Saturday, February 4, 2012

Civilian Deaths Rising in Afghanistan Due to More Sophisticated Suicide Attacks

When American or Israeli soldiers kill a Muslim civilian, even by accident, there are loud protests from Muslims, rioting, burning flags, etc. But when the Taliban kills thousands of Muslims per year, we don't hear a peep from Muslims. Any thoughts on why that is?

AFGHANISTAN--The number of civilians killed in the conflict rose eight per cent last year to reach 3,021 – with more than three-quarters caused by attacks from the Taliban-led insurgency.

The findings that on average more than eight Afghans a day are being killed are at odds with Nato assessments that violence is falling.

Deaths from suicide attacks rose more than 80 per cent to 431 over the year.

The number of suicide attacks did not rise, but "the nature of these attacks changed, becoming more complex, sometimes involving multiple suicide bombers, and designed to yield greater numbers of dead and injured civilians" the report found.

The worst was an attack outside a Kabul shrine in December that killed at least 56 and wounded 195 when a bomber detonated in a crowd of Shia worshippers celebrating the Ashura holiday. That attack was claimed by Pakistan-based militants. (Read more.)


Kangaroo said...

The Taliban or other extremist group? Get the sources..then talk.

Anonymous said...

David asked, in regards to his post, "Any thoughts on why that is?"

I could offer some possible solutions:

Belief in magical beings.

Belief in the imaginary.

Extreme delusion.

Honestly, I highly doubt they know themselves why they do what they do. If it wasn't for the suffering, pain and death it would actually be quite comical.

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RyanS said...

It just Muslims being Muslims, if they cant find a Jew or Christian to murder they turn on themselves.