Monday, October 10, 2011

Iranian Actress Marzieh Vafamehr Sentenced to 90 Lashes and One Year in Prison for Criticizing Iran's Attitude Towards Artists

Over and over again, we've seen Muslims prove the very claims they try so desperately to silence. When someone says that Islam is violent and intolerant, Muslims respond with violence and intolerance--apparently totally oblivious of the fact that they've only confirmed that Islam is violent and intolerant.

Now Muslims have sentenced an Iranian actress to 90 lashes and a year in prison, all because she criticized Iran's harsh treatment of artists. And the Iranian authorities simply don't understand how they've confirmed the criticism.

TEHRAN–Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr has been sentenced to a year in jail and 90 lashes for her role in a film about the limits imposed on artists in the Islamic republic, an opposition website reported Sunday.

"A verdict has been issued for Marzieh Vafamehr, sentencing her to a year in jail and 90 lashes," reported.

Her lawyer has appealed the sentence, which was handed down Saturday.

Vafamehr was arrested in July after appearing in "My Tehran for Sale," which came under harsh criticism in conservative circles. (Read more.)


Kim said...

Iran is a diseased state, no doubt. I would never want to live there.

Search 4 Truth said...

What a surprise. This is a nation that is under a mild firm of sharia. Wait until true sharia is enforced. Kim why don't you tell us under sharia this wouldn't occur. Or should I call you your true masculine name? What is your real name sir?

Jon said...

The people who made the film and are in the film are Muslims.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Many Iranians despise Islam, but it is a theocracy,and it is a system, and if you are not in that system your are out, and if you are out, you are in danger,it's like a permanent inquisitio, only with another name "sharia"

God Bless this NAtion, and may God allow his gospel reach this people so they can have a chance in the real life, the eternal life!!!

search 4 truth said...


If you could live in any Islamic nation that exists today and why? And if you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why!

It's fascinating to watch the mind of the deluded work. And rationalize the incomprehensible!

taomeano said...


"Iran is a diseased state, no doubt. I would never want to live there".

Because you are so sure of Islam and you are absolutely in agreement with its teachings, would you like to live in Saudi Arabia instead? I think if you live in Saudi Arabia you can truly practice the highest ideals of Islam. I am therefore confused as to why the women in Saudi Arabia have been fighting for their freedoms forever. Go figure.

curly said...

@Search 4 Truth,
Kim dislike Iran. Hey, I think Kim is Sunni and Iran is Shia.

donna60 said...


Any nation that Islam infects becomes diseased.