUpDoc said...

Very well explained. These lefty fools have a twisted version of Multiculturalism in their mind.

A true multicultural is an individual who learns the good from culture he came to and retains the best of the culture he came from and reflects many cultures.

Joe Bradley said...

Well said Baron Eddie.

I believe that the liberals in the west arrogantly believe that people of other cultures are inherently inferior and unable to assimilate. Their expectation is the western toleration of these third world cultures and the liberals expect the citizens of the western world to take the higher moral ground through their perception of the cultural and intellectual superiority of the West. In the liberal view, Western civilization bears the responsibility of the accommodation of other cultures through the concept of Noblesse oblige, because liberals view people of other cultures as simply too stupid to assimilate. In the liberal way of thinking, the responsibility of tolerance and accommodation falls on those of the, perceived, educationally and culturally superior Western civilization.

"Where is UN?"

They're busy plotting ways to further subjugate their own citizens under the chains of their dictatorships.

"Where is Human Rights activist?"

They're busy attending black tie parties where they pat each other on the back for work which remains undone.

"Where are the Liberals?"

They are busy trying to convince the rest of us that there is no problem so large that it can't be taxed out of existence.

"Where are Women right organization?"

They are busy practicing the racial and cultural superiority of tending to the problems of White Women Only, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the continuing problems of spousal abuse and honor killings of women in foreign lands. After all, White Women is where the $$$ is and women's organizations survive on donations.

"Where are the open minded Western Journalist?"

They are busying themselves, trying to convince the rest of us that there is a moral equivalency between dictatorships and democracies.

Yes, you have raised some formidable questions, GOD bless you for asking them.

Kufar Dawg said...

I've met some Syrian Jews. One of them indicated to me he couldn't see EVER going back to Syria. This despite the fact his family had lived there for GENERATIONS. The reason why? Islamonazi persecution.

hirr4 said...

Dear David Wood,

Peace be upon you.

Did you post this video with no additional accompanying comment because you agreed with its views?

As a British Muslim with roots in Pakistan (and therefore, a product of the 'experiment' that is multiculturalism), I found this video beyond offensive. Multi-culturalism is something to be celebrated and embraced. My own personal experience of multi-culturalism shows that it breeds tolerance and understanding.

The video is completely inaccurate in its claim that multiculturalism means that people should not "learn and accept the principles and customs on which [...] freedoms stand". Contrarily, multiculturalism is the idea that people of different cultures (and by implication races and religious beliefs) can live harmoniously together, side by side. This does not mean that immigrants do not learn the language of the country they have moved to. For example, my mother can speak English and Arabic, in addition to her mother tongue, Urdu. It means that people learn about each other's cultures and appreciate that different people live their lives differently. In Britain today, popular music, popular food, even popular fashion has multiculturalism to thank.

I would also like to question why, when Andrew Klavan mentioned suicide bombers, the cartoon characters were drawn with green head bands on-- so clearly a representation of Muslims (as seen in the recent Arab Spring revolution). Is Andrew Klavan unfamiliar with kamikaze pilots, the IRA, and other groups/people who carry out/carried out similar atrocities?

Secondly, I believe that in the 21st century, the value of human life is something that is recognised by all people of the world. It is NEVER acceptable to kill homosexuals, whether that be by state execution in Iran or by a red-neck raging mob in Texas. A human should never take the life of another human regardless of culture or faith.

Thirdly, I believe in moral relativism. For example, although in today's society, we consider it abhorrent to sleep with a sibling, it wasn't given a second thought in Ancient civilisations. And whilst most Christians would agree that monogamy is the only right way to live, we should remember this wasn't always so (examples from the Bible include Abraham and Solomon). When it comes to Hamlet, I think Malcolm X correctly put it: "although the clown never imitates a wise man, a wise man can imitate the clown."

I would like to question your assertion on your FAQ page that you stand for tolerance, love and understanding whilst posting inaccurate videos that misrepresent highly relevant concepts of today's society, like moral relativism and multiculturalism.