Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pakistani Family Faces Attacks and Persecution for Refusing to Murder Their Gang-Raped Daughter

Nearly half of all female murder victims in Pakistan are killed in the name of "honor." If you're waiting for Muslims around the world to call for change, you'll have to keep waiting. They're too busy complaining about "Islamophobia" to care much about girls being butchered by their own families.

KARACHI, PAKISTAN -- Kainat Soomro is a 17-year-old Pakistani girl who has become a local celebrity of sorts in her battle for justice in the Pakistani courts, a daring move for a woman of any age in this country, let alone a teenager.

She is fighting to get justice for a gang rape that she insists happened four years ago in Mehar, a small town in Pakistan.

We first met her in the office of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. A colorful traditional Pakistani shawl covered her head. Her father sat next to her as she recounted the 2007 incident.

"I was walking home from my school and I went to the store to buy a toy for my niece," she said, staring at the floor of the office. "While I was looking at things a guy pressed a handkerchief on my nose. I fainted and was kidnapped. Then four men gang raped me."

As she shared details of her days in captivity and multiple rapes, she kept repeating, "I want justice, I will not stop until I get justice." After three days, she was finally able to escape she said. As she spoke, her father gently tapped her head. He said he tried to get Kainat's alleged rapists arrested, but instead he was rebuffed by the police.

According to the Kainat family's account, the tribal elders declared her kari (which literally means black female), for losing her virginity outside marriage.

In Pakistan, women and men who have illicit relationships or women who lose their virginity before marriage are at risk of paying with their lives.

"These are matters of honor and the leaders call a jirga and they declare that the woman or the couple should be killed," said Abdul Hai, a veteran field officer for the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan. These acts of violence are most commonly labeled as "honor killings."

The most recent report from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan noted that in 2009 roughly 46 percent of all female murders in Pakistan that year were in the name of "honor." The report noted that a total of 647 incidences of "honor killings" were reported by the Pakistani press. However, experts say that actual incidences of "honor killings" in Pakistan are much higher and never get reported to the police because they are passed off by the families as suicides.

Kainat said that despite the pressures her family refused to kill her.

"It is the tradition, but if the family doesn't permit it, then it won't happen. My father, my brother, my mom didn't allow it," she said.

And that defiance has left the family fearing for their lives. The family's new home in Karachi has been attacked a number of times.

But, according to Abdul Hai, Kainat is lucky: "The woman or the girl usually gets killed and the man gets away," he said. "Over 70 percent of the murdered victims are women and only 30 percent of victims of honor killings are male."

In Karachi, Kainat and her family are now sharing one room in a run-down apartment block, and they have to rely on charities to help them pay for food.

"We go hungry many nights," said Kainat's older sister.

But their fight might never pay off. A local judge has already ruled against Kainat in the case. "There is no corroborative evidence available on record. The sole testimony of the alleged rape survivor is not sufficient," the judge said in a written decision.

Another problem is that material evidence is usually not collected in rape cases in Pakistan since the police rarely believe rape victims and therefore don't order rape kits in a timely manner.

Without medical tests to corroborate her story, it remains Kainat's word against the alleged rapists. But even having lost her case at the local court, Kainat insists, "I am not giving up, I will take this all the way to the Supreme Court of Pakistan." (Source)


Xiao-Fury said...

Kill a girl because she is raped. Muslims act like they are retarded. Don't they realize that this will NOT stop the rapists from attacking other women? As long as they can get away with raping women through these honor killings, the rapists will always attack more girls...and this is what's happening now.


Kim said...

Muslims in Pakistan are failing to properly follow Islam.

Instead they follow cultural values.

Deleting said...

We need to pray for pakistan and the muslims there will see the truth of christ because I can see the wrath of God coming down hard on this country of debauchary and sin.

David Wood said...

Kim said: "Muslims in Pakistan are failing to properly follow Islam. Instead they follow cultural values."

Hmmm. Let's see here. According to Muhammad, you can only accuse someone of sexual sin if you have four witnesses. Does this woman have four witnesses willing to testify that she was gang-raped? No. Hence, all of the men go free, according to Muhammad.

But in claiming that she has been gang-raped, she has admitted to having sex outside of marriage. That would be 100 lashes for fornication. However, she has admitted to having sex with multiple men (who gang-raped her), which means that the penalty should be 100X4 lashes at least (assuming we don't count multiple sex acts with the same man as multiple crimes).

