Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phoenix Outreach Fundraising Update

Since we have received more than enough funds to cover our plane tickets and expenses for the Phoenix outreach and debate series, I'm ending that ChipIn. (Thank you to all who contributed to our ministry.) Any additional donations will go towards printing tracts. (Note: I highly recommend giving sacrificially for the tract ministry. In the tracts, we discuss the same arguments Sam and I use in our debates, so this is the material we want to put into the hands of Muslims. We have a team of Christians ready to distribute every copy of every tract. $299 covers 5,000 tracts; $499 covers 10,000. How often do you have the opportunity to reach thousands of Muslims simply by covering the costs of some printing?)


Kim said...

All they have to do is go to and find out that they've been duped by hate-mongerers.

Sam said...

Kim, better yet they should go here to see that the gentleman who runs that site is a liar and deceiver who has no business defending Islam:

He is just as bad as Osama and Nadir.

Foolster41 said...

Oh come on Kim, telling the truth about Islam is not "hate mongering". You're once again lying. Mr. Wood doesn't call for violence or persecution against Muslims. This is libel/slander, and you know it.

simple_truth said...

Kim said...

"All they have to do is go to and find out that they've been duped by hate-mongerers."

Well, I think that people who incessantly call other hate-mongers for having an alternate but fact supported view against Islam are much worse since they don't even see the moat in their own eye that is preventing them from seeing their own biases.

Islam tries to shut up opposing views much like the Communist and Marxists did in their heyday.

Nimochka said...

Brothers Sam and David, thank you very much for spending so much of your time and energy in spreading the truth and bringing Muslim out of the darkness of that hellish ideology. I wish I were as eloquent and smart as you guys and could do the same things that you are doing personally, but I am not that eloquent and persuasive and brave as you guys and have a little kid to take care of on top of that. The least I can do is to chip in from time to time and keep you guys in my prayers. So do it for all of us brothers! Go and give those Muslim heaven!

Kim said...

Give me an example as to how he is a liar

Kim said...

i'll read the articles and make a decision

curly said...

Bassam Zawadi is poor at the critical thinking. Moreover, he is dishonest and keep up to deceive himself. I did read his essay once, so it did not impressed me.

armand said...

Hey David gbu man. this is dreamliner787 from paltalk. I'm a poor man and I donated what I could and in future I would like to donate more than the current amount I donated today. god bless u and sam and you are Islam's (and allah the satan's) public enemies no. 2 after father zakaria butros (who is no 1) and i hope it would stay that way. Your videos and those of Sam's, specially the debates in this website and the god-gifted and scholarly papers in website helped me learn a lot about both islam and christianity.

Islam? Sharia Law? Beheadings? No way never not in my country as long as there is blood in my body. In Jesus's name, amen!

Deleting said...

Kim, what do you have to be afraid of?
Islam, if it's the truth, can take care of itself, no?

I challenge you, Kim, to contribute to the chip in fund. If David is not telling the truth, if Islam is the o-n-l-y truth out there, then adding to the tract fund should point out their faulty reasoning and win converts to islam.

Put your money where your mouth is.

TAREK said...

Dear Dr. david (King David) and Mr. Sam Shamoun (Divine Search Engine),
It is always my pleasure to thank you for evrything you are doing.

I would like to hear from you regarding the following issue from the Quran.
You have been calling Dr. David all type of names. I do not understand why on earth you can call an educated man like Dr. David or Mr. Sam liars

Well since you want us to jump in, I'm going to ask you two specific questions: I'd like you to read the following verse from your noble quran Surat 4 Ayah 82. Do not recite, please take time to understand the above verse before you proceed. Thank you in advance

Number One: Can you put a fridge in a bottle? Please explain your answer in details.

Number Two: Your holy book in surat 2 Ayah 29 (I will paraphrase) "Allah created the earth then turn to the heavens (7 heavens). In the same book surat 79 Ayah 27 - 33 (I will paraphrase again please) "Allah created the heavens then turn to crat the earth"
So my question is which of the two is true, which of the two can I follow if I want to become a muslim? As the first one please get into details in your answer.

