Monday, September 19, 2011

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley Apologizes for Anti-Muslim Discrimination in America

Yes, Muslims have a tough time here in the U.S. American Muslims are protected by the same laws as anyone else, they get to work the same jobs as anyone else, and politicians and the media bend over backwards to defend Islam from anything remotely resembling criticism. Someone needs to apologize for such horrible discrimination against Muslims.

Thank you, Congressman Quigley, for issuing a heartfelt apology on behalf of our wicked, racist, bigoted country. With the help of Muslims, perhaps we can one reach the state of equality that is only found in the Muslim world. (Click here for my response video.)


Radical Moderate said...

In WW2 it was "Quizling", in 2011 it will be known as Quigley

WhatsUpDoc said...

These nutty politicians live in their protected cocoons. Discrimination is horrible no doubt and one shall never practice. These politicians turn our concerns of us ordinary people, who live a normal live, into racism.