Further, since she accused the men of raping her without having four witnesses to back up her story, she is supposed to receive an additional 80 lashes.

That brings the Sharia minimum penalty to 480 lashes for this victim of gang-rape.

So Kim seems to be right. By calling for her honor-killing rather than 480 lashes, Pakistan is following cultural tradition, rather than Sharia.

donna60 said...


You should go to Pakistan and inform the Pakistani that they are in error of following Islam. If you would be willing to do that, we would more than likely be willing to take up a collection for your traveling costs. Perhaps you could get a group of Islam leaders together to preach to the wayward sinners of Islam

Christians have done just this over the centuries,(rebuked fellow Christians) and obviously Paul practiced this, when he wrote to scold churches. I'm not trying to be snide. I believe that you agree with me that something must be done.

Kim said...

Taken from

In the case of a woman who is forced (raped): if she is a free woman, the one who forced her must pay her a “dowry” like that of her peers, and the hadd punishment is to be carried out on him. This is the view of al-Shaafa’i, and it is the view of al-Layth, and it was also narrated from ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib (may Allaah be pleased with him). 

Abu Haneefah and al-Thawri said: the hadd punishment is to be carried out on him but he is not obliged to pay the “dowry”. 

The evidence for what we say is that the hadd punishment and the “dowry” are two rights, one of which is the right of Allaah and the other is the right of the other person. So they may be combined, as in the case of a thief whose hand is cut off and he is required to return the stolen goods. End quote. 

Al-Muntaha Sharh al-Muwatta’, 5/268, 269 

Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: 

The scholars are unanimously agreed that the rapist is to be subjected to the hadd punishment if there is clear evidence against him that he deserves the hadd punishment, or if he admits to that. Otherwise, he is to be punished (i.e., if there is no proof that the hadd punishment for zina may be carried out against him because he does not confess, and there are not four witnesses, then the judge may punish him and stipulate a punishment that will deter him and others like him). There is no punishment for the woman if it is true that he forced her and overpowered her, which may be proven by her screaming and shouting for help. End quote. 

Kim said...

David, you are a good follower of Paul. You are a Trinitarian and almost always sarcastic when you express yourself. I just noticed =).

Star of David said...

Primitive beings adhering to a 7th century doctrine that allows rape and subjugation of women. Sick, sick animals that are retarded in their thinking. Wanting to be called a human being must come with prerequisites i.e. acting as civilized humans do. Dark aged beliefs do not belong in the 21st century.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Kim it seems to be you missed Davids point, he said that you need 4 witnesses so you can prove you have been raped, he never said that if you prove you were raped the rapists would go out with no punishment, again watching you distore islam and other ppl words is so revealing because it proves that real islam is something you are ashamed but you deny yourself to see it, or maybe you are doing tqiyya who knows....

Cristo Te Ama said...

Btw i almost forgot to quote this part from kim "in the case a woman is forced(raped): IF SHE IS FREE". I hope kim never say in the future that in islam you cant rape captive women.

Nimochka said...

@Kim! Man, do you even hear yourself!? What do your "scholars" mean by "IF she is FREE"!?!?!?! You barbarians! You mean you can rape captives? How about raping POWs and prisoners? Is that OK in your religion of "peace"?! I come from Iran and I know for a fact that fanatical Muslim prison guards had a habit of raping young women who were political prisoners. I have heard that they anally raped some men as well and they all had Fatwas from great Ayatollahs allowing them to do such heinous acts without having commited any Islamic sin!

Anytime a Muslim tries to find some reference to whitewash one aspect of his dirty religion inadvertently reveals some other dirty and shameful aspect of that same dirty religion! Every movement that you make trying to salvage your religion sinks it even further! You are in a quagmire Kim! Get yourselves out of there before it is too late!!!

search 4 truth said...


Ok lets break this down according to sharia.

One thing at a time. We will process this.

Where are the four male witnesses, or the eight female witnesses?

Qur'an (2:282) - (paraphrase)Qur'an (2:282) - Establishes that a woman's testimony is worth only half that of a man's in court

Qur'an (24:4) - "And those who accuse free women then do not bring four witnesses (to adultery), flog them..."

Qur'an (24:13) - "Why did they not bring four witnesses of it? But as they have not brought witnesses they are liars before Allah."

Now be honest and please respond without going off topic. W will do this as though we are investigating a crime according to sharia law.