Kim... I hope you will contribute for the promotion of the truth if Islam is true it will stand and if you fear that it isn't then Jesus is calling you as HE HAD been doing through Dr. David and Mr. Sam Shamoun.

Please if you cannot answer the above questions do not call Dr. David all type of names


Kim said...

There's too much doubt over the resurrection of Jesus, so Christianity is too much faith based.

curly said...

Wow... Thank you for tip.

donna60 said...

Kim, Don't chip in. That is our job. We are just delighted that you are reading along, and actually you do respond to some of our arguments to you.

That is really tough and brave of you to do. I know how it feels when you feel like you are all alone, and you have to whip the world all by yourself.

Deleting said...

Really? And Mohammed splitting the moon is so factually based, right?
Or his night pilgrammage to Jerusalem on a Buraq, even who Halsa said he was sleeping next to her ALL NIGHT long?

I thought you were supposed to doubt the cruicifixion, not the ressurection Kim.

Oh, by the way, you need to tell that to Peter 2 Peter 1:16 For we were not following cleverly devised stories when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eye witnesses of his Majesty.
You see, Peter was one of the 12 disciples. He was there before the crucifixion and afterwards.
If you're not going to take an eyewitness to the event then you just won't accept anything, even if Christ were to stand before you showing you the nail holes in his hands and feet.

curly said...

"There's too much doubt over the resurrection of Jesus, so Christianity is too much faith based."
Too much faith in Christian?? Frankly, I disagree you. I think too too faith in Islam. One of the three reasons I reject Islam because Islam claimed Jesus Christ did not die on the cross. I think It is ridiculousc claim. Islam do not have a good reasonable argument that prove Jesus did not die on the cross.
I was studied Atheist for challenge my faith before Islam. I did not hear any from Atheist and Agnostic intelligent or scholar claim Jesus Christ is exist but not die on the cross. Two commons I hear from them is Jesus is not exist & Jesus died on cross but did not resurrection. I know some liberal christian scholar claimed Jesus died on the cross but resurrection is just legend! There are I never hear: Jesus is exist but NOT died on cross.
There are some evidences outside of the Holy Bible that Jesus died on the cross.
Moreover, There are pointless the disciple make up about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They preach about Jesus Christ and martyr for their faith in Him. If Jesus is not die on the cross and just leave up to the heaven, the disciple WOULD PREACH about Jesus Christ and martyr.
Who is make up the false story that Jesus is exist but DO NOT die on the cross?? It is Mohammad.

Royal Son said...

Kim: What do you think is the most reasonable Explanation as to what happened to Jesus if not the resurrection?

Please present your evidence.

This should be interesting.

By the way, do you think there is more evidence to support the Christian teaching that Jesus was crucified, or the Islamic teaching that He was not crucified.

Evidence please.

I await your response with eager anticipation.

taomeano said...

Kim said " There's too much doubt over the resurrection of Jesus, so Christianity is too much faith based".

Kim if you believe there is too much doubt about the central tenet of christianity which is the resurrection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST then please provide us your evidence against the resurrection.

I think you are not very objective in your thinking, because you also doubt the killing of Awlaki in Yemen. Basically you are a very doubt filled person.

Kim a healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing because it helps a person to become a critical thinker, but with you when somebody shows you the color white, you will insist that it is blue, because you absolutely refuse to see the objective irrefutable evidence presented, and that is a shame because it demonstrates that you are a closed minded person.

Still praying for you though, that you do not become one of the people described in. 2Corinthians 4:3-4 below:

But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them

simple_truth said...

Kim said...

"There's too much doubt over the resurrection of Jesus, so Christianity is too much faith based."

I should expect such a statement from people like you who don't believe that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected to life for our sakes.

