Thursday, November 24, 2011

UK Muslim Teacher Sabir Hussain Jailed for Kicking and Beating Students

But isn't it bigoted, intolerant, and Islamophobic to expect a Muslim to conform to Western laws? What happened to multiculturalism?

United Kingdom--A religious teacher who was caught on a secret camera kicking and slapping children in a mosque has today been jailed for ten weeks.

Sabir Hussain, 60, admitted four charges of assaulting boys at the Markazi Jamia Mosque, in. Keighley, as they learned The Koran.

He was arrested after secret filming was screened on a Channel 4 documentary earlier this year.

The assaults Hussain admitted happened on December 7 and December 13 last year, and involved four different boys.

Hussain, of Spencer Street, Keighley, appeared at Bradford Magistrates Court in traditional clothing and was led out of court in handcuffs after the sentence was passed.

He immediately lodged an appeal against his sentence but an application for bail was rejected. (Source)


simple_truth said...

Oh, yeah. I remember this.

D335 said...

Shabir : "semen came from the backbone!, Allahuakbar!"

Student: "but teacher, the biology class taught different concept."

Shabir : "Mashallah, you dare defaming Islam! 100 lashes for you!"

and why did Islam advanced in many scientific fields? Simply, Islamic curriculum on many Islamic nations:
1. for tuning your car engine, simply look at the Quran.
2. if you get sick, open the Quran.
3. if you want to be an astronaut, open the Quran.

would it be possible for Quran to be religious, political, military doctrine? Inshallah!

andy bell said...

I guarantee this is a culture clash. I bet they beat the living crap out of kids in their madrassa schools in Pakystud.

But in civilized western countries, it's illegal.