What do you say? Are you ready to substantiate your position?

Please begin. Thank you

Anonymous said...

"Muslims in Pakistan are failing to properly follow Islam.

Instead they follow cultural values."

Funny how that keeps happening in Muslim countries eh Kim?

Deleting said...

You and I were nearly sympatico on this statement.
However, collecting a chip-in fund to send Kim to pakistan is mean-spirited.
Lets practice Colossian 3:8 But now put away and rid yourselves of all these things: anger, rage, bad feelings towards others, curses and slander and foulmouthed abuse and shameful utterances from your lips
Ignore Kim. The bible guarantees she'll know the truth one day. It's a matter of praying for her salvation so she knows he's God who died for her sins before this time of grace runs out.
And given that the end times are coming soon, that may be any day now.

search 4 truth said...

David check this out. He's your older brother now we know where you get your sarcasm from.

curly said...

Nope, David Wood is a follower of Jesus Christ. Simple, Paul is follower of Jesus Christ too.
You are just follow Mohammad's idea. I am not convince that Quran is come from God.

Search 4 Truth said...

@ curly

I am convinced Islams Allah is not from God. i am also convinced that Mohamed was a narcissistic sociopath.

The only other option is, it was a demon that strangled Mohamed in the cave and frightened him so much that he thought he was possesed.

I dont think any real Biblical Prophet was ever frightened by an angel of God or God himself. I am pretty sure they felt a sense of comfort.

Islam is inhumane, immoral, and backward. there is nothing Godly in its false teachings!

peace brother

Deleting said...

Search 4 Truth,
With all due respect I disagree.
Oh, your right in one respect that angels showing up to people didn't strangle people or hurt them.
However they did come from the awesome presence of God. That in and of itself was scary.
But almost every angelic encounter began with the phrase 'don't be afraid."
Mohammed (or Kthem as I've heard was his real name) was prone to exaggerations.
Saudia Arabia is a spiritual den for demons and the like. I doesn't surprise me he hsd a demon attack him. I think MEMRI-TV uploaded some subtitled segments of a historian speaking about mohammed/KTHEM's life and his family had been heavy into paganism. One of his cousin supposedly was dragged away by demons never to be seen or found again.
But Mohammed/KTHEM was also a storyteller. Storytellers and writers syncronize events and plots to create stories. THe end times Mahdi and twelvth Iman stories may be sync to account for his cousin being carried away by desert nomads, superstitions, and his warped interpretation of revelations.

curly said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion, brother. I heard few from Ex Muslim that they said same thing what you said. Now, I am Quran with chapter 4. Although, most I learn from this website, loon, wikislam, ask Imam, ask my friend who is Shia and Sunni, and very few other website. So far, I am observe Mohammad is like Balaam from Old Testament.
I want to read Quran more, but I have the hard time to get read Quran because Quran is really boring and many repetitions. I prefer to listen from Imam than read Quran but I know Iman is biased. Although, I like to read Quran from cover to cover, so I can understand better.

Peace brother, too

donna60 said...


You are absolutely correct that it sounds mean-spirited to send her into Pakistan to teach the Pakistani muslims how to practice Islam. On the other hand, that is because you (and I) believe that the Muslims in Pakistan will harm her.

--But Kim doesn't believe that. In Kim's convictions, these Muslims, who are the best of people will peacefully listen to Kim and logically conclude that her statements are true, and change their cruelty to raped women.

Who are we to know that Kim isn't stating the facts? Maybe she wouldn't be arrested, imprisoned or killed.

If Kim is willing to undergo this mission, why shouldn't I help fund it? Obviously, it isn't the same as funding a Christian evangelist to preach the gospel, but it would be funding a humanitarian project, directed against violence against women.

On the other hand, if Kim rethinks the safety of preaching or debating against the best of people, and decides it is too dangerous, how is that mean-spirited? How is causing anyone to rethink a false-hood they are deluded by, mean-spirited?

Also, you are right that so far as Kim is concerned we owe her every respect and love, not to mention fervent prayer that she obey the gospel. I believe that you and I are both praying for Kim. I hope she recognizes that she is enclosed in prayer.

donna60 said...


Please pretend like you are speaking to American-speaking individuals, who aren't aquainted with Arab words or practices.

Could you please explain to us what a hadd is? And what a dowery is, and why this should be paid, but not the dowery? What is zina?

