Sunday, January 22, 2012

Imam Charged with Raping Eight-Year-Old Student

Muslims assure us that the spread of Islam will put an end to rape, child molestation, etc. However, given that we regularly find cases of rape, child molestation, etc., being committed by Muslims, how can we believe that Islam is the solution Muslims claim it to be? Should we just take their word for it?

Pirojpur, Jan 21 ( — Police have arrested an imam on charges that he violated an 8-year-old female madrasa student at Pirojpur district's Swarupkathi upazila.

Upzila's Qazi Bari Mosque's Imam Mohammar Nurul Islam was arrested after the girl's parents lodged a rape case on Saturday with the Swarupkathi Police Station, police said.

Station's inspector (investigation) Surendranath Adhikari told that Nurul Islam, a Fazil grade student of the upazila's Sarsina Alia Madrasa, was also presented before the court following his arrest.

According to case details, Islam was appointed to tutor the victim in Arabic. Islam reportedly violated the girl when she was alone at the madrasa in the morning.

Her parents admitted her to upazila health complex after the girl arrived home and fell sick.

After lodging the case, the victim's mother told reporters, "I sent her to the imam to learn Arabic thinking he was a good person. But I did not know this would happen." (Source)


Joe Bradley said...

An Imam who follows in his pedophile prophet's footsteps. I'm sure that he will find favor in the eyes of both Allah and Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

You know the sad part? In many places in the world the 8 year old would probably be punished for adultery or something equally ridiculous.

TAREK said...

Hello Dr. David!
I feel so sorry for this little girl. I think the mother should learn islam first in order to know it content then can send her daughter to learn as well.
What the Imam did is well approved by islam I guess her mother did not know it.

I'm looking forward to hear from the big taqyya man Mr. Osama Ms. Kim and all the muslims.

Please Dr David let us know how are you getting with the project and if your bills are paid up to date.

Brethren please give to this team (Dr. David, Brother Sam Shamoun and all the members) so that they can help our sisters and brothers muslims to know the truth of their religion.

MAY YAHWEH BLESS YOU ALL as you open your hearts for the spreading of HIS HOLY WORDS IN JESUS' NAME AMEN.

Deleting said...

"Muslims assure us that the spread of Islam will put an end to rape, chile molestation, etc."

Of course they would David. They'd make it legal and thus remove that nasty rubbish stigma attached to it.

Allah ACK-bar baby. Allah ACK-bar.
The religion of piece.

Mike Smith said...

I think you misspelled child.

Dk said...

Well thank God they arrested him!

In Saudi he couldn't be arrested!

Derek Adams

SGM said...

Below would be Samatar Mohamed’s defense for rape in Islam.

“Rape in the West is when a person has sex with another person against their will. I would like to ask you a quick question, if lets say a group of christians captured some muslim women, if the women agreed to having sex with the christian men, you would say it is wrong to capture them and that it is adultery, but would you say it is also rape assuming the sex was consensual .I would also like you to actually read the Quranic verses and hadiths that talk about sex. From every one of them, all you prove is that the men captured the slave women after a war against their tribe, and that the prophet allowed the men to have sex with the slave women. But the key element you failed to see from the hadiths and the quran is whether the sex was consensual or not. When you claim rape and bring a source, you must show that the sex was not consensual. In this account, there is no evidence of non-consensual sex. These Moslems who murdered this little girl don’t understand the Quran and Hadith. They are just like the misguided westerners.”

I would love to see Samatar’s response who has been quite for a while.

SGM said...

Correction to my above comments.

“These Moslems who murdered this little girl don’t understand the Quran and Hadith.” Should have read, “These Moslems who claimed that the girl was raped don’t understand the Quran and Hadith.”

Samatar Mohamed said...


I don't know how you could possibly parallel two completely different scenarios with different ranges of information. In this case, we have a kid (7 years old) who has confirmed to us that the rape has occured. We also have the mother who said that the Imam was supposed to teach quran to the kid, but he molested the kid. It is also important to know that we are speaking about a kid who has not reached puberty, not women who have the ability and choice to have sex. Now in the scenario of the prophet (pbuh) and his companions, none of them live with us today, therefore, we do not have their testimony as to whether the women consented to having sex with the companions. therefore, we must look into the hadiths to see if there was information as to whether they consented or not, or if they gave testimony as to whether they agreed to having sex. Since there is not information in the matter, it would be premature to accuse them of rape. Now do you follow what I am saying, or is it still unclear.

TAREK said...

Dear brethren
I'd like us to welcome Samantar to Christ kingdom by congratuiating him. This is what he said:
It is also important to know that we are speaking about a kid who has not reached puberty, not women who have the ability and choice to have sex.
This implies that his prophet muhammad was totally wrong and he has just condemned him openly with the issue of muhammad and aisha who was 6 and slept with when she was 9. This information is from the sahih hadith of al-buhkari.
Welome brother Samantar. You not need to change your name to be a christian. JESUS knows us all. Please Brethren help me welcoming brother Samantar.
Have a nice working day and YAHWEH BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS' NAME AMEN

John said...

S Mohamed

As you well know (or you should know if you've been brought up in a Christian culture) there's consenting and there's consenting. A girl who "consented" to sex with Mo and his crew (after a battle etc.) may have done so fearing the consequences if she didn't - that's not consensual sex, it's rape. Likewise a pre-pubescent girl may have "consented" to marriage/sex with Mo but we all know that children can be coerced, easily due to there lack of psychological maturity. I'm sure you know it is rape and agree that Mo was a false prophet as defined by Jesus (by there fruits etc..) but your adherence to Islamic dogma prevents you from admitting it. It's unfortunate for you that the founder of your religion was an evil man but, for humanities sake don't you think, for the sake of future generations whose lived will be destroyed by Islam's evil ideology, you should stand up and play your part in speaking out against this sick, evil religion.

ignatius said...


I cannot imagine that women who became captives of an enemy which had slain some of their friends and loved ones were now hot to have sex with these same enemies. I will assume that the vast majority of these cases were rape.

Chinchilla PetVerse said...


I cannot believe in all honesty that a sane human being can say what you are saying.

You are implying that there was this Jewish woman living in a quaint village. This village is plundered by Muhammad and his merry men. They then proceed to slaughter this woman's husband, father, brothers, relatives, friend, etc... seeing all the blood and gore the woman is so much turned on that she willing gets down on the bed moaning to Mo "Take me... take me now..."

Do you understand that the term consensual means "not under duress". If at all any woman submitted to Mo without screaming, it will be just under the fear that she doesn't get the same fate as her family.

You may again say that "Nowhere in the Islamic scriptures is there any evidence that any woman submitted out of fear"... I again submit to you the first para of this response and request you to put yourself in the shoes of a sane human being and evaluate.

I will personally go with fear making the women submit themselves to Muhammad. The reason is that this is the only way I can explain Muhammad's stupidity. He had robbed, plundered and slaughtered a Jewish village. One Jewish woman whose family was obliterated by Muhammad offers him poisoned meat. Even a braindead moron could have guessed that the Jewish woman was offering him food not that she is thankful or respecting him... but Mo in his complacency eats the poison meat leading to a shameful and humiliating death.

In Christ


SGM said...

@ Samatar,

I basically copied what you wrote in reply to another post and pasted it here with minor changes. My logic was to show you and hear your comments regarding how you have defended Mohammad and Allah in allowing raping captive women. Your logic was that there is no where in the quran or hadith that states the women did not consent to sex with their captives. The lack of words “did not consent” gave you the authority to make the determination that it was not rape. However, the hadith does not state that the women "consented" either to have sex but that is beside the point.

Now apply the same logic here. All we have is the post from David wood. There is no where that states that the girl did not consent to have sex with the Imam. Yes, the parents state that the girl was raped, but if Aisha’s parents were in this day and age, they would say the same thing. In any case, I am sure that you have not talked to this little girl and neither have I. All we have is the report that David posted. The Imam might have given the little girl a lollipop and the girl might have consented.
My point is, compare this with the Hadith and the quran. In both cases, we do not see anywhere where it says that the girls did not consent to having sex. But yet you are defending the Quran and Hadith and not this Imam.

I myself believe that this Imam should be punished severely. But don’t you think that the same should apply to Mohammad and his companions who raped their captives.

On a side note, @Tarek brings out a very good point. Samatar, do you think that aisha had reached puberty when Mohammad slept with her at the age 9. Acutally, her age was probably less then 9 if you convert lunar years into solar.

May you find truth in the Lord Jesus Christ and have peace with God.

Samatar Mohamed said...


Congratulations yourself for calling the generations much before you pedophiles. You do not take into account that you girls of today are not the same as the girls before. The marriage of girls was an acceptable practice unlike today. You cannot compare a 40 year old man right now who is looking for a young young girl to generations ago. You must remember that a pedophile would never at the age of 25 marry a 40 year old women, and stay in a loving marriage with the women for 25 YEARS until she died. And not to mention that we all know that the sex drive of males decreases at the age of 50, not increases. And to add even more, a women who has been molested at a young age would not dare to say such great things about the man. That would be insane. But Aisha had great things to say about Muhammad (pbuh).