If you want to look at reality and scholarly research, then you would have to use the same standard for both the Qu'ran and Bible to make any meaningful points concerning Jesus. Given that the primary source document for Jesus is the Bible, it is rather odd to use Qu'ranic material in its place when discussing it, especially when that material contradicts it. Mohammad was not present or near the lifetime of Jesus and His disciples to have any knowledge or understanding of the historical context of Him. He had no affiliation with the Jews and the Hebrew people as the Bible shows the lineage of prophets to come from. He didn't speak with any support for his claims; so, it would be no different than what the Baha'is have done. You should be able to understand that if you discredit the Bahai's for their claims against Islam, you would have to do the same for Islamic claims against Christianity. I would have more faith in the claims of Jesus as given by His followers than anyone removed by 6 centuries and with no supporting evidence for the claims made. If you are really serious about what you state, then you will have to let the critical method of investigation lead you to your answer. You shouldn't allow for your indoctrinated biases to get in your way. I say that because I highly doubt that you have independently investigated the claims of both accounts of Jesus in an unbiased way--meaning that you didn't try to separate your beliefs from known facts about Jesus. When you actually take the plunge to become critical of your own Qu'ran, I can begin to take you seriously. Until then, what you say is rather meaningless since critical thought is currently missing from your brain.

donna60 said...


Don't misunderstand me. I have no intention of using the false logic of the argument of silence.

The first century, in which eyewitnesses of Jesus' resurrection were proclaiming the gospel was rigorously debated by world leaders. However, you need to evaluate their rebuttals.

Rather than arguing that Jesus' corpse was still in a cave somewhere in Palestine, they used fallacious logic.

Gamaliel, "spoofed" the testamony of Matthew. Instead of refuting Matthew's testimony, he mocked the philosophy of Jesus. The reason that this is important, is that it shows that the first century leaders didn't just ignore a faddish religion, they knew about it and refuted it the best that they could.

What Gamaliel attempted, however is a false logic called Ad Hominem "Attack the man." Rather than refuting the resurrection, attested to by Matthew, Gamaliel mocked Matthew's religious philosophy.

Another attempt of rebuttal by the first century world and religious leaders is called Ad Baculum "Appeal to Force." That is rather than refute the resurrection, they simply ordered the apostles and eyewitnesses to "shut up" or they would be executed by the State. The public executions of these eyewitnesses in the first century are well documented.

I just wanted to give you a different way to evalutate the non-Christian evidence of the first century.

Kim said...

TAREK all of that can be fund online easily. Don't be lazy.

TAREK said...

Hello everybody in the blog and PEACE OF OUR LORD of lords be with you all. Amen.

Kim you are part of the greeting I said, not like in islam where you have greetings for the beleivers and for the infidels if only you feel like greeting them(infidels.

Please Kim.. before you Bring up more allegation(s) make sure you answer my questions which are from your Noble quran. Do not run away from it, please defend it, stand for it.
"Instead of fishing for you all the time I will show you how and where to fish". please go to google and type "the Qumran dead sea scroll" they have put it online so that you can delete from you mind everything concerning Muhammad in the HOLY BIBLE, and accept without any fraction of doubt the dead and resurection of JESUS. The ead sea scroll was preserved by the HOLY SPIRIT for 2000 year not 200 years not 20 years not 2 years again let me repeat please for 2000 (two thousand years). This is not the work of men but of YAHWEH.

Kim...... please get to your Noble Quran and answer me do not run away from your book.
Thank you again in advance and please don't forget to Chip in.

MAY PEACE AND PROTECTION FROM OUR LAMB BE with Dr. David, Sam Shamoun and all those who are involved into the preparation of this great coming event Amen.

minoria said...

As for me,I have respect for Nadir,Ali Ataie,Osama,etc in the sense they really believe their technical arguments.

I was reviewing the debate between
Shorrosh and Shabir Ally.One thing caught my attention.


Shabir said some scholars believe the Paraclete was a MAN.That is true,some 4 or 5.


Those SAME scholars believe a group of people decided to write the gospel of JOHN and that they literally INVENTED stories about Jesus,that Jesus said he was God,the I AM sayings,etc.It is called the JOHANNINE SCHOOL.

Those SAME scholars believe the PARACLETE sayings are INVENTIONS,the HISTORICAL Jesus never said them,he never talked of a human Paraclete.


So he gives SOME information in a debate AND in his BOOKS but not the complete information.His own Muslim people think:"See,scholars say the Paraclete was a man,that SHOWS Muhammad is in the Gospel of John".Shabir Ally himself knows it is not true.

When you discover such things you realize that Nadir,Ali Ataie,Sami Zaatari,Basam Zawadi,Osama,Ehtesham are UNLIKE Shabir,they BELIEVE the technical reasons for rejecting Christianity.Shabir tricks his own people.

TAREK said...

Hello everybody , I greet you all in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

Dear Kim....
first of all I would like to thank you for the reply. But you did not answer any of the questions I asked.
I know where to find it, I surely do have a quran. Please answer me

Read Surah 4 Ayah 82 when I say read I mean to understand this verse properly before you move on.

1) Then answer me if you can put a fridge in a bottle?

2) Read Surah 2 Ayah 29 Vs Surah 79 Ayah 27 to 33 then tell me which one do you follow and which one can I follow if I'm a muslim today?
Thank you in advance. Please do not give vague answers be specific.

To all those that have contributed my prayer is that MAY YAHWEH give back to you more than the double the same way HE did with Job IN JESUS ' NAME I pray amen.

Deleting said...

Kim explain Surah 33:50.

Royal Son said...

Sorry to say, but I think Kim just loves being the center of attention with no desire to actually back up any of her nonsense claims.

Kim said...

Yes a fridge can fit into a bottle of course depending what size.
Normally, no.
And I don't understand your point on the verses you want me to read. I read them, and I'm guessing you gave me the wrong ones?

And 33:50, ask a scholar and read the tafsirs/commentary thank you.

Kim said...

Too many inconsistencies and doubts etc about the Bible's authenticity etc.

simple_truth said...

Kim said...


Too many inconsistencies and doubts etc about the Bible's authenticity etc."

Of course, the Qu'ran has no inconsistencies? Speaking of consistency: you don't seem to be consistent in your approach to the Qu'ran and Bible. You are so forgiving about any problem with the Qu'ran but are so easy to believe any counter claim to the Bible without even looking at the supporting evidence. Why is that? For you, the Qu'ran gets a pass while the Bible gets the scrutiny.

simple_truth said...

Royal Son said...

"Sorry to say, but I think Kim just loves being the center of attention with no desire to actually back up any of her nonsense claims."

That is about it in a nutshell.

Deleting said...

No Kim....I want YOUR explanation of 33:50. Not a tasfirs commentary and not a scholar's take on it.
I want YOURS.

Christian A. said...

I think most ppl on this board are Americans. Sorry for being off your point. I am not American but I have critical message for you. Listen guys... You are being tricked by Islamic myth of tolerance so you are letting them to migrate in to your country... What happened to you Americans!? Are you bewitched!? Listen to me... If you don't wake up now, the day will come when you'll wake up, but you will realise that the sword is placed on your throat... You will lose all your liberty... then You will not be called American but you will be called American't... When they start to chop off your head door to door... You will curse the day your leaders made an error by letting muslims to migrate in to your country... Oh listen Americans! They will rob all your freedom... even you will lose the freedom of thinking... They will burn your churches... they will behead your children... That is exactely what is happening to my people... Wake up Americans!!! Don't allow this religion of murder to take over your country!!! If you don't wake up your fate will be as that of my country!!!

Foolster41 said...

You still haven't apologized to David for calling him a "hate monger", or answered my challenge to prove they are (saying something false about Islam, calling for harm to Muslims, etc.). Also deeply hypocritical since you seem to approve of suppressing "false" (i.e non-muslim) religion in muslin dominant countries.

We're not being fooled.

Kim said...

No Kim....I want YOUR explanation of 33:50. Not a tasfirs commentary and not a scholar's take on it.
I want YOURS.

My explanation is the same as what the tafsirs and the verse say.
I'm not the best source.

And Foolster, no, he is the one that's supposed to be apologizing for his hatemongering, not me.

The Quran has no inconsistencies.

Deleting said...

You don't have to be a scholar to give your interpretation of this verse.

But you do have to use critial thinking and sound logic.

Are you saying by stating 'I'm not a scholar', that you're incapable of doing this.

ONCE AGAIN KIM tell me what YOU think Surah 33:50 is about.

Hemel said...

Ehtesham Ghulam threatening Dr White