Also, what if the girl had a hankerchief placed over her mouth sopped with an agent that renders her helpless? How could she scream? What happens in those cases?

Also, who are the four witnesses supposed to witness for, the rapist or the woman? This has always confused me. How many times has a man been convicted by four witnesses? I'm just curious about how many men rape women in the presence of four witnesses.--and specifically, how many cases have been ruled based on the witness of four men, or eight women or half-way in between.

donna60 said...


It is praise indeed to suggest that David behaves like Paul. Paul was a good guy.

Paul was the man, who by inspiration of God penned these words in Ephesians.

Ephesians 5:25-28
25 For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her 26 to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word.[a] 27 He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy and without fault. 28 In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself.

Most women want a husband just like Paul.

Deleting said...

I thought you were joking about setting up a chip-in fund to send her to Pakistand. That's what I meant by being mean-spirited.

Angelo Immanuel said...

Muslims should thank God that I am not God. Because if I would be God, muslims couldn't tolerate my punishments, for torturing girls like this, even in their imagination.

Search 4 Truth said...

@ Deleting

Thanks. But i disagree.


Let's compare Muhammad's terrifying experience with Biblical stories of men who had experiences with God.
Adam - Gen. 3 & 4, Noah - Gen. 6.
Abraham - Gen. 12 - 18. Moses - Ex. 3 - 34
David Isaiah - Isaiah 6
Mary - Luke 2. Paul - Acts 9

These people were filled with a reverent fear, but never became depressed as a result of their experience. These people fellowshipped with God. Some walked with Him, to other's He revealed Himself. None of them ever contemplated suicide. But several times Muhammad tried to commit suicide, and each time this "spirit" stopped him.

All credit due to Sam Shamoun.

Satan used Muhammad as a pawn and Islam as a tool to attack the people of God. As Muhammad grew in power, he used violence to subdue those that disagreed with him. He denied the Sonship of Jesus, making him an anti-Christ, and denied other key doctrines of Christianity. Muhammad eventually urged his followers to oppress Christians and instituted laws that deny people basic human rights. Today in Muslim countries, Christians are victimized by those laws. Many of them have murdered, executed, and or oppressed for their faith. If a Muslim converts to Christianity, he is under a death sentence for apostatizing. In his last few hours of life, Muhammad asked Allah to curse the Christians. Real Islam is a weapon Satan uses to make war upon God and His people.

donna60 said...


Well, to a large extent, I was making a facetious remark. I would be very concerned if Kim embarked to Pakistan. What I do want her to do with my comment is think about whether Islam is really made up of the best of people; Whether she really is convinced that Islam practices nonviolence, and whether Islam is a religion of peace.

I know sometimes, it is easy (at least for me) to ignore the pain a policy causes someone else, but when I can personalize it, and wonder how I would like it if the same thing happened to me, I reconsider a harsh, unjust treatment of someone else.

So when I made the statement, I was wanting Kim to put herself in the place of other people who were in conflict with the harshness of Islam.

And you are right that it could have sounded mean-spirited. That wasn't my intention. Like you, I hope for the best for Kim.

ned said...

Sadly islam supports the culture where torturing women, raping them and manipulating them is not a big deal. They are the half brains and their witness is half as men. Women for muslims are pleasure objects as allah commands them. Be it case of 4 wives or 72 virgin gifts for jihadists or having sex with ones who are under your right hand, to the extent of marrying a 6 year old, women as inferior beings are obvious. Now what respect one can think off when it comes to non muslim women, I think it is just a wish. By the very spirit that allah induces in male muslims one cannot expectfrom them any mercy for women.
All we can do is pray for minorities in Pakistan (land of clean or unclean; you decide) and all over the world. May God protect all His people who look at Him as their Saviour, Provider and Shield. I ask Jesus in His Mighty name to be with His people as He promised.

ned said...

We are glad our brother David is behaving like Paul who lived a Christly life. Thanks God brother David is not behaving like mohammad which would be opposite to Jesus.

Royal Son said...

It's disturbing when discussing a situation like this, rather than deal with the facts, Kim decides to attack the apostle Paul??

Obfuscated One said...

I have been reading about and watching interviews on Afshin Javid. Search for him on YouTube as well.

Most importantly, as the following article details, the muslim faith and specifically the koran has occult ties. This makes so much sense as to their unsettling behavior and practices. I want them out of the US for ever.

Here's the article - short but full of logic: